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  1. It doesn't help that a lot of the teams are in the US. The way medicine is practiced over there seems like one big ethical dilemma. Interesting how none of the teams mentioned to have contracts with medical companies were Canadian. Just another reason that Bettman needs to go.
  2. For me Kesler should be in the Ring of Honour. He may have parted with the organization in an ugly way but he was still a big part of its most successful years. The Canucks were the top team in league in back to back seasons. Only 5 other teams in the NHL have done that since the President's trophy was instituted. Kesler was also such a big factor to the Sedins success. He really carried the team defensively. Watching the Sedins kill penalties after Kesler left was just deflating. Such a waste of their offensive talents. And so unfortunate to lose a player that was smart enough to understand how the Sedins operated on the power play. But hard not to admit that my feelings on Kesler are really tainted by the return on his trade. I know it's absolutely not his fault or his responsibility. That all lies with Gillis and Benning. Kudos to Kesler for speaking out on this issue. I hope his quality of life isn't that severely impacted by clear medical negligence. Team doctors should have advised him better. I just watched the documentary and how the NHL handles this issue should be classified as a form of abuse or assault. Just gross. Kesler isn't living a normal life and he absolutely should have been protected from this. I'm absolutely gutted for the guy.
  3. I sort of want to see Jake get traded because it might actually present an opportunity for him to either sink or swim.
  4. I think the Canucks are better off letting Tanev walk. Use Tanev's cap space to give Markstrom enough money that he'll agree to a contact without a NMC, sign Toffoli and give the RFA's a raise. I'm just not confident that Tanev's body will stay healthy enough to deserve both term and money on his next contract.
  5. I'd prefer to see Gaudette used in a trade for a promising young defenceman. Like a Jake Bean or Dante Fabbro. Or even a Jett Woo type prospect. If the Canucks want to start contending now, they need a 3C that can play defence. Sutter's perfect for that.
  6. Podkolzin's going bring the Calder back to Vancouver.
  7. Edmonton's future lies with Bouchard and Broburg. Plus they have the chance to grab Askarov with the 14th OA this year. Even when they don't win the lottery, they win with their draft position and draft class. I'm rooting for MacKinnon though. Major props to the guy for announcing that he's willing to take less money to be part of a championship team.
  8. I think the Red Wings are just missing 2 key pieces. A #1 defenceman and a #2 centre to play behind Larkin. They have Seider as a potential future #1. And they can draft a 2C this year. Either Byfield, Stutzle, Perfetti or Rossi. Depending on who's available. And they have a bunch of interesting young forwards that could make an impact in the NHL. Zadina. Valeno. Rasmussen Their defence is really holding them back. It's so thin that even Alex Biega is in their top 6. But Yzerman has the assets to wheel and deal to improve that. Plus they already have the veterans to help those young guys along.
  9. I wasn't going for deep and intangible. Just purely trying to make a point about assets in and assets out. I mean come on. The guy I was responding used Linden as an example. The Sedins were franchise defining talents. I have nothing but love and respect for them only ever wearing the Canucks jersey.
  10. Every organization tries to recycles assets. Arguments about how proficient the Canucks have been could go either way. But something to note. If the Canucks don't resign Markstrom, they'll have effectively ended up with nothing in the Luongo trade except a cap penalty. I'm not calling Benning a bad GM and there's obviously no evidence as to whether he would have drafted these players, but purely from a historical perspective it's quite interesting to note the players that could have drafted had Benning kept certain picks instead of dealing them. Instead of Garrison becoming Vey. Roland McKeown and Brandon Montour. Both right handed defencemen. If Carolina wasn't stacked on defence than McKeown would have had an opportunity in the NHL. Montour is already an everyday NHL player and interestingly enough he and Boeser both played on the same team in the USHL. Christian Dvorak. A fast winger that can put up points and has been more consistent in the NHL than Virtanen. Instead of Bieksa becoming a 2nd that was packed to get Sutter. Dillon Dube and Taylor Raddysh. Both wingers. Dube was arguably Calgary's best playoff performer. Not really saying much since Calgary was terrible overall. Raddysh likely would have gotten a chance in the NHL if Tampa wasn't stacked on forwards. Again not criticizing. Just call attention to possibilities.
  11. It would be great to see Karlsson become an NHL player. But I really couldn't disagree more with this particular statement. When you look at what Benning has done with past assets, a lot of those trades don't point to anything definitive. Wins: Thomas Vanek became Tyler Motte. Hard to categorize this trade with past assets since Vanek signed as a UFA but it was a win nonetheless. Eddie Lack became Guillaume Brisebois and Brett McKenzie. Brisebois is a great depth guy in the system when injuries happen. Maybe: Alex Burrows became Jonathan Dahlen. For whatever reason that became Linus Karlsson. Neither player has made it to the NHL. Jannik Hansen became Nikolay Goldobin and 4th round pick. Goldobin couldn't make it in the NHL. The Canucks dealt the 4th to Chicago for additional picks that were used to draft Petrus Palmu and Kristoffer Gunnarsson. Jason Garrison became Linden Vey. Hunter Shinkaruk became Markus Grandlund. A short term win for the Canucks but largely a wash since both players are now in the KHL. Nicklas Jensen became Emerson Etem. Another short term win. Jensen is in the KHL. Etem is now starting a coaching career. Zack Kassian became Brandon Prust. The Canucks had to add a fifth round pick to get Prust and he spent the year injured and pouting about not being in Montreal. Kevin Bieksa became a 2nd that was swapped with Pittsburgh in a package for their 3rd in the Brandon Sutter trade. The Canucks drafted William Lockwood. Karlsson, Brisebois, Palmu, Gunnarsson and Lockwood. No offence but I wouldn't use the word amazing for this group of prospects.
  12. I feel the exact same way. A lot is riding on the next crop of prospects to support Pettersson and Hughes. Juolevi especially. The Canucks need someone to back up Hughes. Especially against Vegas. Whenever Hughes was on the bench the Canucks tended to get stuck in their own zone. Even the players that are drafted going forward will be key to how competitive this team can remain in the long term. The team can now actually move assets around and retool around Pettersson and Hughes.
  13. Toronto just ignored the need to play defence flat out. After signing Tavares they play as if they can just win by outscoring the other team.
  14. I agree with your first statement. Especially about assets and cap space. I hate that the Canucks are in a position to lose a young RFA because of cap issues right now. The Canucks could have drafted some quality players with the 2nd round picks they dealt. The second round in 2014 and 2016 was littered with so many good players that I wish the Canucks had a chance at drafting. That perhaps might have been what they needed instead of Ferland, Eriksson etc. But we'll never know if any of them would have been picked anyway. I disagree with your second statement though. I get that the Canucks kept finishing at the bottom of the league for five straight seasons. But with a scorched earth approach the Canucks would have just been badly embarrassed every night. Likely blown out on the score sheet every night. That would have impacted the culture of the team long term. I think that's why Benning sought out high character players that could be leaders like Sutter and Gudbranson. I'm still not a fan of the strategy Benning used but I won't deny that its had results.
  15. We may not know the true reasons why but everyone here knows that Linden didn't willingly step down. Linden walking away from the Canucks before they even saw a semblance of success in the playoffs is just laughable.