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  1. Sedin - Sedin - Eriksson Burrows - Sutter - Hansen Baertschi - Horvat - Virtanen Etem - Granlund - Dorsett Rodin/Gaunce Tanev - Edler Hutton - Gudbranson Sbisa - Tryamkin Markstrom Miller Not half bad. I'd like to see what kind of game Burrows brings to the table with a full summer of training under him. Sutter, Hansen, and Burrows all play a similar Grindy game and can all put the puck in the net. This line won't be pretty to watch, but I think they'll be effective. Virtanen played his best hockey with Horvat, and Baertschi and Bo have developed some chemistry. This line could be fun as a 2b kid line. the fourth line is a joke. Just sweep all of Benning's blunders into one place, give them 5-7 minutes a night and hope they don't get scored on. Maybe Gaunce and Rodin will be good enough so the team can waive Etem and trade Granlund for a 5th.
  2. Baertschi - Stamkos - Sutter Sedin - Sedin - Hansen Etem - Horvat - Virtanen Gaunce - Granlund - Dorsett Hutton Gudbranson Edler Tanev Sbisa Tryamkin Markstrom Miller
  3. I'll take Tkachuk and Dubois all day long! Doubt Tanev gets it done though. Maybe Tanev, Olsen + 33 for 4 and some lint. Our team is so weak down the left wing, both kids would represent upgrades at that slot right now. Sedin Sedin Hansen Baertschi Sutter Okposo Tkachuk Horvat Virtanen Dubois Granlund Etem Dorsett McCann Rodin Edler Hamhuis Demers Hutton Tryamkin Sbisa Miller Markstrom That D core might nibble sh-t, but damn that forward group actually looks deep for a change.
  4. If we take Tkachuk: Tkachuk-Horvat-Boeser Baertschi-McCann-Virtanen Granlund-Sutter-Etem Rodin-Gaunce-Hansen If we take Dubois: McCann-Dubois-Boeser Baertschi-Horvat-Virtanen Granlund-Sutter-Etem Rodin-Gaunce-Hansen Can't really go wrong here as I think the real organizational need here is 1LW. Even if they kept Shinkaruk, the way the Canucks are structured right now it goes, D Sedin>Baertschi>?????. When the Sedins retire, the glaring hole on 1LW will be just as big, if not bigger, than 1C. Dubois maybe a more complete package, but Tkachuk fits the makeup of the Canucks like a glove and has an offensive game taylor made for the west. I know a lot of people are down on him because of his linemates; but his play the last two years indicates that he plays good hockey with good hockey players. That's actually a great trait to possess. A top line of Tkachuk-Horvat-Boeser will dominate. If McCann and Virtanen continue to develop their offensive game, the Top 6 could be set for years to come. All in all, please don't trade down and please don't draft D at 5.
  5. If the team has any hope of making the playoffs next year, the Sedins need to be transitioned to the second line. I like the the idea of aggressively pursuing Stamkos as kind of a "rebuild in a bottle" solution. Formulate a new top line around him with Baertschi playing the role of Panarin. Then you get to shift the current top line down one and watch them feast on secondary defensive assignments. Etem and Horvat looked to have some chemistry this year. I think Horvat plays his best hockey with big, dumb straight line players ala Dorsett. Surround him with a couple of speedy dum dums and watch them go. Could be a really effective third line. Predominantly a shut down line that generates Offense on the transition. If if they can get someone to take Granlund off their hands, they should absolutely do so and try to find a more traditional 4C. I don't really like Granlunds game at all and I don't think there's a place for him on a contending team. If there's "no market" for him, put him on the fourth where he can casually loop around the ice for 8 minutes a night, score 20 points and be as non factor as non factors get. Baertschi-Stamkos-Sutter Sedin-Sedin-Hansen Etem-Horvat-Virtanen Dorsett-Granlund-Rodin Edler-Tanev Hutton-Sbisa Pedan-Tryamkin
  6. Well this is getting awkward. I really hope the kid doesn't walk, but nothing I've seen in the last few weeks seems to indicate he's inclined to sign here. Hopefully Benning can get something for the asset in the event that he decides to finish out his senior year. If it becomes obvious he's going to exploit the loophole, does he hold any value as a tradeable asset?
  7. I swear, some of these people must be getting paid given the amount of contortion they undergo to defend many of management's moves. Doesnt matter if you "weren't impressed" by Garrison, fact remains he was a legitimate top 4 dman who was essentially given away so Benning would have enough cap to sign a washed up Miller to a ridiculous contract. To everyone hating on Garrison, look at the Canucks' d-core right now and tell me why it's a good idea to squander assets. Worst move is getting rid of Gilman. I don't think they've made a single sound decision in any area of the game since losing him.
  8. #Playforthis
  9. Well to be fair, Virtanen's late blindside is the reason why Henrik has three points in his last 12 games. How can he focus on hockey knowing he has to share ice with such a dirty, Bieber-loving cheap shot artist? I wonder if Henrik will sing the same tune next time he and his brother are getting tuned up with impunity by the Marchand's of the world.
  10. For the record I totally agrees it's you; but it's not about what we feel he's worth--more so what other gms are willing to pay. The market has been hostile to sellers of top 4 d-men the last couple seasons. Edler might have fetched a 1st if we pitched him after 2011, but as it stands, a 2nd and a 4th may be pushing it actually. The only reason I even suggested trying to move him was in a hypothetical to try and woo stamkos into coming here by building a new top line for him to anchor.
  11. So who do you guys think Matthews will play with next season? Dorsett - Vey - Matthews dare to dream, Willie. Dare to dream.
  12. Dude. Just yesterday you were ripping me for saying Benning should be blamed for the lack of depth this year. Now you post this. Do you have real opinions on things or just post whatever you feel like will get you the most online rep?
  13. #We are all 28th in the League!!!!
  14. You got it! Something to look forward to at the very least.
  15. This is starting to go in circles. Read my original reply re: Virtanen, McCann, Horvat.