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  1. Where you been

  2. Shambelle is awesome.

  3. just another thread by another idiot that knows nothing about hockey and probably has grudges against certain players for no reason. This thread was started by a guy that probably thought matt cook was awesome. Anyways, Burrows does a pretty damn good job for the amount of money he is making. What other guy fighting for a job is gonna do what he does? Bolduc? Jaffray? yah, right. Just shut up.
  4. those are cool little pint glasses. Are those glasses made for midgets?
  5. Answer: yuz You should just get one of your male asian friends to make a mold. Then you could make mini peni cupcakes.
  6. Yeah, Rampage went on a Rampage.
  7. Hay, chiclets are awesome kay!

  8. nothing much terrible tasting gum.

  9. hey how have you been? :) cheers!

  10. I didn't suck hard enough did I......:(

  11. yeah, this 'no wiener' deal is definitely sucking.