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  1. [Trade] Sam Gagner dealt to AZ Coyotes

    I still don't understand why more people aren't questioning the Sam Gagner for a 6th round pick? This is beyond comprehension... We give a 2nd round pick for Linden Vey who will probably be a career AHLer... and the Yotes get a 6th overall pick basically for free? The guy is only 24 years old and quite talented, and may only need a change of scenery to get the spark going. Sure he's overpaid but 1/3 of the contract is taken on by TB still.. so they got Gagner at 3.2mil cap hit... that's not even that bad.
  2. [Trade] Sam Gagner dealt to AZ Coyotes

    What in the fickity fack? Gagne AND Crombeen for just a 6th, AND TB has to pay 1/3 Gagne's salary? That is quite possibly the worst trade I've ever heard. There has to be something more to that. Surely he could have gotten more for Gagne than that. He is a chronic underperformer but he still has SOME utility...
  3. Ahh, remember the WCE and Cloutier days when all of Vancouver longed for a steady, bonafied #1 goaltender? We had two of them less than a year ago. Now we have none. Welcome back to the goalie graveyard.
  4. Gooooo Nucks!

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Wooooooo ! Cant wait to slay the Habs on Saturday !

  5. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    I cannot believe this thread is still going. Are you clowns ever gonna give it a rest? Bieksa is a solid player. Not the best, not the worst, just solid. He's not going anywhere. I cannot imagine how many times you've argued the same point over and over in this thread. Clearly you're not going to convince the other side. Do you not see the futility in this? My goodness!
  6. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    Bieksa for the Norris!
  7. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    Bieksa is a beast! Just like this thread.
  8. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    I love how you infinitely loop between any one of your Bieksa bashing stereotypes. If it's not "he never fights", it's "untimely penalties". If it's not "he doesn't score" it's "out of position". If it's not "poor defensive coverage" it's "he never fights". And the cycle continues. You get proven wrong at one point of the thread, either by Bieska's play that particular night, or by stats presented by another poster, and then you conveniently avoid backing up your claims, moving onto any other of the above mentioned Bieksa-bashing favorites. Then you go on about that one for a while, until you're proven wrong again, rinse and repeat. It's really quite sad and pathetic.
  9. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    OK for the record, it is a VERY standard play for a defenseman at the point to wrist it or "flutter" it towards the net. A lot of emphasis is put on blocking shots (e.g. why we had Ryan Johnson in the first place), and rarely does a d-man have ample time to load up a howitzer. Wristing it is quite often more effective, as it's loads quicker, much more accurate, and makes it easier for players in front of the net to tip/redirect. I am 99% sure that AV has instructed Bieksa to do this on the PP rather than load up a one-timer. It is also how he got the majority of his 43 points in 08/09. Half the time when our other d-men load up a slapshot from the point its either blocked because it takes longer to release and gives more time for a defender to get in front of it, or it misses the net and comes out the other side forcing them to reset the PP.
  10. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    Well in this case I meant "good game" relative to the other Canucks on the ice. And I didn't say he had a good game because he fought, he was pretty solid defensively overall. Seemed to have an extra edge that he sometimes lacks. How do you define "good game"? Racking up points?
  11. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    Yes because the puck never hops over anyone else's stick... couldn't have been Samuelson's fault there either hey... with the garbage pass to the point; oh not to mention why wasn't the other d-man (Hamhuis) not covering? It's not Bieksa's job to cover Crosby coming out of the box if the play is on his side of the ice. Basic defensive coverage concept, if the puck's coming to the point on the opposite side, you're now the last man back while your partner tries to keep it in. Maybe if you guys ever played hockey you'd understand that. You guys are honestly hilarious. Even when Bieksa has a good game (he was by far the best d-man on the ice last night) you still find something to blame him for. He sticks up for Luongo and gets in a fight "well he shouldn't have pushed him into Luongo". He makes an amazing play to stop them from scoring on the empty net "well he was out of position in the first place". Do you not see how ridiculous this train of thought is?
  12. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    Get caught? It's the third period with less than a minute left, down by two goals... umm... ya... you sort of WANT to be taking risks at that point. My goodness you guys are so sad...
  13. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    LOL, this thread is still going?? My goodness...
  14. The one that won't stop looking at me.