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  1. Gaudette on pace for 44 pts/ Virtanen 47 pts. Takes contracts that are less than Beagle, why? Virtanen already completed a "show me" contract and Gaudette is pretty old for where he is in his career.
  2. What makes you say that other than he is tall? He was here a few years ago, wasn't very good, and bolted to KHL. Stecher on the other hand is NHL proven, gives it his all every game, and a warrior. If you are just going by if they are tall, they are good for the playoffs, Gudbranson is pretty good too no? Tall, physical, good at fighting, drafted top 3.
  3. If we are doing something remotely like that, we better be getting Dumba back. A Zucker for Boeser swap literally degrades our team. Dumba for Boeser 1 for 1. As much as NHL has moved on from size, I still feel uneasy going for short players. The one you mentioned with potential is 5'9.
  4. Weirdest proposal ever... A real deal would look more like Ericsson for 2nd round pick
  5. sigh... We have 24 players on our roster and that's not counting MacEwen already.
  6. We have too many players...!? And people are sounding off smart to claim Schenn off waivers in the other thread.
  7. So Hartley wanted to ruin Lain's first NHL game for something that happened in the AHL. I guess what happened in the AHL will give it more context, but from the sound of it Hartley is just an evil SOB.
  8. 1. We dont have cap, and i dont see Benning pulling off some strong handed cap shedding move. 2. A 28year old Kreider is going for a 1st at the TDL which beats out the pieces you have proposed; and on top of that you want NYR to take Sutter's as a cap dump? 3. We would be without 1st/2nd round picks for the next 2 years. Contenders with a good core does this by trying to get on top to win a Stanley Cup. We are selling out our future because we want to make the playoffs and may be win a round or 2.... ?
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bi72cT_q4MY Here's a better video. Perreault does have a point. Seems like the players are revolting and together calling out the league lol. This is not a Virtanen problem, more like a league problem.
  10. A lot of NHL contracts doesn't make sense anymore.. 9.2million per year for a 32 year old who is probably going to drop in production. Drop by how much? What if his production drops a lot? The league is bloated with disastrous contracts now. Are teams really making that much money?
  11. You only have that much money to spend on defense. Hughes at 6mil and more + Myers at 6mil + Ristolainen at 5.4mil or whatever he resigns at means those 3 are your core. I am not sure I want to place my bets on 2 ex-Buffalo dmen as the core that will lead us to a Stanley Cup in the next 5 years.
  12. So we are re-uniting Ristolainen and Myers who were together on the Buffalo team that couldn't make the playoffs and were bottom feeders for a long, long time. Nice proposal.
  13. Trade Tanev for a 2nd. And then I'd do Boeser for Josi. If Nashville is crazy enough to say yes. One can dream. Funny how our old dmen who we deem unfit to play bottom pairs for us are regulars on a dmen focused Nashville team.
  14. Makes the Leafs a very good team. And Arizona have enough incentive to do it with Matthew's stardom. Nice proposal.
  15. requests a trade.. this guy looks lucky to be in the league.