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  1. Sedin - Sedin - Eriksson Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser Granlund - Sutter - Goldobin Gaunce - Cramarossa - Virtanen Edler - Stetcher Gudbranson - Hutton Juolevi - Tanev Markstrom
  2. Edler - Tanev Hutton - Gudbranson Stetcher - Franson looks solid and gives OJ time to develop
  3. Someone once said the definition of insanity was hiring the same coach over and over again and expecting to make the playoffs. I hope Green does well here, though it seems like he's being set up to fail. It looks like management wanted to avoid the embarasssment of further rejection and jumped on the horse they knew they could ride. Oh well, maybe Green will be the next Vigneault.
  4. Brent Sopel Guy took a ton of flak while he was here, but he was a consistent 40pt threat from the blue line. Underrated shot that did damage when it wasn't blocked. He also bled Canucks colours.
  5. "Remember when the owner of Club 16 Fitness destroyed the Vancouver Canucks and caused their relocation to Seattle?"
  6. I hope this mess costs Linden his job. He should resign before he does any more damage to his legacy. The man has a gym franchise to consider for god's sake.
  7. Keep in mind, management probably had to promise the kid the moon to coerce him into coming over after he had JUST gotten married a month prior. I don't blame him for having issues with the way he was handled. The guy barely spoke the language. He probably felt (and rightfully so) that he had been sold a bill of goods. This mess reeks of a failure to communicate between the branches of authority that govern this team. They fired Willie a season too late. Doesn't matter that they extricated the tumour when the cancerous stench of his minor league mediocrity has already spread through the organization too to bottom. Expect more of this sort of thing to come as long as we have incompetence at the helm. Make no mistake. The Canucks just lost their best defenseman. Expansion exempt 22 year old 6'8" bears don't grow on trees.
  8. COACH Travis Green MANAGEMENT Jim Benning John Weisbrod (Trevor Linden resigns sometime next season) DRAFT Gabe Vilardi (3rd) (Please god don't draft another D with a top 5 pick) Sbisa is taken by Vegas LINES Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser Sedin - Sedin - Eriksson Granlund - Vilardi - Goldobin (3G line!) Virtanen - Sutter - Dorsett Gaunce/Boucher Tanev - Edler Gudbranson - Hutton Stetcher - Tryamkin Markstrom UFA STANDINGS 78 points (11th in the West) The Sedins should see better deployment under the fresh eyes of Green; but another year of wear and a disinterested linemate will see them finish with less points overall. Henrik 42 points. Danny 44 points. Eriksson 41 points (23 goals) Horvat will see his production start to plateau against better opposition. Boeser will battle with inconsistency due to the NHL grind. Baertschi will be injured for 30 games next year. Horvat 58 points (21 goals). Boeser 47 points (20 goals). Baertschi 38 points (in 51 games played) Granlund will be the surprise of the season. He should take a big step forward once healthy and playing with better line mates. Goldobin will be a healthy scratch and replaced with Virtanen at points next year. Canucks will draft a Centerman and plug him into the lineup next season. Granlund 47 points (27 goals; team lead). Vilardi 37 points. Goldobin 32 points. The 4th line will continue to be a mess. Sutter will struggle to find a place on this team and will be traded at the deadline 100%. Virtanen 17 points (9 goals). Sutter 24 points (12 goals) Dorsett 10 points.
  9. Seeing a lot of rosters with no Virtanen in them for next season. I don't think they can afford to have Virtanen start the season in Utica this September. I'm thinking the kid is gonna be placed on a strict summer workout plan and if he doesn't come to camp in shape, the conversation to trade him for a third round pick will be had. He either makes the Canucks or gets shipped off. Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser Granlund - Sutter - Eriksson Virtanen - Gaunce - Goldobin Sedin - Sedin - Dorsett (if he comes back) at this point in their careers, I wouldn't play the Sedins more than 5-7 minutes 5 on 5. Less on the road where they can be repeatedly exposed to faster bigger matchups. Turn them into PP2 with Eriksson and leave it at that. As it stands, the team's need is 2C that can effectively shift Sutter down to play a shutdown role. Bo and Bae are fine as a "weak" first line if we are able to trade Tanev + for a real 2C Tanev - Edler Gudbranson - Hutton Tryamkin - Stetcher (lose Sbisa)
  10. Brock and Bo all day (and Baertschi every night) 3-2 Nuck Sauce baby.
  11. Yassss!!
  12. So true. What a profiundly stupid thing for WHLlie to say. He's someone I would absolutely build around. Easily the most intimidating player the Canucks have ever iced and a far more valuable asset to this club than a minor league coach desperately throwing his weight around to prove a point.
  13. We are AHL Canucks
  14. Willie coaches scared. He is risk adverse and will fall back on his system as a way of insulating himself from blame when the team loses. He is slow to react to changing circumstance and is incapable of making adjustments mid game. He will trot out the same anemic power play unit for 40+ games until it's categorically proven that it isn't working, then he'll give them another 10 games to figure it out "just because." His deployment virtually guarantees that a segment of the roster will be frustrated with ice time and creates an atmosphere of confusion and animosity. He seems to get frustrated by the media's portrayal of him and has a tendency to dig his heels in when questioned about his decisions. What did he see in Vey that everyone else in the league was completely blind to? What does he think Megna is going to bring to the table at 27 that he hasn't shown already? Sometimes I feel like willie makes choices he knows will piss people off for the sake of pissing people off. He's less coach and more of an internet troll with a great moustache. 3/10. Bottom 1/3 of coaches in the league.
  15. Willie is coaching like he knows his days are numbered. I think he's trying to sell himself to potential employers that his system will win games even at the expense of the team's youth. I honestly think this guy is actually dumb enough to think that his bullheaded deployment strategies will endear himself to manegment groups around the league. I'll be flabbergasted if this joker is coaching in the NHL in September.