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  1. Calling a Canucks 4-2 win. I think the flood gates open in the third. NJ is sitting on the lead.
  2. Very Good start to November Coming out of Cali with 5 points is critical for our chances at a playoff run. That was three division matchups and we need to play for those points against Cali teams all season. In the past it was typical For the Canucks to be over confident and play down a level and get pumped by the veteran teams like SJ or Anaheim. Good on Green and Captian Bo to keep the pace and shot count through the roof. The key will be to keep up the high energy tempo, Gatling gun shots and forecheck pumping like a locomotive steam engine all season long. Circa West Coast Express. Nice read. I unlike some love the positive outlook and willingness to believe early in and all season instead of fence sitting fandom.
  3. That Hit on Sautner was way late IMHO. I hope he’s going to be OK.
  4. That’s a great start to November coming off a 3 game road trip in Cali with 5/6 points. I know we could have gotten all 6 but you can’t complain. Quinn is OK! Goaltending was rock solid. I do think Green needs to remember this trip and maybe think about adding in an enforcer to keep the talent on our team safe from being taken advantage of!
  5. The only thing I’d like to see tonight is a solid solid body check on Lame. I’m mean Kane. Common Myers remember him as a Jet. !! Give him one for good old times sake.
  6. Canucks needs to practice a three on one lol. drop to the high guy I’m the slot not across a stick lane.
  7. Virtanen ready to show Green something tonight I think. ! Glad Sutter put away the easy goal. We couldn’t get that play last night.
  8. So Baer doesn’t get in the lineup ??
  9. So Hughes is out for tonight ?? Is that correct.
  10. I didn’t throw any hate at Edler in this thread just FYI. I threw out a not so new idea to try 4 forwards.
  11. I would love to see a 4 forward PP Brock Bo Pete Hughes Miller Miller on the back end but could cycle low and Bo up high depending on how the draw is won in the offensive zone. Both are good at tip in deflecting shots and Miller has one hell of a shot release as seen against LA the other game. I also think Miller has higher IQ for the role. IT seems or number one PP is on for like 90 seconds of the 120 we get. So let’s all stop pretending we have a second unit.
  12. Really wouldn’t overthink this game if I’m the Canucks. Start Demko against SJ. Hopefully Baer has some wheels tomorrow to help the Nucks with some energy. If we come out of Cali with 5/6 points that’s an extremely good road trip. Keep it positive !
  13. Marky game saver to get us to one point in the standings. Marky game loser giving up a point in the standings. technically he’s even on the plus minus. Lol.