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  1. he seems like a panicking christian moralist to me, and one who doesn't appear to have read much Marx at all (let alone Foucault, Derrida, and the other bogeymen he discusses)
  2. i would love to read a JP acolyte's interpretation of the debate above
  3. was just down at the legislature, powerful stuff imo
  4. Waves: 6/10 - drama snowballs. when one thing couldn't get worse, it gets worse. then it gets worse again, then again, only to give a bit of hope that maybe it's not so bad after all some decent bits and pieces here and there, though
  5. under the skin: 1000/10 great music, great visuals, obtuse, unbelievably wanky. just my thing. gotta give immense praise to any movie that is equally discomforting as it is gripping
  6. haven't seen it for years, but i thought the squid and the whale was great back in the day - could be a nice document of its time, where indie navel gazing was getting more attention. with that said, not sure how i'd feel about it now. maybe worth a re-watch
  7. marriage story: 5/10. didn't like this. two good looking, successful, wealthy people mildly battle out a divorce. oh no, which one will have to fly between new york and los angeles? reminded me of a woody allen movie without much of the wit, which is how i'd define noah baumbach's entire career golden globes: was able to catch a chunk of this at work - ricky gervais was hysterical, but the awards were, of course, garbage. salma hayek also gets points for showing off the real globes
  8. after giving it a bit of consideration, my 10 favs of the decade, in no order: - the witch - blade runner 2049 - midnight in paris - the lobster - end of the tour - inside Llewyn davis - birdman - the tree of life - paterson - mad max movies like Paterson and Paris i recognize aren't technically the best or even most interesting, but something about them has allowed me to rewatch them multiple times and enjoy them more each time seen Mad Max a few times now and enjoyed it more each time -- not a fan of pure action movies, so that must mean something for my appreciation of this really, really enjoyed: - eighth grade - the lighthouse - boyhood - pain and glory - 12 years a slave - once upon a time in hollywood - arrival - it follows - moneyball
  9. uncut gems: 8.5/10. the movie is over 2 hours and manages to sustain tension almost throughout. dragged in one or two scenes, which feel extra long because there's just so much shouting in the movie. wasn't big on the soundtrack, but by the end the movie felt super good sandler is a young pacino here, and he 100% sells his character
  10. I've been reading through a lot of these lists Social Network is near the top of many, if not most, of them. Feel like I should give that a rewatch
  11. the mandalorian ep1: 6.5/10 okay it was alright ep2: 8.5/10 wow, this is really great, let's see where this can go! ;o ep3: 5.5/10 er, okay, slight blip but surely it'll get better ep4: 0/10 why bother with ep5
  12. wtf starring john travolta??? written and directed by Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit fame??????? these are like two of my least favourite celebrities of all time can't wait to watch