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  2. I sense a shift from Netflix to Shomi for lots of Canadian customers in the near future.
  3. I believe that Telus and Bell still have a network sharing agreement. Bells operates and maintains it in the east and Telus in the west. That being said if Telus and Koodo work on the gulf islands, then Bell and Virgin should as well.
  4. Wasn't there some Whitecaps fans at a game a while back who started chanting like that and were told by security to be quite?
  5. What happens to the tax dollars that are already funding transit? Do they get shifted else where and replaced by the $250 million or is that money in addition to the current funding?
  6. Does anybody have any suggestions for a protein powder without any artifical sweeteners (sucralose, aceslulfame potassium, saccharin) that taste relatively good? Thanks
  7. I usually do some sort of HIIT or Tabata work twice a week and weight training twice a week
  8. Sorry if this is a noob question but I wanted to know how many calories I should be eating a day to lose weight. I have read some information saying to keep a calorie deficit to lose weight, and other information saying to create a calorie surplus, because a calorie surplus with allow for muscle growth and a higher metabolism. Any input would be appreciated.
  9. ohh okay sorry i mistook yu for someone else

  10. I have the Bold 9000 and when I make phone calls I start out with 3G and when the call is over my phone automatically goes to Edge or just says GSM. It stays like this for a bit then goes back to 3G. Anybody else get this or is it time to call Rogers for a replacement?
  11. I just saw Quinton "Rampage" Jackson walking around town. I saw him in the West End on Denman Street.