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  1. Joe Cannon was doing his best Cloutier impression. PUT NOLLY BACK IN!!!!!
  2. She's a humid one out there tonight. Thunder perhaps?

  3. Caps are going to have to manage the bench carefully in Wednesdays match vs. TFC given they have the rained out 2nd leg of the NCC on the 2nd... Personally I would be tempted to rest/not start Hasli, Camilo, etc for the league game to go in with fresh troops on the Saturday match. Would much rather stick it to TFC to take the Voyageurs Cup.
  4. Sporting Kansas City sounds like a low budget local cable sports TV show. Hopefully this time they don't need an injury time come back against them. Granted that was pretty exciting.
  5. Release the magic? HA! Glade isn't going to cover up what I just did in the can.

  6. Nice cut in by Chiumiento and then as you say great passing. Fun match to watch. Even with a bit of a breakdown in the final injury time they all worked as a team.
  7. Even Tim Thomas though he was too far out of the net He was so lucky he wasn't burned on that.
  8. I didn't think it was possible for Canucks Talk to get any more stupid, but some how it has. Bravo people! [/facepalm]

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    2. StealthNuck


      Proposals is now challenging for the title.

    3. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Wow the IQ in there is falling like the barometer ?

    4. SpinDrive


      Never underestimate the stupidity of CDC

  9. I didn't think it was possible for Canucks Talk to get any more stupid, but some somehow it has. Bravo people! [/facepalm]

  10. My once proud and mighty playoff beard reduced to what resembled a small rodent in the bathroom sink.

    1. !


      sell it on ebay

  11. Has a feeling we might see OT tonight

    1. Rented Mule

      Rented Mule

      I really hope it is a lopsided victory just to shut all the haters up :) In LOU I TRUST !

  12. The shots of the Sounders fans after was classic. It was a combo of disbelief and Oh Sh!t!
  13. HASSLI! 2 goals and no cards. Is the world about to end? I was going to get tixs to go but didn't. Kicking myself now.
  14. It is garbage this match will be on TSN2. For starters I can't get it where I am tonight and secondly this derby match has more history behind it than the whole MLS has. This is just a push to force people into cable packages above what they want to normaly pay for.
  15. Hassli maybe made a bit of contact with the Chivas players foot, who then crumpled into a heap clutching his knee... At most it could have been a yellow card. Highlights here: http://vantv.neulion.com/mlsvp/console.jsp?catid=1955&id=15386