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  1. Cut back on scouting to save money, now they can only scout teams within 250 kilometeres of Ottawa.
  2. 5-2 lightning, puck over glass
  3. Vesey will be a career AHL'er, possible injury call up but that is it. Leaf have good depth at forward so it made sense to dump him for an extra roster spot.
  4. Mollyworld

    [Proposal] Van-Edm, Van-Tor

    With Tanev's injury woes I don't think TO would give up either a first or Kapanen.
  5. Mollyworld

    [Proposal] Van-Edm, Van-Tor

    Why wouldn't Toronto just trade Gardiner themselves for that haul. With losing Gardiner JVR and Bozak they'd have lots of cap space for Lucic. If they needed to down the road I'm sure they'd be able to flip Lucic ala the Clarkson deal.
  6. Mollyworld

    [Proposal] Tiebreaker Rule Change

    How do you decide home ice, or do you play a 2 game series, home and away total goals, which then delays the start of the playoffs? And who gets 2nd game at home? Is it a coin toss. I would rather everything be decided on the ice. And what if say Boston and Tampa are tied for 1st at the end of the season, you don't think a 3rd place team like the leafs would be licking their chops at those two playing some sort of winner take all game/mini series.
  7. Motte will not be in Utica next year, Benning won't want the big part of his trade deadline deal toiling in the minors.
  8. Mollyworld

    (Proposal) TOR-ARZ OEL trade

    In the offseason something like that is a possibilty, but that messes with Toronto's chemistry way too much. As much as OEL would be a nice addition, Nylander and Matthews are too good to be split up at this point in the season.
  9. Mollyworld

    [Proposal] Another TML idea

    Leafs are high on Dermott, and he is progressing faster than they had anticipated. 34th overall pick in 15, he will be a solid 3/4 for many years. Plus TO's first rounder and Martin, who is protection for all the young guns. Toronto passes.
  10. Not surprisingly given her profession she died of AIDS.
  11. Mollyworld

    Montreal is no good

    Montreal came first in the division and list out to NY in the crossover game.
  12. Mollyworld

    [Signing] Flames sign Matt Bartkowski

    So what you're saying is that this is a bad signing unless of course it turns out to be a good signing
  13. Mollyworld

    [Report] Torts Suspended 6 Games

    That sounds like an Eklund trade rumour. Pretty much everyone in the world has predicted a suspension of 3-10 games, this guy is not an insider, he is just pulling numbers out of his butt.