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  1. Markstorm last year was pretty good given how poorly the team played. This year 4 games in hes been awesome. But. Calling him elite is just lol.
  2. Toronto Winnipeg Calgary Edmonton Vancouver Montreal Ottawa
  3. wow pretty big loss for the rangers. He was the center piece when they traded away JT Miller too.
  4. No one's ever made that conclusion, you are making it up yourself. Everyone should know that we have been injure plagued for the last few seasons and we should be well prepared for it with depth if we want to make the playoffs; which Biega is and has proven to work well.
  5. When you put it that way I agree with you. The youngersters can get a shot when injuries hit. Just doesn't seem like Benning's historical actions though, he usually signs a bunch of UFAs and take the youngster's spots ; cough Fantenberg.
  6. Supposingedly we are trying to make the playoffs. Off we go trading away a depth dmen who has been very serviceable for us stepping up into games for the past 3 years when we have injuries.
  7. lmao. Trust the GM and coach for acing us the best team on the ice. You know how sarcastic that sounds when you put some facts on it? Fyi, for the past 5 years our team had always finished at the bottom of the league.
  8. So they reward Gaudette by benching his preseason linemate who helped make it happen. Why couldn't they bench floaters like Eriksson, Schaller? Baertschi > Pearson or Virtanen
  9. lol, same things could have been said about Sutter, Gudbranson, Eriksson. 1st game hasn't even started, stop jumping the gun.
  10. This contract really screws us up. Now we might not even be able to get Boeser at 7mil long term.
  11. Not surprised. Whenever we have crappy players who can't score goals, people on this board coin them into defensive specialists. Sutter, Eriksson, Gaunce, Granlund, Beagle. Supposedly with this many elite defensive players, our team still sucks defensively.
  12. lol.. Meier's sucked first season..? May be because he was a 19 year old rookie? Did you watch how Meier drives the net during the Shark's playoffs? He is better than Boeser if we are talking about last season.
  13. Pettersson slowed down considerably in the 2nd half of the season. Eichel is a league talent, are you certain with 1 season to show for it, Pettersson is a comparable?
  14. Edmonton, Philadelphia, LA, Minnesota, Chicago after 2016, Dallas