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  1. Is that why we didnt draft Tkachuk last year?
  2. How did the tank work for you in 2017?
  3. oh god stop crying about curses... Colorado also dropped 3 spots. We are not the center of the world.
  4. wow... what's the basic structure of an argument? Says they need a 1C Says that they need cap space conclusion: trade them a LW and high cap hit dman. Sorry, but rofl.
  5. Why would you think Patrick or Hischier is meh, especially witnessing how Matthews/Laine/McDavid/Eichel has been performing right after their draft years? If anything, Patrick/Hischier is the safe bet.
  6. goodluck getting more than a 2nd round pick for Virtnanen.. At which point, it is best to keep him.
  7. so you admit the value is not fair in the trade and you still think Tampa will trade with the Canucks while ignoring the opportunity to trade with 28 other NHL teams for equivalent value. Is that how to read your response?
  8. dude are you in stubbornville? What strength do the Sedins have in defence? Anyone with speed can just go around the Sedins easily, Kane's gonna be a nightmare for them. Is that part of your picture?
  9. Tanev can net a great prospect from a contender, not from a rebuilder. How obvious does this have to get.
  10. Gropp and a 1st. /drool
  11. Interesting question is, why did we give Eriksson a NMC when we are already paying him top dollar and long term deal. If we thought ahead and planned for the expansion draft, we could now expose Eriksson and be home free. We even have talk of Benning being coined as our best GM ever...
  12. rofl. young players constantly gets top 6 minutes playing with either Crosby or Malkin on the Penguins.
  13. When did I say Buffalo and Carolina are good teams? I was saying don't get too excited about our prospects, they look good on paper, but other teams actually have better prospects than us and still have not done well in years. What's with this empty cupboard theory? Horvat, Hutton, and a key trading chip in Kesler is empty cupboard? What's the definition of empty again?
  14. 3 years as our GM, we are still a bottom feeder in the standings, and yet somehow he is the best GM ever? If you are that elevated by our prospects, Buffalo, Carolina and a handful of other NHL teams must be ecstatic, they have prospects that are way better than ours. Canucks fans and their tunnel vision..
  15. Columbus, they deserve it. Im surprised with SJ at the top of the polls, too old though. nvm i just realized why... the conditional pick rofl.