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  1. Really? You say my conclusions are stupid but fail to provide any evidence to the contrary. all teams deal with injuries. Sure, the Canucks lost their best player in Boeser, but keep in mind, Boeser wasn’t even in the team’s plans at the beginning of the season. Green, the team’s 3rd coach in five years, brazenly scratched his team’s best player by far for two games because he failed to properly identify his personnel at the beginning of the season. He’s been making excuses for it since. Say what you will, but the optics of that situation are bad. Under Linden’s tenure, the team has put in Franchise lows in points, scoring, goal differential against. The franchise has dropped over 100 million in overall value and attendance and fan engagement is historically low. This is statistically the worst team in the NHL over the last few years and if you think that dropping a few draft spots is the difference here then you may be as dumb as the morons running this franchise into the ground.
  2. The way this team has been managed in the last half decade is nothing short of miraculous. It’s miraculous how incompetent this group has been from the top down. It’s been almost 5 years and the team still doesn’t have a clear roadmap to success. Simply saying buzzwords like “rebuild” and “draft picks” mean absolutely nothing if Linden and co do jack squat to back them up. This management group will go down as the irrefutable worst ever assembled.
  3. GiveEmTheCan

    2018/19 FWDS ..from TDL, pov

    Let’s hope Benning can pull another deadline miracle and land a guy like Domi. Goldobin and Hutton and a third should come close. Vanek for a 3rd to reclaim the pick. Here’s my dream team Domi - Horvat - Tkachuk (these guys would be a nightmare to play against) Baertschi - Pettersson - Boeser (could be the most skilled line in the league) Virtanen - Gaudette - Granlund (a gritty sandpaper line with finish) Gaunce - Sutter - Archibald (a good defensive line with some physicality. Could be great if Sutter ever learns to stick up for his teammates) Eriksson (6 million dollar seat warmer. hopefully his contract expires as most of the ELCs are looking for their next contracts) Tanev - Edler Gudbransen - Stecher Juolevi - Pouliot Demko Markstrom
  4. GiveEmTheCan

    Trevor Linden Interview TSN1040- January 30

    I think people need to separate Linden the Captain from Linden the President. I’ll always have a soft spot for number 16, but Linden has been an awful President. He was a rookie executive who surrounded himself with rookies in every department and turned in some of the worst Canucks teams in franchise history. He’s either a spin doctor with no real idea of which direction to take the team, or a weak handed sycophant zealously doing the ill biddings of a money hungry and bull headed owner. It took him 4 years and alienating a large portion of the fan base to finally say the word “rebuild” and since then has done nothing to indicate it was anything more than an empty gesture in yet another futile attempt to curtail the rapid hemmorage of fans. 40% drop off season ticket renewals. Franchise value decreased over 100 million in four years. Fan engagement at an all time low. The hiring of Willie Desjardins. If you want to see what running a franchise into the ground looks like, study the great works of Trevor the destroyer.
  5. The way Linden (let’s face it, Benning doesnt have the same blind loyalty to the Sedins) is handling the situation is amateurish and unprofessional. Two aging vets are not bigger than the team. The Canucks don’t owe the Sedins anything beyond the balance of their salaries. To say that the team is “waiting on the Sedins to make a decision” should be grounds for Linden’s immediate termination. The roadmap to a rebuild should not hinge on the wants and whims of two players whose combined age is 76. They are liabilities both on the Powerplay and 5 on 5. 50 points means nothing if you are -27 with no defensive starts and easy assignments. The twins are making fourth liners look like superstars as they get beat easy on almost every shift. I wouldn’t take them back at league minimum at 38 years old. They essentially create a black hole on the roster, taking whatever poor bastard is on their RW down with them. Third or forth line is meaningless if they are wasting nearly all of the team’s offensive zone starts. Yes, the Canucks will be bottom feeders again next year, but only because they are probably going to resign the Sedins.
  6. GiveEmTheCan

    Aquilini’s intentions with JB

    If he’s as shrewd a businessman as his savings account would suggest, Linden’s done. He was brought in to insulate ownership and the franchise from the growing unrest amongst the fans. He was supposed to be the spoonful of sugar that would help the medicine of an unpopular “retool” go down. The move failed in spectacular fashion. In the years since Linden has been the spokesperson for the Canucks, support for the team has waned more than anyone could have anticipated. Linden inherited a sold out building and 16k STHs with a healthy waitlist and has seen that number dwindle to a little over 12. A 400 plus game sell out streak ended under his watch and it’s to the point that you can’t give Canucks tickets away anymore. The secondary market for Canucks games is nonexistent. If you think that doesn’t matter to the franchise you have to consider STHs take resale value into account when deciding whether or not to renew and Canucks games have become a bad investment. The team is worth nearly 100 million less than it was when Linden was hired and much of that is attributable to Linden’s inability to set a proper roadmap for the franchise. Nothing he has done in the past half decade has proven that Linden knows how to build a winner. In fact, I’d argue that he’s committed some egregious errors these past five years which indicate strongly a person in over his head and a franchise that will continue to spin its tires until a change is made.
  7. GiveEmTheCan

    Aquilini’s intentions with JB

    Re-sign Benning, Fire Linden. Put someone with real experience running a successful hockey club in charge of the team. Half a decade in and Linden still doesn’t have any.
  8. GiveEmTheCan

    Olli Juolevi | D

    Juolevi has done nothing up until this point to prove he’d ever be better than these two down the road. The best thing thats been said about him since he’s been drafted is that he’s looked “bored.” Not exactly a ringing endorsement for a guy management bet the farm on.
  9. GiveEmTheCan

