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  1. A Canucks Debrief I need to get out some thoughts from my brain to get some closure on what was a crazy playoff schedule. Way too many games in few too many days but I guess each team had the same challenge.... All I’m here to ask is what impressed you as a Canucks fan the most this year? reg season or playoffs? I’ll start with this Goaltending 1. Markstrom was a very impressive number one goaltender until he couldn’t play and Demko may have shown him is that possible ? I don’t know where I want to sit...on the fence but I lean today that Markstrom was a workhorse for his reliability. but it’s hard not to recognize a young goalie in Demko that could be a possible better option just not enough sample size for me and Markstrom was so dependable when he was not getting overworked. Talent Our young core (Petey Hughes Boeser Horvat ) is game ready and battle tested. I never felt our young talent was over matched talent wise. If we can develop a better bottom 6 next season this team may do something no other Canucks team has done. (Anyway we can get Tuch)? lol Integrity The respect this team earned across Canada for their humility and hard work attitude with no arrogance has to be recognized, the management team has done an excellent job putting together a group of players that think like minded and don’t look for the spot light. Miller needs to stay a Canuck! So impressed by his stamina and drive and I hope he’s not too injured and can get back to how he played this year. This might be the best pickup the Canucks have ever pulled off in a trade other than Naslund. Fans I honestly have had one of the best seasons as a long term Canuck fan. Watching this team develop has been fun and exciting and I’ve heard that from a lot of my friends family and forum posters this year. Not since the 94 Canucks have I felt we had a Team that made me so proud to say I’m a Canucks fan. your turn, your thoughts what’s impressed you the most? Let’s keep it positive here, if you have a negative rant to get rid of do so elsewhere.
  2. The best they played in this game was the last 5 mins when the D started to activate on the forecheck, we should have played the last three games that way. Playing way too defensive isn’t a winning solution against Vegas but it will be interesting to see what all is disclosed in injuries. that being said 6 mins left in the 3rd period in game Seven they always had a Chance. They can all go home head high! Nice run Canucks. Well done.
  3. Way harder on Vegas having to take all those shots we haven’t left our zone very much lol.
  4. I think for game seven Green just puts out Hughes and Demko on the ice for the first second and third period the rest of the bench can cheer them on............ it’s seemed to work for game 6!! Lol.
  5. Demko was possessed tonight. Hughes was the game breaker I don’t know if my heart can stand a game seven Amazing job by the Canucks tonight.
  6. I agree that something has to be tweaked for game 6 and our bottom 6. They way our bottom six played in the last series hasn’t been how we have played this series. I don’t believe it’s that Vegas is that much better then us bottom 6 other than Tuck he’s been a lighting bolt out there. I actually think if we can get our bottom 6 to wake up we have a chance at beating Vegas in this series and that it will catch Vegas off guard. There is some chemistry we need to get going again and Sutter Was a beast in game 6 agains the blues let’s see that continue tomorrow night. I don’t want to bash on Gaudette but something needs to be shaken.....not a bad call moving him to wing and getting the cagey vet back in the circle. We can get back at developing Gaudette at Center when the regular season starts.
  7. Pearson hasn’t shown up yet in this series. Green needs to help him find his game with a shake up that doesn’t effect our top talent but gets him going. He’s a 20 goal guy. Tuck has been the standout third line game performer for Vegas that I saw Pearson be during the regular season for the Canucks , often catching teams off guard with his shot and ability to score. Sutter is the second player I want to see have a game. He really showed up to help the Canucks get past the Blues in game 5 and 6 and we need his leadership on the ice to dominate some play and gain momentum a goal or an assist wouldn’t hurt and he’s capable. This series has been all about Vegas pressure I would love nothing more then for game 6 the whole Canucks team shows up like we did with the blues game 6 and put Vegas on their heals wondering what just happened heading into game 7. Put me in Greener let me give the game 6 pre-game speech lol !!!
  8. Demko was a star tonight but what’s up with Markstrom I heard Demko say they wanted to let Marky Have some time see how he feels or something like that. Just speculation dehydration ? Tight muscles anyone have anything other than that ?
  9. I liked Petey compliments Hughes twice “nice answer bud” lol. Supportive even at the presser
  10. The turning point of this game was the third period, three things for me and I’m not going to talk about goals. Myers try’s to knock cousins block off Miller stands up to reaves with a check to the face Rousell finally earned a penalty from the Refs.
  11. Not sure we want to go into next game riding the back up goalie for 40 plus shots and holding them to one goal but we got moxy and that will get in Vegas Knights head. I though we showed no quit and actually felt the third period was our best third in this series.