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  1. Remember, Remember, The 3rd of December

    I doubt anything happens. Unless of course Matthews were to take a big hit. Then you know what will hit the fan. !
  2. Confused Yet? I know I am. ....

    Thank you all for some great feedback! I am much more informed with the incite provided by the posts. This particular post hit it home for me. Great fact finding! Tells a solid story I needed to hear. Now it's time for me to wait and watch and enjoy seeing what comes from The season ahead. Hopefully that connection piece comes sooner rather than later.
  3. Confused Yet? I know I am. ....

    This is a bit of a random post but my confusion warrants enough to make me believe there are others just as confused. I'm a long to mid range time Canuck Fan. let's say I've been heavily invested since I was 6 years old listening to Jimmy H on the radio in the 80's in bed hiding from the parents while he was calling the game. I personally felt the most connected when we had the west coast express, speed aggressive and talented. Nazzy, Bert, Morrison. Kirk McLean and Trevor linden are my role models because I was a kid looking up to men but not my era. Then there is the run in 2011 and the and we get to the cup finals on the back of Players like Kesler, Burrows, Bieksa, and Lou but the team doesn't finish. I'm looking at this years roster and I've never felt more disconnected in who we have on the roster. I hear Benning speaking and Linden is around proposing future potential but I haven't witnessed urgency. What worries me is the lack of connection there is to the players. Who is the heart and soul of this team we all connect with? Who is going to lead this team past every other NHL team challenging top spot. I hear a lot of branding and Language around "character" is being added from Benning. We have a season to prove it all wrong but unless this team finds a legit way to connect with fans and the Canucks community that cares I am worried for the year and future. I really need to hear some perspective from different tenured Canuck fans. What is this team about that I'm missing ? is it anything we can feel connected too? If so. Why?
  4. Canucks Hockey and their Fans are approaching a season that has a very real issue with talent and ticket sales approaching and it's about to get real! (management) decision 1. Do we make hard impact trades in off season and draft that cost this organization a lot of money and future prospects to try and make some sort of half hazard un-predicted run in a year that our conference is as unpredictable as Donald Trump. (ownership backs away and lets management work) 2. Do we start a true rebuild and does this organization actually have the balls to tell Vancouver fans ( The $ money) to suck it up for a few years and dump some historic elements on the current roster. H&D (ownership takes a hit) 3. Keeps going on the same track as today. Nothing major, nothing outlandish or controversial, no risk, seems to be the Benning/linden way. Build the team with purpose and opt out of high risk moves. Grind it out? get some character players and see what happens. (ownership bank account pleaser) I am seriously not siding one way or another. There are legitimate pros and cons to each choice. What at are your thoughts??? Or your view of the options or do you have one that's better. ?
  5. Benning on 1040 (02 May)

    Stammer a Canuck!!! That would be a magical dream with unicorns and little people running around with free pitchers of beer. If benning pulls that off Mark my words, my next born child will have benning in his name lol.
  6. Best Post so far. Thank you for getting Hunter up on your list. Hope he has a great camp! Not sure On Demko everything else .....dido
  7. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Burrows Has potential to be more then he has shown this year which has been a dramatic improvement in confidence since last season. I think as the season goes on we will see Burr establish himself again as a leader on this team through his tenacity and hard work. I wouldn't mind seeing him back on the PP with the Sedins every once in a while but the option isn't really there right now with the way the PP is going you don't want to mess with it. Would like to hear about the other three points you speak of I see point 1. Where is 2,3?
  8. I don't have a major contreversial statement on all the craziness surrrounding the topics at the heat of debate. What I do not buy into however is the ease of which the topic gets ramped up and how easy it is to jump on board to rev up the community with media driven allegations. TMZ broke this story. A brand that only cares about creating conflict and making money based off the shock response. Again I'm not supporting anyone.! What I'm saying is ........what's your right to not be perfect and what's your right to not always be on point. ...............What's your right to not have your personal conversations recorded and shared with to the world?. I'll tell you this. Humans are not perfect. We are stupid and we say dumb things. We will all burn in hell for some ridiculously stupid thoughts we've had and some moronic comment we've made. Again I don't support fascism racism or blatant ignorance. What I do want to ask you everyone is. ...... Doesn't this feel political ? Doesn't this feel staged.? Don't be too easily manipulated by thoughts that don't really reflect reality. Now all I want is your thoughts ?
  9. Sestito is just terrible. He better not be on the team next year I understand at this point who cares this year but seriously he is a terrible hockey player. No sense if the game at all.
  10. [GDT] |March 14 - Vancouver @ Washington - 4PM|

    Sestito sucks still..........
  11. [GDT] |March 14 - Vancouver @ Washington - 4PM|

    Sestito still sucks! Go Canucks. !
  12. [GDT] |March 14 - Vancouver @ Washington - 4PM|

    No sestito hasn't had a bad couple of games. He's literally useless every game. I'm getting so sick of he stone hands and dumb ass penalties.
  13. [GDT] |March 14 - Vancouver @ Washington - 4PM|

    Sestito and Jensen are both useless. Why does Torterella continue to let sestito to wreck the Canucks chances.
  14. [GDT] Saturday vs. Calgary

    The team is playing some of the most uninspired lack luster hockey I have seen in 20+ years. Its like they are purposely giving the puck away evey chance they get, instead Of making the easy shot they turn and try and pass. I seriously want to see Burrows kassian and Sedin get benched a few games just terrible, I'm convince Sedin must have 20 pound weights on his ankles. Where's the leadership gone. I wish we could call up Bo and Hunter, get them some ice time maybe add some life blood back into the dried up veins of this teams arteries. For the love of god anything would be better then watching what we've been forced to watch these past two months. The Canucks coach and management and players should all be ashamed of their efforts. This is the largest collective team dump I've seen. Stop acting like million dollar babies and show some class and heart. *mic drop out. Feeling better.
  15. [GDT] Canada vs U.S.A., semifinals

    Canada is the best team in this tourney. I'm sick of everyone praising the Americans. The Americans had the easier bracket and games all tourney. They never had to contend with hardship or a tender who wa standing on his head like Canada has in every game they have played. The Americans only had one legit game against a real opponent And barely pulled out a win. Canada will prevail and is the doninate team. The Americans won't know what hit them. Rude awakening. All these tsn announcers are so Pro American it's making me sick. Can't wait for this game tk shut up the Canada haters.