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  1. lol. you are angry you have to subject to personal insults? Try not to cry, have a tissue.
  2. dafuq you talking about? Pointless
  3. right, right. That's why hes got so many cups with those 3 cup runs with the Penguins behind a stacked team of Crosby and Malkin.
  4. lol what... 7 points in 14 games is a playoff ghost? Sure it is not good, but if you have to bring up Virtanen, he cant even produce at that pace in the regular season. Why does it seem like your bar is set that Ehlers and Nylander fails if they dont produce ppg in the playoffs while it is ok for Virtanen to only produce 20 points in 75 regular season games? They are still young and just had their taste of playoffs. To write them off because of 1 poor playoff performance just to pump Virtanen, meh. Not to mention Nylanders is part of the reason the Leafs are even in the playoffs. What does Virtanen carry? Hes borderline to be waived to the AHL... Just the truth.
  5. They are just trading their old players right...? They have a handful of young talent i dont see any reason to trade away.
  6. VAN-NYI - Rebuild Complete

    NYI just experienced drafting Barzal with their 16th overall pick. You think they are going to throw their 11th and 12th picks at you without a superstar in return?
  7. These boards really like to overvalue Tanev. Tanev at most is worth like a late 1st and an average prospect.
  8. One of the best defenders in the league for a bunch of players we have always wanted to get rid of is a good deal for Ottawa? Karlsson is going to be traded for a treasure trove similar to the Duchene deal. You realize there is nothing much left in Ottawa after they trade Karlsson right? They are going to do everything to make this right or re-sign him. Fringe players like Virtanen, Goldobin is not value.
  9. I am pretty sure he will be traded for a fortune. As opposed to him being free in the free agency. A deal much like Duchene's will be worked out for him.
  10. lol. are you sure your friend is a Senators fan? That trade doesnt even make sense for Ottawa. It looks more like Vancouver scrapping down whatever is left in its barrel of unwanteds. How do you protect a top 7 draft pick for a 2019 draft? Looks like something an elementary schooler thought up tbh.
  11. Hamilton's been thrown around like a punching bag and cant help a semi decent Calgary team make the playoffs. I am not losing our 7th pick for him.
  12. Such a religious post. Let's see where we are in 3 years. There is so much character on stanley cup teams. We have none of that right now. The players we have been grooming Virtanen, Gaunce, Baertschi, Horvat (half right), Goldobin, Hutton are so characterless. It looks like they just show up for a job. The only exception looks like Stretcher and Horvat (half). Boeser I don't know yet. Some times if you have so much skill, you dont need character, like Tampa Bay. But i dont see that at all with our group.
  13. They will use that #4 pick to draft someone like Boqvist who will replace Karlsson. They will then trade Karlsson for a huge haul and their rebuild is basically in pretty good shape. Your suggestion doesnt even make sense for Ottawa.
  14. No team is going to trade away Dahlin, dream on.
  15. Yeah, I dont think taking on Seabrook's contract is worth a 1st. A. Chicago is in a re-tooling stage and that top 10 pick is very important to them. B. 2018 is a deep draft.