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  1. [PGT] Caducks 1, Canucks 2

    Eh, I'm still of the belief that Kesler requested to be moved silently, but management sort of dicked him around just like with Luongo, likely waiting for the perfect deal (read as: overpayment) that would never come. After a season or two, Kesler finally decided to make it public even if it reflected poorly on him, but with the intention of creating some urgency with management to move him. Overall, I think he devoted his best years to us and will probably have some nagging lifelong injuries based on how hard he played for us. In that regard, no hard feelings on him moving. We don't "own" him, we don't owe him, and he doesn't owe us either.  
  2. [Retirement] Taylor Pyatt retires

    Ever since that incident with his girlfriend/fiance I always fixated on how soul crushing that must have been.
  3. Hopefully he doesn't have the same agent as Sbisa otherwise we're screwed.
  4. Lol, you homers are overrating Lack.
  5. They're fine, probably just having issues because the Leafs were atrocious (more so than usual) and not worth watching.
  6. Ya, I'm with you on this one, but I think it also goes both ways. Didn't it go as a far as people vandalizing his Church or something? I think I recall some harsh remarks from him about us as well.
  7. Who should be Sedins linemate when everyone is healthy

    Anson Carter -- best guy they've ever played with, imo.
  8. Realistically it's better to get one of the young guys in there even for just the experience. You want longer term investments at this point.
  9. Not sure Miller would be a fan of us getting Lucic.
  10. Miller steals start from Lack?

    Place your trust in Vancouver media... lol =P
  11. Part of what's scary is that we "developed" him. Now we can argue back and fourth who is primarily at fault here, but we haven't completely wiped our hands clean.
  12. [Injury] David "The Slackliner" Booth

    The guy just can't catch a break. I think at this point though, as mentioned, you have to question his conditioning (or methods).
  13. Expectations are low considering many of our top players are past their prime, we made an assortment of roster changes, and we hope to bring in some youth. Chemistry will certainly be an issue, but it's not like we had all that much last year. To be honest with you, I just want to watch the product on ice and be entertained. We've been a bit boring in that department for awhile, but some fresh new faces will hopefully liven things up.
  14. [Report] Burrows' Said No To Waiving NTC

    Can't fault the guy for wanting to stay here. Many of our core guys truly call this place home and want to tough it out through thick and thin. There's a certain value to that beyond just points or stats.