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  1. [Report] Mike Gillis Fired

    About frickin time. Should have been done last year with Vigneault.
  2. [Report] Torts Suspended 6 Games

    This whole schtick of people in the Canucks franchise and fandom of sticking up while the team is falling down has got to stop. Put it on the ice.
  3. [Report] Torts Suspended 6 Games

    When are the Canucks going to be done with the show? Tortella's not the first to try and stir it up. "The Sedin's are..." It does not matter that the other guy put their toughies on the first line. It doesn't even matter to the Canucks. This team will not win the cup in any manner or form in any time in your near future. There have been too many mistakes over the past years and little action to resolve them. The Twins, while great, are still only a solid second line as it stands and that will diminish. Their goals during regular season mean something during regular season but nothing if they cannot produce in the playoffs, and worst of all if they cannot help their team produce what's required in the playoffs. Of course it takes support personnel on every level, from the top of the organization down to the people on the ice. The continous fairy tale belief that Vancouver seems to deserve a cup is mind-boggling, and this from someone who is a fan, well, kind of. I used to be a die hard fan as well and certainly not a bandwagoner. Now I just want this team gone. As in, I have nothing of emotional or financial value invested in this Vancouver Canucks team any longer. What's worst is that I've known that for the past couple years. And the Canuck's organization keeps milking the fans.