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  1. wow, movies SUCK this year. I've had like 6 free guest passes over the last two months, and they expire in October. I've been looking to use them, but I've managed to use two. I cannot even imagine wanting to watch any of the 45 animated movies, or mediocre blockbusters currently out. Doesn't look like much good stuff is on the horizon either.
  2. RIP little bird
  3. the "bluuuueeee/cooool august mooooon" lyric in this song always makes me think of today, my birthday. so in a way, it's become something of my own personal happy birthday song. listen to it all the time, but always on aug 23. Eno is a genius IMO, but when he worked with others, like Bowie or Fripp (like here), he always becomes even greater
  4. Gypsies? I've had a few run-ins with gypsies in Paris. Still remember one incident like it was yesterday where one man tried to pull a ring con on me, then got extremely aggressive when we weren't willing to give up our sht. Saved by a tour bus that happened to pull up, and he scurried off, but in the minute or so before that he was right in my face, talkin a real big tough guy game. Felt like doing a pee in my pants, tbh.
  5. close family, yea maybe. complete strangers? not a chance in hell
  6. the night of, episode 7: easy 10/10 from me. thought it was intelligent, intense, and beautifully shot yet again my theory for the conclusion:
  7. I generally don't care for anime at all. After having ATTACK ON TITAN recommended by virtually every person or website I know, I gave it a try and really, really didn't like it. But I decided to give another widely-recommended on a try. It's called ERASED. It's a bit more adult-y, far more down to earth (even though it does have a time travel element), and overall it was FAR, FAR better. It wasn't bloated with 20+ episodes (or 500+ episodes) as most anime series seem to be. Anyway, I'll go so far as to say I enjoyed it a lot. 8/10
  8. I agree, I do not think there is a Terrorist Outfitters shop somewhere that is suiting up both IRA and Buddhists with the same t-shirts OR burkas. Within the context of the conversation, it seemed to me we were discussing Islamic (based) terrorism
  9. Someone is responding to a political question using a common rhetorical device and you're accusing him of hiding his opinion and being ignorant. lol.. Female terrorists, rare as they are, do not commit crimes wearing jeans and t-shirts. I would be surprised if this has happened even once.
  10. Yeah, I read Sound and the Fury in a class setting, so I got a fair bit out of it, but I was really confused at times when Faulkner would switches voices so often. I really dig Faulkner's stuff though, so there was some pleasure in the confusion that one brought
  11. I don't know where I stand on the issue, but I do find it funny how so many Muslim men or Muslim patriarchal apologists keep harping on about: "a woman's freedom to choose also includes the choice to cover up" - I mean, yes, I guess it does, but when many Muslim women in these communities have been raised being told (directly or indirectly) to cover up, based on an offering of absurd reasons, then there's very little reason to believe she would suddenly shake off her outfit at first opportunity. I think this highlights the bizarre relationship between feminism and Islam: on the one hand, a western woman has the right to choose to be oppressed, on the other hand, it is simultaneously feminist and anti-feminist to discuss how a woman SHOULD interpret her choices. Is she making the choices because she's a free-thinking, independent Muslim woman? Or is she making the choices because she's been indoctrinated by the absurd religion that is incompatible with so many Western ideals? Who decides? The last question is important to me because the freedom to choose is contingent on the available choices. The available choices are defined by government intervention to best defend the moral or ideological standards the government is chosen to hold. E.g. I can't walk around naked downtown even though I could very well choose to believe in a naturalist lifestyle. I have to accept the culture that pre-dates me: from barbarism to religion to reformation to victorian to present: modesty is what it is. Islam is unique to this in that it is rarely challenged, rarely reformed, and many (if not most) of its followers believe they exist outside of, if not supreme to, the developing (and developed) western world--despite wishing so deeply to be part of it. This creates, like, a Mobius strip of condescension. France, in this sense, almost seems like it's trying to force progress (or development) on a community that stands against the ideas of progress - and yet, the opposition to progress is being discussed as if that is progressive: they are choosing to believe their absurd beliefs, and because it's a choice it's okay. Talk about ideology! You can interpret this junk any which way you choose. For me, I support the right to choose, but I'm 100% against what female-oppressing attire represents. So idk what to believe.
  12. finished Ulysses. i dunno what to say, or what to think. some chapters are highly enjoyable (the final chapter is shocking, funny, pornographic, full of references to Joyce's disgusting fetishes, AND beautiful) - while others are borderline incomprehensible. certainly an intellectual triumph, but that doesn't mean it's enjoyable. that said, i had read it once before (ages ago) - and while i probably only understood 10% of it then, i understood and enjoyed it a lot more this time. maybe if i ever read it again i'll get even more out of it.