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  1. blinded by the light: 6/10. kind of a weak movie, but a nice story. i guess worth the watch for big time springsteen fans. would have been a lot better if it was 20-30 mins shorter ready or not: 2/10. while i don't think it's an objectively bad movie, i just didn't enjoy this one at all. (good ending though)
  2. hail satan?: 8/10. pretty good doc about the satanic temple/church - quite funny at times, with absurd characters on both sides of the debate. difficult to not side with the sAtANIsTs when it's all said and done crawl: 4/10: can't remember if i already rated this one. surprise, it sux one cut of the dead: 6/10. pretty cute, but maybe the worst score i've heard in a non-80s movie
  3. been meaning to watch this one for a while, always forget about it is it on any streaming services or did you have to dl?
  4. weezer's blue album has aged wonderfully. never got into anything else they did (minus a few singles), but that blue one is pure gold
  5. 2019 has been one of the best years for movies in a long time, i think. which, of course, isn't saying a whole lot since it's been a bit of a wasteland out there. but still, i've seen so much great sh-t this year
  6. parasite: 8.5/10. was skeptical about this one after being bored to death by other hyped korean movies. this one actually delivers imo. really has it all - totally bizarre, great sets, great acting, funny dialogue, shocking violence, has a message
  7. the great beauty: 5/10. a few good scenes, but this movie is like a critique of filthy rich boomers in high italian society -- cutting commentary like: maybe it's not so great to get botox after all? and maybe there's something to not being superficial? paolo sorrentino is talented and i'd consider myself a casual fan, but the praise this movie gets (including best foreign film at the oscars) is baffling to me
  8. jojo rabbit: 8/10. not very funny, but definitely good for a couple laughs. gets a high score in large part for the unexpected emotional punch
  9. mandy: 6.5/10. really good for an indie horror/action movie, but it could have been a lot better. first hour is wonderful, slowly falls off soon after
  10. 'horror'/halloween rundown: the dead don't die: 5/10. worst i've seen from jarmusch nightbreed: 2/10. god i hated this the gruesome twosome: 6/10. there's something charming about herschell gordon lewis' vulgarity - he's like a slightly better john waters the gore gore girls: 5.5/10. okay, but not THAT charming the purge: 4.5/10. zzzzzzzzzzzz. monster squad: 4/10. loved it as a kid. trash as an adult, but i guess it was watchable through the nostalgia.
  11. the lighthouse: it has literally everything. great visuals, great dialogue, great music, fantastic acting (esp from defoe), obscure enough to generate conversation but simple enough even if you aren't the curious type even with my skyhigh expectations i wasn't let down, and i already wanna see it again

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