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  1. What age do you live in, like 15 years ago? 1st rounders are already playing their first NHL seasons at age 19. Yes, written off by Desjardin. If Sharks liked Goldobin they wouldn't have traded him away, how hard is that to understand? I didn't know Boeser and Baertschi are selke finalists? Green loves to play them. All your points are basically meh, dont know why Im spending time debugging them. What's your point by the way? If Goldobin, given the right opportunity, will flourish? Highly doubt that. So basically you have no point?
  2. McDavid, Crosby, MacKinnon, Kane, Burns, Josi, Jones.
  3. Nylander is a spoiled bitch.. why even bring his name up when talking about Pettersson?
  4. Devils say no, too many lottery tickets. More like our 1st + one of Horvat/Boeser;
  5. Bennett career -52... Although hes much tougher than Virtanen.
  6. After watching Seth Jones, Werenski, and Savard dominate the Lightning, you think Tanev would be an upgrade for them.. Rofl.
  7. Sutter, Hutton, Goldobin lol. So pieces even we dont want is the starting point kak. 92 point man last season. Look more like Horvat, 10th, Juolevi.
  8. RU SERIOUS, may be Goldobin is not serious enough that is why he gets benched. Goldobin is basically Baertschi. He was benched and gave up on by the Flames/Brian Burke, so he sucked it up, stepped up his game and played his ass off to where he is now. Has Goldobin suck it up and played his ass off? Why has he been written off by 1) Sharks 2) Desjardins 3) Green?
  9. They are going to make the playoffs next season, mark my words, they have the lineup to do it. Actually quite a few underperforming teams in the NHL have a great lineup on paper, suck for some reason, but I suspect on the verge of breaking out. Teams like Philly, Buffalo, and Edmonton.
  10. Honka doesnt look good, he was doing ok in AHL and stats just plummeted in the NHL last 2 years. May be he got addicted to something bad? I mean if Polak's higher in the depth chart than you are, then it's just ...... Regardless of the above, its not like Ericsson is anything of value to us any way. So...
  11. For reference, Dahlen didn't demand to be traded. Unless you guys think he is flat out lying in an interview where he can easily be disproved by anyone from the Canucks organization. Typical Canucks forum to be extremely biased whenever we trade away players. https://www.fearthefin.com/2019/2/27/18242765/2019-nhl-trade-deadline-jonathan-dahlen-vancouver-canucks-jim-benning-san-jose-sharks-barracuda FTF: If I could clear up some things then, did your agent ask for a trade? JD: No, I don’t think so. We had a little stuff down there in Utica where I really wanted to feel good about myself and have confidence in my game and play well. I don’t want to say anything bad about anybody, but I didn’t feel too good about my hockey game there. To be honest, I just want to put it behind me, and I’m really excited to work with the great coaching staff here who have already made me feel a lot better about myself. I’m really ready to get going here and work hard and just be happy and love to play hockey. FTF: Jim Benning said some young players these days don’t want to “pay their dues” to make it to the NHL. He was referring, in part, to you. Was that a fair assessment from him? JD: I don’t know. To be honest, I’m just excited to be here and work hard and try to get to the next level. But first of all, I want to be a good player in the American Hockey League. I haven’t even put my eyes on the NHL yet, I just want to play in the [AHL] first and make a good impression there. Obviously, you can’t jump over a step, and that’s not what I want to do either because that would just look terribly wrong if I’m in the NHL and not good enough. I’m trying to develop my game here in the [AHL] and become a good player there first before I even think about taking the next step. FTF: Benning also said the discrepancy between your camp and the Canucks was that your camp thought you should be in the NHL at some point this year. You’re saying that wasn’t a fair portrayal? JD: No, I want to be a leading player in the [AHL] and play there. I was trying really hard in Utica to earn minutes in key situations and working really hard to do it. But I’m just happy to be here and I want to try and earn minutes here with the Barracuda. It’s not like I have any eyes on the NHL yet because I’ve got a lot to work on to get there, for sure. FTF: What was challenging about Utica? JD: It’s a hard question. It’s a great group of guys there. Great teammates. They’re really nice, everybody there. Great captains and vets and everything. Had a Grade-A experience with the team there. I’m just happy to get a fresh start now. Try something else. Try to feel good about myself again. Get confidence.
  12. A handful of players are playing at their best Horvat/Boeser/Roussel/Motte/Strecher/Hutton/Markstorm, so your point is contradicted.
  13. Maybe Goldobin mishandled Goldobin... Stop blaming everything on the coach.