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  1. So what do you think a 70 point defensemen will get? If Hughes keeps up his production, we are looking at 5.5mil per year minimum. Pettersson, 9million minimum. We will also have to give Gaudette/Virtanen a raise to around 2.5mil each. We will have to re-sign Demko to a bridge that's another 3.5mil. Not to mention our defense lineup likes bare 2 years from now with Edler and Tanev getting old. That 16 million you are talking about doesn't look enough, does it? And I am just talking about minimums here. If any player holds out and requests more, then we are in for some fun.
  2. Quite a bit of good teams fighting for playoffs spots in the East. The contenders Washington, Boston NY Islanders, no idea how they are playing so well for the last 2 seasons, their team looks mediocre on paper Philadelphia, AV as coach; their years of prospects finally taking NHL roles Pittsburgh, no need to say anything Carolina, young and fast, decent team Florida, Quenville as coach, clubbed with years of prospects + Huberdeau/Barkov/Ekblad Buffalo, Eichel and their young team And then you also have 2 teams where anyone would consider them contenders 2 months ago on the outside looking in: Tampa Bay + Toronto.
  3. Package Boeser + 1st + Tyler Madden trade for Patrick Kane. Pettersson + Kane to drive 2 scoring lines I can see us being a contender with that core.
  4. A country poking fun at another country's economic performance. How childish Trumps have made the world lol.
  5. Need some winning streaks. We are in danger of losing this season. The other teams are passing us by.
  6. lol on mutiple levels. No way Toronto will go 2 year without a 1st round pick, remember they already traded away 1 with Marleau trade. And you have pondered, if we traded away Markstrom, we are actually in a worse situation than Toronto/Montreal? At least they backups, we have none lol. Not to mention our starter hasn't even been tested yet for a full season. Unless you are saying we are throwing this season away when we are obviously chasing for a playoff spot?
  7. You know what? Can't believe we let this guy play 18 minutes every game for the past 3 years. Quite obvious he's got no offense talent, 3 goals in 21 games on a secondary scoring depleted Oilers.
  8. So after 10 years of rebuild, we are finally going to go deep into the playoffs.
  9. So how are Podkolzin and Hoglander the real deal? Their resumes dont impress me. I have seen some Podkilzin highlights, he likes to drive the net which is great to have. But still doesnt mean hes the real deal. I'd like to see our older prospects start getting some chances like Lockwood, Lind, Gadjovich.
  10. Pearson has not been good for over a year now. This is why LA and Pittsburgh traded him for next to nothing. People here always get excited about a new player if they put up a few points in the first 10 games. And then reality hits. There were posts about Leivo as a golden nugget last season lol. Nothing against Pearson or Leivo, but they are just decent third liners; nothing less, nothing more.
  11. Horvat likes to play with Baertschi. Except they demoted him for no good reason even though he has been a consistent >0.5ppg player.
  12. Can't blame him.. The guy literally did it perfectly.. carried the team to make the playoffs, and won the Stanley Cup.
  13. Technically the Wild can get a nice haul for Zucker. Not sure we can outbid what's out there, not to mention, our salary cap.