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  1. *** Big Brother 16 Thread ***

    Nope. The girlpower bull annoys the hell out of me. The sexism double standard....
  2. Have spoon. Where's the pot?

  3. I think the Sedins make an excellent 2nd line.
  4. Me either, I buy what I like. I don't like cutesy girly cars. If "status" is a complete non-issue, why buy new? If the only aims are point a to point b in the most economical means available you'd do a lot better buying used.
  5. Does it come with free regular estrogen injections?
  6. Hockey mom murdered outside Surrey

    This wouldn't have happened in the Surrey of 25-30 years ago. Surrey was a tough place back then and a bad place to get on the wrong side of people but was not a bad place. Back then anyone pulling this crap would have been found "by the public" and taken care of. There was a sense of community back then, that sense of community may not have looked well at outsiders which partially led to Surrey's bad rep back then but we took care of our own, too bad that's long gone.
  7. RCMP Ukash Scam

    Naw, it wasn't that hard to get rid of if you know what you're doing.
  8. RCMP Ukash Scam

    Obvious is obvious, in particular wen the text says money is payable to "the state", huh, what state? This ain't the USA.
  9. Wow, this game is nuts. I'll take who can score next for 800 Alec.
  10. RCMP Ukash Scam

    Had this way earlier this year: Have you done a reboot yet, I thought I was good until the reboot which is when the difficulty started but managed to kill it after a bit.
  11. security guard

    You obviously missed the part in this thread where I have said I worked security at one point in the past. Considering that experience I clearly do have an idea what I am talking about. I will give you that working event security is much more relevant experience than guarding a building project that is in receivership all night, etc It seems you think that the majority of security positions that are being generalized about in this thread are of the "event" variety when they are not. The large percentage of "security guards" are sitting on some site or walking around a mall providing a presence where very little ever happens.
  12. security guard

    If they were any good at those previous jobs the are working high-end personal/corporate security/consulting or are in management. The exceptions are generally retired police or military supplementing the pensions with an nice easy casual job.
  13. security guard

    The lumping of stereotypes is correct and are not the exceptions. The security industry has at least a 20% annual turnover rate with a a growing proportion of those doing the work being new immigrants. Who told you doing security work was good experience for becoming a police officer? Anyone who was serious about becoming a police officer would dedicate a few years to military service or post-secondary education, learning a second language would be a good idea too. In fact, when considering the vast majority of security positions (guarding something with little to no interaction with people) a job in the customer-service industry would actually be better experience as dealing with people is one of the main strengths required within police work. Sorry to break it to you but the simple truth is most of the "wannabe cops" who decide to work toward their goal via security experience never, ever, become actual police officers.
  14. security guard

    Immature because you feel insulted by it? Suck it up princess, it does cover 95% of the people doing the work. There are exceptions to every rule and I am not talking about high-end personal/corporate security here but your basic run of the mill security guards. As for as the 4th type you are describing, yeah no, that's the third type, wannabe cops.