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  1. Wow the guy literally carried them to make the playoffs and helped win the cup. Only 4.4mil 2 years....? Deserves at least 6 mil, the average elite goalie makes.
  2. lol.. you guys are so sour to the truth and/or criticism. My points exactly. https://nhl.nbcsports.com/2019/07/10/playoff-desperate-canucks-sign-micheal-ferland/ How are we going to sign Boeser?
  3. With the Ferland signing wouldn't be surprised we trade a 1st round pick to move Eriksson. Say goodbye to a proper rebuild and wish that the retool works.
  4. It was the McDavid contract. Suddenly all these young stars wanted to get rich fast and young as well, GMs were willing and it set the trend.
  5. Trading away our foundation player???? Are you nuts?
  6. lol... they are not going to trade their #1 D for Boeser.. How many years have we waited for a #1D? And we are still waiting. You probably need to trade them Pettersson for Seth Jones.
  7. We already used our firepower on JT Miller. We have Boeser/Petterson/Hughes contracts coming up you know.
  8. "He inherited a team that had Brendan Gaunce as it's only possible prospect who may ever make the NHL. " lol. He actually inherited a powerhouse which consistently won the President's trophy or division titles. Now we are consistently drafting top 10. Stop putting down others (Gillis) to make Benning look good. Gillis was a great GM and brought us to the finals and created wonderful memories for us. Benning is still trying and the jury is still out there. In 2-3 years, if we are still a bottomfeeder, then Benning has failed.
  9. What's with this talk JT Miller is a great player etc... I see someone who's failed to help a stacked up Lightning team do any damage in the playoffs 2 years in a row, demoted to bottom 6 and gave up on by trading away. Sure, nice top 6 for us. But probably not a big difference maker especially with our defense so crappy.
  10. Their 4, 16, 47 picks (may be add another prospect which they have a bunch of) could probably net them someone like Kopitar, Getzlaf, Giroux.. lol.
  11. Too much hype + optimism = delusional
  12. rofl, you think giving away 3 of our unwanted pieces is going to get you Kessels. aha aha aha... At the very least, Minny is giving away a legit 2nd liner in Zucker, and that is considered undervalue.