    Fans at Rogers

    The Canucks have a PR problem right now. Management have been completely tone deaf in their message and the direction of the team appears to change week to week. Ownership, management, coaching, and the players all appear to be operating independently of one another, oftentimes in contradictory and spectalularly idiotic fashion. Fans have been clamouring for a real rebuild since AV was the coach and what we’ve been given is a series of ineffectual half measures that have amounted to little in the way of progress. The Sedins were great in the salad days of their careers, but this protracted epilogue feels like it has gone on forever. The foolhardy notion that the Sedins have “earned” retirement as Canucks is laughable as it broadcasts to the world that the whims of two men are more important than the well-being of franchise. Until they retire, the team doesn’t matter. Nobody cares about wins and losses. No one cares if Brandon Sutter had a decent night. Or Loui Eriksson. Or Derek Dorsett. Or Sven Baertschi. Or Thomas Vanek. They’ve schlocked together a random assortment of washed up vets, C-level bottom sixers, and a prospect here or there to “appease” the fan base. Jim and Trev have taken almost half a decade to assemble what amounts to be a mediocre expansion roster. Tear the team down. Go back in time and stop Benning from signing Eriksson. Don’t re-sign the Sedins when their contracts expire. Move on and actually commit to a rebuild. Maybe then, fans will come back. I have a feeling this won’t occur until the team is under new management, with a President who can keep all the branches of his organization moving in one direction. Because there’s only one goal in hockey that matters, and that’s the cup. And they won’t win one as long as they have coaches who are out for themselves and general managers who would rather watch kids in Latvia than build a contender in Vancouver.
  10. GiveEmTheCan

    2017-2018 line up (with what we have)

    Virtanen - Bo - Boeser Sedin - Sedin - Eriksson Baertschi - Gagner - Vanek Burmistrov - Sutter - Granlund I'd like to see them spread the size and skill across all four lines. Virt Bo Brock seem like a dominant line waiting to happen. Virt and Bo bring size and speed and can cause havoc and create space for Brock and his shot. Burmistrov - Sutter - Granlund could be a gritty shutdown line that chips in 55-60 goals this year.
  11. GiveEmTheCan

    Canucks crowded forward group.

    Sedin - Sedin - Virtanen Eriksson - Sutter - Vanek Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser Granlund - Gagner - Goldobin Burmistrov - Gaunce - Dorsett Rodin - White - Boucher The Canucks are essentially going into training camp with 18 middle 6 type players. You could literally put these names in a blender and come up with a lineup that would yield roughly the same results as whatever Travis comes up with. They're all mediocre, but at least now there's a lot of them.
  12. GiveEmTheCan

    Do you think the Sedins Retire at the end of this Season?

    If they are willing to sign one year contracts at 4m a piece, I'd keep them for as long as they continue to produce. They're likely going to be the second line by the end of this season.
  13. GiveEmTheCan

    2017-2018 line up (with what we have)

    Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser Sedin - Sedin - Eriksson Granlund - Gagne - Goldobin Virtanen - Burmistrov - Sutter Gaunce/Rodin Edler - Hutton Del Zotto - Tanev Gudbranson - Stetcher Markstrom Nilsson Gaunce, Goldobin, Virtanen, and Rodin will be fighting for 2 roster spots on the wing. It'll probably shake down to be between Goldobin or Rodin, and Gaunce or Virtanen. I gather management hopes that Rodin brings the goods this fall, but my thinking is he's too far removed from meaningful games to place any sort of expectation. Goldobin has already proven too good for the AHL and I hope he's given a shot to play with skilled players. He's definitely my choice, especially considering Rodin's injury problems. I hope Virtanen comes to camp like a man possessed. They've invested a lot into this kid and this feels like a do or die scenario for him. Between he and Gaunce, Virtanen brings more speed and a good shot while he lacks consistency from shift to shift. Gaunce has proven to be a sound defender, however it remains to be seen if he can put up points at the next level. Boeser will start in the NHL unless he really craps the bed (I.e., spends his summer on the Virtanen diet--sniff sniff). Make no mistake, they've already got his banner printed and ready to hang outside Roger's Arena. The guy will figure into their marketing heavily next season and they won't risk not having him there opening night. This is a franchise desperate for a face-- Horvat is great but lacks swagger. He's stable but not electric. Boeser is the Kane to Horvat's Toews.
  14. Maybe I'm being a homer, but I can definitely see a scenario in which this team makes the playoffs this season. A lot will have to go right for that to happen, but I am heartened by today's transpirings. Sedin - Sedin - Eriksson The Sedins still feel like they have more in the tank. Eriksson can't possibly be as bad as he was last season. Play them less, giving them only O-zone starts. Maybe 13-16 minutes a night and their stats should start trending towards the their career norms. Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser This line should make strides again this year. I think Baertschi will unlock his true potential with a pure finisher in Boeser. Bo will be determined to prove he's a top line centre. I could see him netting 65-70 points this season. Granlund - Gagne - Goldobin I think Granlund is the key piece here. He netted 19 in 60 with a bum wrist playing with Sutter. I think management wants to see what he can do surrounded by skill. Gagne was brought in to produce offence and I doubt they'll anchor him with the likes of Gaunce or Sutter. If Gagne can come close to his last season numbers, this should be a very effective 3rd line. Gaunce - Burmistrov - Virtanen With today's signings, I really think the nixed Demers trade involved Sutter going the other way. I have a feeling that Sutter is gone by October Tanev - Del Zotto Gudbranson - Stetcher Edler - Hutton Wiercoch looks good guys!
  15. GiveEmTheCan

    [Signing] Canucks Sign Burmistrov

    Big if true. sedin - sedin - eriksson baertschi - bo - body big boes granlund - gagne - sutter gaunce - burmistrov - goldobin