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  1. Yup, that's pretty much the book on the Nucks. Calgary isn't even that physical of a team, which is the sad part, and what made people think we had a chance against them. Their D is small and soft, their top lines full of young soft rookies. Yet our d-core is still afraid of their own shadow. We can't get any offense cause our D is too worried about getting plastered to make a good outlet pass. Pathetic really.
  2. Lol, really? Tostito? That guy is about half as slow as Ferland and would probably get roasted in a fight in with him.
  3. The worst is hearing CBC drone on and on about how amazing Fekerland is. Like he's the next coming of Lucic. Hrudey actually compared the two. I mean my God. All the guy does is run around charging people. Literally, that's all he's done. On a side note, has the league actually forgotten that charging is a penalty?
  4. Thank God you're not the coach then. Mcmillan is a useless plug.
  5. Dead on.
  6. Burrows left ice clutching wrist and yelling "HELP!" to medical staff... sounds like a laceration? Looks like he's out for tonight...
  7. Interference? Watch it again... puck was right there. Absolutely 100% legal. Correct me if I'm wrong but Burrows wasn't even getting a penalty for the hit, he got it for instigating with Russell. Yet CBC was all like "omg he hit our loverboy Gaudreau! Penalty! Ahhhrgh!"
  8. Except Sam Bennett is 18 has nothing to do with Flames getting under the skin. It's the CBC's pathetic overbearingly repetitive coverage and obsession with him. He's got 1g and 1a. He screened the goalie a few times and tapped in an empty netter. Kris Russell is having a monster of a series, I don't hear CBC drone on and on about him. How about Horvat? He's got 1g 2a and has been Van's best player. CBC aint spouting two peeps about him. And don't get me started on the Ferland nonsense. The amount of praise they're giving that idiot for taking runs at anything and everything, not even playing hockey whatsoever, AND not answering the bell.. unbelievable.
  9. http://www.thehockeynews.com/blog/flames-michael-ferland-sends-canucks-luca-sbisa-sailing-with-massive-hit/ Not a peep from CBC broadcasters about how this could have been boarding (which it was) or should be a penalty (which it should have been) or how Sbisa was in a danger zone (6 ft from boards). Pretty much textbook boarding. Not... a ... peep. Instead it's how amazing Ferland is and how great his hits are. Burrows throws a perfectly legal hit against Goudreau and CBC plays it as a vicious hit from behind.
  10. Lol if you think CBC is bad just watch this vid from TSN. http://www.tsn.ca/video/more-fireworks-between-vancouver-calgary-1.261697 Unbelievable the idiocy spewing from this guy's mouth. Hartley in a 'weird situation' cause Canucks are taking runs at their players, basically defending putting out his goons. Guadreau gets a love tap of a slash and apparently you can't do that to a 150lb player? Burrows and his vicious 'hit from behind'. Benett is a superstar cause he screens a goalie and taps in an empty netter (golfclap). You can't hit 18, 19, 20 year old players in the NHL too apparently. It's not only CBC it seems.
  11. God he's soooo good with his -3 and 2 PPA, totally stealing the series. What a player!
  12. Is it just me or was that hit on Sbisa in the first period not textbook boarding? Not to mention CBC didn't make a single comment about the hit being borderline or penalty deserving. Really starting to piss me off listening to those clowns.
  13. Totally agree. He's trying to be way more than he is. He scores 1 goal all year and he thinks he's the next Karlsson.
  14. Sbisa and Bieksa were atrocious tonight. They were hardly moving. Out-skated at every turn. The only good thing Bieksa did all game was punch out Ferland. Edler and Tanev looked tired, slow, unmotivated. Only a handful of Canucks seemed to show up (Mathias, Horvat/Hansen, that's about it). Burrows suspension will be rescinded. Hamhuis may get a game (may be a good thing, he's running around like a chicken with his head cutoff) CBC coverage is some of the most painful TV I've watched in my entire life.