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  1. When was the Telus rate hike in 2014? And from your experience how often do they increase their rates for internet and tv? My Telus tv and internet bundle is cheaper than my Shaw bundle so that made the decision to switch easier.
  2. I've been a longtime Shaw customer...have never really used another provider in my entire life. But that all changed a few days ago when I finally decided to make the switch to Telus. Shaw increase of $8/month for my internet really was the last straw. Plus I've noticed recently that my streaming of Netflix, Youtube etc. on my tv was buffering more often than not. So for Shaw to increase my internet pricing while their service remained sub-par prompted me to switch. I am excited to try Telus. I looked at their tv theme packs and really like the channels offered, especially in HD. Is there anyone here who have also made the switch from Shaw to Telus?
  3. Have you guys seen the Toronto Union Station ad for the return of the Walking Dead? http://www.thestar.c...on_station.html Edited to add: here's a youtube video of Toronto Union Station. One of the few times I wish I was in Toronto instead of Vancouver....