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  1. Not surprisingly given her profession she died of AIDS.
  2. Montreal is no good

    Montreal came first in the division and list out to NY in the crossover game.
  3. [Signing] Flames sign Matt Bartkowski

    So what you're saying is that this is a bad signing unless of course it turns out to be a good signing
  4. GDT: Around the NHL Weekend of October (15-16) 2016

    I believe you are wrong. Ace Bailey and Bill Barilko both died while members of the Leafs. It had nothing to do with military service. While being a huge Dave Keon fan, and Sittler and Salming as well, I really believe the honouring of numbers should have remained instead of retiring their numbers.
  5. [Report] Torts Suspended 6 Games

    That sounds like an Eklund trade rumour. Pretty much everyone in the world has predicted a suspension of 3-10 games, this guy is not an insider, he is just pulling numbers out of his butt.