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  1. Let's Go Markstrom!!! (discussion)

    We were #31 in the NHL in the goalie department, we probably still are. But I like how you can twist that fact and elaborate it into something totally different than reality based on a few games and an imaginery scenario where a hypothetical goalie coach suddenly improves Markstorm skill of play markedly.
  2. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Winnipeg Jets | Oct. 18, 2018

    Tryamkin has always been overrated by the fans and he himself. Other than his size and physical pressence, if he was a good player, it would have showed in the 1.5 seasons he played here. Hope hes gotten better from the year off in the KHL. But doubt he comes back as a bona fide top 4 Dman on any NHL team.
  3. [Proposal] Pouliot to Pittsburgh

    You think Biega is worth a 3rd and a 5th. Now that's funny.
  4. Injury Report: 2018/19 Canucks

    I dont get it... we just sign Beagle to a 12million dollars contract just for him to break his arm 5 games into his first season and missing 6 weeks.
  5. [Report] Canucks recall Adam Gaudette

    I think Boucher really deserves a call in front of Gaudette, Boucher is on fire on the Comets. Hopefully he still gets a second chance later on.
  6. uhhh.. because there is a difference between drafting Nylander in 2014 and trading for him now with hefty assets in return and a contract at 8.5million per year?
  7. Well now we know... It is OPEN SEASON...

    Sbisa and Miller had heart and would defend teammates. Gudbranson does too, may be he just couldn't find the chance to physically engage Matheson. The rest are either too new to the team and didn't feel the same rage or already have their plates full looking after for themselves. Matheson knocks Petterson off balance with a hit and macliciously throws his head down to the ice while Petterson was in a vulnerable position. The hit is fine, no complaints, the throw is not. The league better take action.
  8. I personally dont want Nylander on the team. We need grown men to win the stanley cup. Not someone that looks like Joffery in Game of Thrones.
  9. Report: Sam Gagner Didn't see his cut coming

    Maybe you can ask google to see if Schaller really outscored Gagner before you post incorrect information?
  10. Baertschi is a pretty effective point producer, he has a talent for this actually. He is not very noticable or flashy on the ice. People just likes to put him down because he seems like an easy target to lay blame on or improve the team with by replacing him. It is true that he is not a bona fide 1st line LW though.
  11. Report: Sam Gagner Didn't see his cut coming

    To be honest he doesn't deserve to be cut. Putting aside all the scapegoating hate this board throws at him, he actually had a decent season last year and a decent pre-season. The problem is just that Benning is a greedy person and likes to have A LOT of depth. With this many grinder/vets signed (Beagle, Roussel, Schaller), young players pushing for spots, and Motte playing exceptionally well, deserving of a spot. On paper, the only players Gagner can challenge for a position are Schaller, Motte, Granlund and Leipsic.
  12. The Curious Case of the Calder Candidates

    Pretty big achievement if Petterson wins it over Dahlin. And it may even signal that Dahlin is not as great as hyped.
  13. Brendan Gaunce | C/LW

    Fair enough points. But if he is a grinder that is not fast, that will be a huge blow to his career. He needs to be fast enough to forecheck, finish checks, get in blocking lanes and may be even bring the puck down the ice. His shot is really bad, it looks like he pushes the puck to the net instead of actually shooting it. Any way wish he surprises in Utica and get another chance with the big club. Not that optimistic considering we get new blood every draft year flooding in to compete for a roster spot. Right now Boucher or even Gagner is preferred for a call up to the big club.
  14. Calder winners & forming a dynasty...

    Petterson scores a goal and an assist Fan: OMG a dynasty is coming.
  15. [Discussion] We can not trade Tanev

    Pretty sure Benning's opened the door to trade Tanev over the past 2 years (since our team haven't been competitive) and no one has offered anything substantial. So Tanev is not some tresure trove in the making. Hope I am proven wrong and we get some good pieces coming back at TDL. Better yet our kids go on fire and we make the playoffs, that's even more exciting to me.