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  1. the vast majority of north americans get their meat from factory farms the vast majority of factory farms DO NOT follow strict regulations, and most aren't even severely punished in the off-chance an egregious crime is proven and in america, there are actually "ag gag" laws which make it ILLEGAL for 'insider' information about mistreatment to be leaked - the factory farms' mistreatments are PROTECTED in many states! why are you spreading so much misinformation in this thread?
  2. what if I told you soy isn't a necessary part of a vegetarian/vegan diet? what if i told you the vast majority of deforestation, in a place like south america, takes place to make way for factory farming? then what if i told you that the vast majority of deforestation that takes place for soy farming is actually to create feed for plumping up farm animals?
  4. this really brings back fond memories of my meat eating threads, my glory days you CDC boomers are so fragile

    NBA Discussion

    really curious to see how, or if, kawhi gets load management next year -- with the west so ridiculously competitive, wins will be crucial

    NBA Discussion

    What would it take for the Raptors to get Beal out of Washington?
  7. Monty was right all along, there IS a god
  8. David Simon (The Wire, Treme) is adapting Philip Roth's The Plot Against America for a 6-part miniseries for HBO - the wonderful John Turturro is in it, and the still-foxy Winona Ryder has been given an opportunity to not embarrass the production, too great book

    NBA Discussion

    Didn't Kawhi say his primary interest is with winning in a supportive environment or team atmosphere or whatever? The Knicks dont' offer that at all - even if they sign Durant AND Kyrie, they're AT LEAST a year away from being contenders, and even then you have some question marks (how will Durant recover? how will Barrett develop? Will the Knicks actually open their wallet for good supporting players?) - they have such a dumpster organization, I really hope it doesn't negatively impact Barrett's development I think the Clippers make way, way more sense for Kawhi - he already said he wants to play in LA. The Clippers have a strong team with a great coach and a system that would undoubtedly work around him I'm not buying what the Lakers are selling at all
  10. bitcoin quickly approaching 10k USD - might hit it and come back down, like it did a couple times at 9k (i think twice?), or it could blow right open. or just sit still point being, who knows. sure is fun to watch, though

    NBA Discussion

    why are NBA team names so terrible? Raptors, Wizards, Pelicans then you have bland/unoriginal junk like Warriors, Nets, Hornets i guess most sports teams have bad names, but something about the NBA strikes me as particularly desperate when it comes to branding. Raptors were, apparently, trying to ride the success of Jurassic Park, while Pelicans thought it would be good to name the team after the state bird, brown pelican. as if state birds are really emblematic of any culture. who knows what they were thinking with wizards.
  12. save us, big government, from all these liberal ideas of decency!! big government, please control us all so i don't have to be upset by everyone else being upset over the things that upset me!!!! HELP ME GOVERNMENT, HELP MEEEEE
  13. death of HBO as we know it?
  14. was this a genuine question or what