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  1. A Perfect Circle Returns with the First Ever Hologram Album

    loved this band when i was an angsty teen, but man was this album dull as hell
  2. What are you listening to?

  3. Yo whatchu listening to homie g? (HipHop)

    don't care who wrote it, this song is unbelievably good
  4. Yo whatchu listening to homie g? (HipHop)

    what's up with j cole and godawful hooks? some of these songs have really nice style and production, but the hooks just ruin it for me. the cutoff, in particular, should be a great track but kill edward just ruins it. hook on photograph is awful too. KOD is a pretty smooth song, though j cole will always just be whatever to me. always struck me as the type of rapper that teenagers like, or something but im sure the problem is me. not much in rap interests me like it used to
  5. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    if you aren't looking at prices, i wouldn't start now. things are still down over the last few months, obviously. could go down more. but it's just an interesting day, since there have been a couple massive jumps
  6. Hollywood sucks these days

    i get the premise of what you're saying, i just don't think it's actually applicable at all. for every opportunity a tv show has to go right, they have a billion more opportunities to go wrong "world building" is tremendously overrated in my opinion. usually leads to bloat and boredom and "creative differences." in fact, i can't think of many tv shows that i've seen (literally ever) that are even consistent through their run, let alone improve with time
  7. Hollywood sucks these days

    i understand the appeal of netflix in terms of ease and convenience. but something about a corporate algorithm dictating my exposure to an entire """"artform"""" is inherently displeasing to me. and most of its original content that i've seen is pretty bad or mediocre--i'm of the borderline-conspiratorial belief that people don't actually enjoy things like Stranger Things nearly as much as they think they do, but hype culture confuses them into thinking it's high quality, or good, or important, or whatever. that isn't to say that Netflix hasn't produced some good stuff, mind as for the state of movies. yes, normies have ruined hollywood. but there's still plenty of great content being released each year. some years are better than others. thought last year was pretty dreadful, personally. but i totally reject the idea that something being 10 hours = greater emotional connection and better writing or development, though movies are king. down with netflix. down with normies
  8. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    another pump just happened. looks like a LOT (if not everything) is going up. there was a lot of rumors about a bullrun starting mid april, but i've learned to ignore most specifics like that. been a pretty interesting day though - could just be a one-off, but interesting nonetheless
  9. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    see the 17% jump today? big fish destroyed the shorters on bitmex - supposedly $150 million! lmao
  10. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    is the stock market a ponzi scheme? is gold a ponzi scheme? is collecting literally anything with the intent of gaining value a ponzi scheme? if bitcoin is a ponzi scheme, so is almost everything else
  11. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    lady bird: 8/10. not usually a big fan of coming of age stories, but this one was pretty damn funny, and had a pretty good emotional kick to it as well.
  12. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    one of my big regrets is selling vechain too early. i had a lot very early. i must have thrown away well over 60k in profit had i managed to sell at the top. that's how i learned my lesson to hold rather than panic sell/day trade. that and my initial xrp holding. had i held them, who knows where i'd be today? but i'm still happy. as an aside, coinbase news today isn't likely to end a bear market right now, but the long term implications of the space continue to be fascinating and profitable. like you say, the bear market is a buying market for the patient.
  13. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    dissuade her. where'd she even hear about it? side note: newegg accepts bitcoin now
  14. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    coinbase to support ERC-20 tokens. massive, massive, massive news. now it's just a matter of guessing which coins the website will add.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  15. Nintendo Switch

    can't tell you from personal experience, but I haven't heard it's good at all - maybe for an hour or so, but ultimately proves to be a really shallow/empty game without replay value