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  1. Jets should win, they have been hit by so many bad luck. Imagine if Edmonton, Toronto or Pittsburgh win and Lafreniere turns out to be a superstar.
  2. Even though I hated his guts for squashing us in the 2014 playoffs and we had no answer for it. Looks like Ferland just really wants to play hockey and he is forcing himself to skate up even when he is not symptom-free. Best of luck to him and hope for his speedy recovery.
  3. By the way, why does no one talk about the Bonino trade. Everyone just sings praises to Benning's other trades. Bonino, Clendening, a 2nd for Sutter and a 3rd Bonino goes on to score 161 regular season points, 66 playoff games and a ring to boot. He is the prefect 3rd line centerman for many teams. We have Sutter to show for, who plays 10 minutes during our most important game of the year.
  4. Strictly on paper Arizona, Minneosta, Calgary, Nashville, Dallas, Vegas But anything can happen in the playoffs, this is why it's so exciting! Making this list makes me realize how weak WEST teams have become.
  5. Basically you have this hidden hope that Pettersson and Horvat somehow have this unleashed offensive abilities. More like dream than anything, it is what it is.
  6. Looks like the reason we are giving Fantenberg/Juolevi a shot at the NHL is because we are preparing to lose some regular Dmen due to next season's cap. Tanev/Stretcher...
  7. lol what.. are you talking about Gudbranson for Pearson trade? Convienent to forget that we got Gudbranson in the first place with a 24th pick prospect who is budding into a 2nd line player, a 2nd round and 4th round pick. And Pearson is far, far away from top six on any decent enough team, may be only in your eyes.
  8. We don't even have cap to sign Tryamkin and keep Boeser as it is. Did you even read why Tryamkin wasn't signed? It is because we never even contacted him to sign due to lack of cap. Nice unrealistic proposal of adding another player with around 5 million of cap.
  9. Their team is no pushover... we may be in for a fight with this one.
  10. You really aren't high in the IQ area are you? The only reason Lightning traded Miller was because he was expendable and a dump. Lightning have been trying to go all-in and win a Stanley Cup the past 5 years.. You think if Miller was this superstar they valued highly, they would have let him go? Don't even use your head before your post. Miller is a cap dump which we traded highly for but it worked out beautifully at the end. As simple as that.
  11. With Benning's ego, you guys think we will trade with Minnesota after Judd joined them...? lol. Scratching my head why we would trade Boeser.... Keep him seriously. That guy has scorer's touch.
  12. They are about the same value. So the question is a more physical, net driving, powerforward better for our current team or a playmaking, 30 goal scoring sniper.
  13. Testing doesnt safeproof anything. Numerous of cases have been documented where a patient tests negative but actually do have COVID19. Such as inhaling the virus directly into your lungs; the swap tests only swap tissues from the nose and throat, it doesn't detect catch these cases. More recent examples like Trumps's Tulsa rally. 2 members of his staffs tests positive after the event even though the president has all the resources in the world to test, prevent, COVID19 infections during his event. The bottomline is less exposure less risk. As simple as that. The inability to take COVID19 seriously is why it is still a ongoing crisis in North America when the rest of the world is actually moving on. And the posts on this forum shows this so very clearly.
  14. lol the lack of basic medical knowledge and nonsense posts on here, how is this not important? Virtanen can easily be inflected by COVID19, be an asymptomatic spreader and infect the whole team. As his Canucks teammate, do you want to practice with a guy who just partied at a nightclub a few days ago?