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  1. Im gonna laugh at this post next June while getting hyped with our top 10 pick. Rofl on how you think Rodin will be a difference maker.
  2. Except.. since Monahan's done it at the age of 20-21. High probability he will be a 1st liner player for the rest of his career based on previous star players. For defensemen, again based on previous players, it is easy for some to score 10+ goals or 40+ points in a few seasons and suddenly just disappear. And here I am explaining common sense to CDC.
  3. At least we get nice benchmarks when we go to negotiate Bo's contract.
  5. Yes Radulov... Nashville, the team that drafted you and invested millions on you has an agenda to suspend you in the playoffs. Paid millions at a job, and cant even respect to the discipline he signed up for.
  6. We just lost a series 2 years ago to Calgary because of hitting..
  7. lol at you think Detriot passed on Chychrun...
  8. We signed Dorsett to 0.65mil/year more lol.
  9. Wow... did I read that right? Eriksson has a NMC to top with that 6x6 contract? This is a joke? Shinkaruks gonna score 10 goals minimum for the Flames next season.
  10. You know... Buffalo traded like 3 1st round pick/prospects for Kane. Now you are offering a #5 defenseman and Gaunce. Kane may be trouble, but he still scores you 25 goals a season and is pretty gritty. Pretty good addition to a contender.
  11. Why are you shocked? Everyone thinks Gudbranson is a bust in Florida. PS. i hope he does well myself, don't have high expectations, hope I get surprised.
  12. Shoulda kept Vey if we are going for Pirri.... Vey's better than Pirri.
  13. We're definitely waiting another year. Horvat has not proven himself yet. Not on the level of Forsberg, Ekblad, Jones, Barkov.
  14. Boedker, Brouwer, Hamhuis, Staal, Perron
  15. Well I can defend this signing if it was for 4 years. At 6 years, the contract will start looking like an eyesore in 3-4 years time.