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  1. All that retained salary is close to 12M benning would be canned within minutes,
  2. 1-0 canucks with an own goal by the sabres since they are clearly going for mcdavid
  3. Good win but we still need the sedins to produce on a regular basis. Getting tired of watching them hold onto the puck until they have no space and get shot easily blocked or fall down.
  4. wow the play by play guy for the kings on fox is terrible
  5. would love to have him but even if Buffalo were to listen to offers, which I doubt, the pieces going the other way would leave us with too many holes.
  6. lundqvist Rinne and Price have .500 records or worse and they are arguably the three best in the league
  7. I don't really think Horvat should be just handed a permanent spot on the 2nd PP unit, but a trial run for a game or two couldn't hurt. I'd let him continue to adjust to the NHL on the 4th line with occasional PP time.
  8. pretty sure we lead the league in one goal victories. Miller has been solid overall. he was brought in to transition Lack into a number 1 without burning him out and shattering his confidence, which we all saw last year with Torterella. Any starting goaltender is only as good as his defense, a lot of those games Miller was chased in our D looked like Wednesday afternoon shinny hockey.
  9. I saw that too pretty funny Ron Maclean's expression after cherry said that
  10. Absolutely must get a convincing win. 4-1. Would hate to see us sqeak out a one goal victory and are hemmed in our own end for the last ten minutes.
  11. Mediocrity? They aspire to mediocrity. They are playing like a team in the running for the #1 pick
  12. You know you are in tough when your "best scorer" misses a gaping net my 7 year old nephew could have buried.
  13. How many times are they going to try the skate into the offensive zone drop pass. F#@-!
  14. Would not be surprised if they jack the price up even more then be forced to give them away