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  1. I work with and live with medical professionals and we are all have the same opinion. These are the people who work in our hospitals care homes and clinics. We all agree on the same thing there is an over reaction going on here we haven’t seen before. This is my last post on this thread I’m going to stick with hockey I couldn’t help but share my opinion for a quick second I all ready regret it. Until the next game we get to chat sports and our Canucks with you all hopefully sooner rather then later. Cheers
  2. your opinion respectfully of course. I’m not here to change it. My opinion is I’m not being either reckless or dangerous with deciding to live my life the same as always sure I might decide to buy a bit more food because I don’t trust I’m going to have a choice. I’d rather not buy into over driving media sensationalism going on here. I look forward to reviewing the data next year when this all settles out.
  3. They can call it what they want. Pandemic sure sounds scary not to mention it couple with people on full body suits always that’s a nice fear touch. The sheer amount of social pressure has a part in this world panick is my point, I didn’t say it doesn’t suck I said when the dust settles and someone actually get to review this the. I’ll rad up and believe what I believe I’m telling you there more untruth then truth but you get to decide for yourself and so do I so I’m not bashing just sharing my point of view.
  4. It’s another flu type disease without any vaccine yet so it’s potential is it will kill more elderly with existing conditions and In a country with a high elderly population it’s mortality rate course is running higher then average. Since feb 21 871 have died in Italy against confirmed covid cases of which increase the mortality rate percentage without adding in the unconfirmed home quarantined Patients who are letting it run its course. The flu infects over a billion people a year and we have a vaccine! Hasn’t stopped traffic or shut down more then a senior center. It’s existed for 2000 plus years and never did we react the way we are reacting now. To say a 1000 died in Italy a week is inaccurate I get you rounded up but that’s my point. from science Italy is In a bad spot and historically they always are. This link suggest in a roughly three year period in Italy influenzas took out 68,000 people. Or roughly 60+ a day on average some weeks much higher or lower so goes the season. Sounds pretty familiar to me.
  5. This is so out of control. one player gets sick and a whole league suspended??? And then it’s just down hill from here. Let the sky fall chicken little. I wonder how many players get the flu each year during a season and never has this even been a hint of anything to this magnitude as a measure of control. The flu kills too every year. So disappointed in the way our world leaders and business leaders are reacting to this. There has to be a better way to help prevent there is no stopping. The world is so obsessed with control. Let it run its course.
  6. It’s amazing to me. So it’s the flu or another version of it if that makes you feel better and the first thing that panicked the world is do I have enough toilet paper? What the fridge. Our world is so backwards. Political Leadership is struggling to manage social conscience vrs reality because can’t understand reality anymore. I’ve personally stopped reading any article that says virus. Fear monger and click bait at its all time best or worst depending on your lense. I wish 6 months would pass right now and everyone will be like oh the world didn’t end my bad.
  7. “Will we be friends forever?” asked piglet “Even longer” said Pooh. My daughter and her big brother. Oh Wilsy (Wilson) One night on my way to play hockey post spring.
  8. The problem is Confidence. the only way out is Leadership Horvat, Edler, Green. Only way out. we won’t know if that happens unless we see wins.
  9. The Canucks need to believe they are Playoff bound. If they lack confidence that will show. we have seen it all season. When they believe they can’t loose they are elite !!! when the don’t know if their good enough they are a fragile group. Have Confidence. You are the real deal
  10. This game is more about our season then it is about a win. We need this. Go Canucks Go! For Markstrom for Boeser For the Fans.