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  1. Mike Gillis' Goatee

    The Gillis Goatee. I am really having a hard time figuring it out. I mean, not too many goatees continue on to the neck portion of the body, at least not to the extent that this one does. Pondering the goatee, some different theories come to mind. Is this the beginning of the world's longest treasure trail? Is this Gillis' own revolutionary version of the playoff beard? Perhaps it will catch on, and teams in February and March that are below the playoff bar looking up in a playoff race will grow the Gillis goatee due to superstitious reasons, especially if the Canucks go on to make the playoffs. What will be the legacy of the Gillis goatee? Will it go down in history with a positive light on it, and will people in the future make comments like they make on other great facial hair in history, like when I walk down the street and hear "that guy's got a mean Abraham Lincoln", or "check out that dude's Gizzly Adam beard". Other famous facial hair have gone down with the men who sported them, such as the Hitler moustache which went a good 50 years without being seen until Jaromir Jagr, for unknown reasons, unsuccessfully tried to bring it back. So what do you guys really think of the Gillis Goatee?
  2. nusrat is the best!!! good taste in music.