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  1. Im still puzzled why Sabres traded away their 2nd line centre. They just picked up Dahlin who could have the same impact as McDavid on their blueline along with Eichel they have pretty good assets to become a team bound for the playoffs. So... why trade away a guy with 60 points? Is there a chemistry problem or something? Although they do get back 2 quite serviceable 3rd liners from the Blues.
  2. The more goals you score the % of clutch (or GWG) drops, have you take a good thinking into that? = d
  3. goals,goals...from who?

    So everyone suddenly have career years. All magically in the same upcoming season.... Our 1st line goes from unnoticeable to suddenly one of the best lines in the NHL.... And the lowest projection, we score more goals than any NHL team did last season (blogger doesn't even waste the effort to google) nice blog.
  4. sucks for him... never had a real chance here. No idea why we even signed hiM and if we promised him any NHL time and went on to sign MDZ, Pouliot and Holm any way
  5. A fairy waves a magic wand and all our players scores 100 goals and the Stanley Cup levitates to Vancouver without us having to play a single playoff game. Now this is what i call a prediction.
  6. Actually Neal's proven himself to be able to succeed on 3 different teams. And he kickstarted Vegas' last year success quite a bit. I think this is a great signing by the flames to add offense to their already solid lineup.
  7. (Proposal) upgrade on depth

    lol. you do realize Tanev played lots for us as well, how did that work out for us? Sam Reinhart for Tanev is a decent trade though.
  8. A defense of FA signings/Benning by a Benning hater

    The man has trouble trading Tanev and Vanek and you think he is smart enough to be positioning himself for a future blockbuster trade. hehe.
  9. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Sven Baertschi

    lol why are you so salty about Baertschi? He was on pace for 21 goals and 44 points. And improving every season. Those points are pretty needed on our talent depleted line up.
  10. [Signing] Oilers sign Tobias Rieder

    Other teams in the league sign their 3/4th liners to 2mil per year and we sign ours for 3mil and with term.
  11. [Signing] Lightning re-sign Ryan McDonagh

    Pretty sure 95% of people here were happy with the Eriksson signing. Any way, what we are arguing is not that important. Just wanted to say what you said is wrong. This is a good contract for TB Mcdonagh makes their defense so much better. Even if they overpaid, it is worth it. They can do cap dumps down the road, they are heavy with prospects and picks.
  12. [Signing] Lightning re-sign Ryan McDonagh

    lol what? He signed a 30 year old Eriksson to 6 years. You are funny.
  13. Yeah. Fair enough, nice points. But Gaunce, Sutter, Granlund in no way shields our prospects no matter physically or defensively. In fact, it is horrible to shield our young players defensively. If they don't learn defense, they are just one dimensional players.
  14. What's this funny thinking CDC members have that offensively challenged grinders shields our prospects who play on different lines. Just lol.