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  1. I agree, but Lonzo's demeanour is remarkable through it all. I wonder how much he'll care about this sort of thing. Even when he played TOTALLY AVERAGE basketball towards the end of the NCAA tournament, he shouldered the blame with what seemed like total indifference the other day he said he doesn't get nervous. I actually believe it. dude is ice cold. I'm just not sure that's a good thing, sometimes
  2. lol, to Russell:
  3. Wilbon cranky as hell tonight
  4. I was on the Lakers bandwagon so hard back in the Kobe days, so I sorta have a soft spot for them and want them to be competitive again... but I sure as hell don't want them to get LeBron I'm kinda happy about all the free agency money, and I hope you're right about PG... but James? ugh, he's a circus
  5. exciting times for T-Wolves fans, young team with lots of talent
  6. Woj saying "serious talks" about George going to Celtics now
  7. Butler gone to T-Wolves
  8. wow. great novel The Sisters Brothers (gritty, funny western) is about to start filming. It'll star Jake Gyllenhaal and Joaquin Phoenix as the brothers director is a bit of a surprise. some french art house type dude named Jacques Audiard super excited for this. the book is moving, hilarious, violent
  9. king of weird is back
  10. Bad omen for Star Wars fans. Have to laugh at the bolded part, though. The directors were STUNNED by the lack of creative control in a Kennedy production funded by DISNEY and the Lucas Arts/Star Wars brand? Really, guys? As if the Disney Corp is going to hand its cash cow franchise over to the director(s) of 21 JUMP STREET(!?!?!) with creative control?
  11. terrible
  12. not only that, but panned by people who actually knew tupac as well
  13. new york boom bap is the gold standard of the genre for me, so naturally I really love The Infamous. Havoc's production is amazing. still sounds fresh to this day. lyrically, they've sorta been diluted by the piles of Raekwon and Nas clones out there, but it still sounds like an honest document of the time
  14. call me a racist all you want: my white ass is going to the female chinese doctor, and the 70+ year old jewish dentist every goddamn time (edit: on second thought, doesn't really matter if the doctor is chinese. but female is preferred. almost every male doctor i've had has been very bad)
  15. zombie mode coming. hope they introduce a night-based map setting. would be amazing. cars with headlights, maybe add flashlights as 'weapon' options?