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  1. No... Seriously, there is another Kyle Unrau? What a world

  2. This isn't Kyle Unrau who is in the Military and lives in Edmonton, is it?

  3. Gonna be hard to get OUT of the lineup... love Claude Noel.
  4. Koscheck do anything in particular? Haven't been watching the show this season for some reason.
  5. hey i posted photos of the jersey with all the signatures from the open practice in the open practice thread, go check 'em out

  6. Wow! Thanks very much for posting that. I still say Eastman's was worse - just for the sheer thickness of the gash. Youtubed this: (Warning, extremely bloody and graphic) Worst Cuts in MMA
  7. I missed it (hockey game took priority, no PVR)... was it as big as the Grand Canyon of Gashes on Marvin Eastman?