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  1. The problem is, though, that there are diehard fans of the hockey club who embrace the near wall-to-wall coverage of the Canucks, that is sure to disappear. I found, working during the nights (used to work 7pm to 7am), that while I enjoyed Maller, and before Clay Travis came along, the guys who followed up Big Ben to be quite entertaining, that I was craving local coverage, either with more Canucks or some of the other teams in this town. I loved McKenzie, Ferraro, and the other guests they brought on. As for the on-air talent for the station, Jake, Pratt, Sekeres, Kenward, and Abbott are the only ones I didn't like. It sucks that Rick Ball is now out in Calgary. He was good. I've followed this station since the beginning of Mojo 730, with McKeachie..... What I'd like to know is who is going to air the game tonight on radio, as I never have access to my TV.
  2. That's about the size of it. *sigh* They make it so hard to be a fan of this team/organization
  3. There's got to be something else coming down the pipe.
  4. [Official] Grand Theft Auto V

    Anyone still playing this on Xbox 360? Not going through 87 pages to find peoples gamertags. Mine is Kerrsil.
  5. [Official] Destiny

    If anyone's on the 360 version, hit me up. Gamertag is the same as on here.
  6. Exclusive! UFO caught on tape! Also, Bigfoot!

    . Ahhhh, MID-FOOT! (Runs away in terror!)
  7. I hate to admit this but Lucid should be on this team. We'll see, I guess.
  8. Sorry peeps. Gonna have to re add all of you as I had to delete and reinstall the dang thing.
  9. What if its not an iPad but an iPhone? Oh and thanks for the help, Wilbur
  10. I've got a problem. For some reason I can't seem to log into my level 9 town. Instead I apparently have a new ID (kerrsil999) and am at level 1. How do I get my lev9 town back?!?
  11. Just added everyone who posted an ID on here. My ID is the same as on here: Kerrsil. I haven't been playing long, only lev 8
  12. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Champions Online and Star Wars the Old Republic, not in that order. both are good games. Anyone else playing them currently?
  13. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Damn, that's funny. I'm bettin he's feeling like a schmuck about now... this is the pwningest pwn that ever pwned!
  14. What are you listening to?

    Current Swell - Cursed. http://currentswell....c8f6924f0172717 song #3