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  1. Wendell Clark, tough as nails but not overly large which was his undoing.
  2. My idea for anyone who cares. 14 teams miss the playoffs. Last place gets 14 balls, 2nd to last gets 13 and so on until the 14th place team gets 1 ball. My math says that is 105 balls. First ball picked gets #1, which means the worst team in the league gets slightly over a 10% chance. Pick a 2nd ball, if it is the same team discard it, if it is a different team they get #2. Keep on picking until all 14 teams have been picked. This way the worse teams have a better chance off getting a good pick, but all teams have a chance of improving their pick, even the # 14 could conceivably get #1.
  3. [TRADE] Korbinian Holzer to Anaheim

    You think you're getting a 2nd/3rd and a prospect for Holzer, a pending UFA who left last night's game with a concussion? In what world would that happen? A 5th is about right.
  4. I think most people figured that any deals for Kessel, Phaneuf and Lupul would have to happen in the off season due to salary cap issues, if they are happening at all. But up to this point Leafs for the most part traded three UFA's and spare parts for a 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and Leipsic, while clearing out salary in Clarkson and roster spots for College FA's. Their intent was to rebuild and not go deep in the playoffs so in that respect I think they did OK. Have to wait until the draft and the trades they make there to make a final conclusion.
  5. (In future, please do more than simply post a link....copy/paste the actual story as I have done here, preferably with some thoughts/insight as well. If you need help, just let a mod know)
  6. Amazingly, for a group of people who claim to hate the Leafs so much, there are already two pages in just over an hour because of an error message on their website.
  7. Makes sense to me, 3 1/2 years prior to the winter olympics in Asia. There is a massive untapped market in Asia that is literally worth billions, and if the NHL has any sense they will go to Korea and try to get a start in that market. European soccer and EPL and La Liga especially have made a fortune promoting their brand there, and the Leafs are only trying to get a headstart in that market assuming the NHL does the right thing.
  8. NHL Reduces Devils Penalty for Kovalchuk Contract

    Using the Leafs as an example, but I am sure there are more. TO signed Eddie Belfour to a perfectly valid, legal contract prior to the first lockout. Afterwards, when Belfour retired the Leafs were hit with a cap penalty because he signed an over 35 deal and thus they were on hook for the penalty. The league has retroactively punished teams before, so it is not like this is out of the ordinary.
  9. [PGT] Heritage Classic - Sens 4 Canucks 2

    Anyone can score twice when you have a big 5 hole
  10. Don't know the exact rule, but as the Leafs did not draft Bolland I believe they can only sign him to a 7 year contract. Thus that would make Kypreos's contact a little suspect.
  11. [Proposal] NYI Tavares injury

    Why would TO do that? Lupul may not be as good as Vanek but is pretty close, but they also throw in Franson, May Ray (who NYI have no need for going forward), and a 1st or 2nd.
  12. John Tavares out for the remainder of the season

    If USA beats Canada and wins the Gold, and subsequently put an extra 2000 bums in Mr Wangs new barn, then Garth will be laughing all the way to the bank, as will all of the American teams.
  13. [Report] Torts Suspended 6 Games

    That sounds like an Eklund trade rumour. Pretty much everyone in the world has predicted a suspension of 3-10 games, this guy is not an insider, he is just pulling numbers out of his butt.
  14. Bro Jake & Team1040 - thoughts after a month?

    Because his shtick got old there and no one was listening. And because his same demographic listened to 101 and the TEAM they thought they would give him a try. But it is failing miserably. They don't even bother talking sports from 930-1000, which is an upgrade from the previous 3.5 hours of the show.
  15. Bro Jake & Team1040 - thoughts after a month?

    I think the reason they do so much non-relevant stuff now that the so-called insiders are refusing to come on their show. I turned it on three times this morning, twice it was callers doing speeches to win tickets and the third it was some inane Bro Jake dribble about nothing that I think he thought was funny. No sports, just pap. I too wasn't the biggest Rintoul fan to begin with but for god's sake bring him or someone else in and get rid of these jerks (except Moj, not as annoying as Pratt but pretty darn close)