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  1. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    none of this fees/processing time stuff matters. this is young technology. bitcoin will have lightning network implemented soon and the fees will be next to nothing and transaction times will be near-instant
  2. The Official European Football (Soccer) Thread

    yup. loved him. what an unbelievable talent in his prime -- unbelievable face, too
  3. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    do you know WHY it crashed, i mean? it was a complete anomaly. not something that should be used to measure the price today
  4. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    you're right, it's a risky game at this point. but luckily, there's an entire crypto marketplace out there that lets you turn small investments into big ones if you care to learn. at least 80% of my bitcoin holding came from small investments in alt coins. but to answer your question: the point is to invest, or to dabble in a (potentially new) asset class and technological shift. why not just put in $20 from each paycheck? when there's a big dip (like the current one) maybe put in $200? and so on. obviously scale this suggestion to your financial situation.
  5. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    do you know what happened in 2014?
  6. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    jesus, i need to see this movie apparently
  7. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    true, but it's a bit more complicated in bitcoin's case because a lot of people don't treat it like an investment in the traditional sense. it's meant to be a new asset class, it's meant to be globally adopted. everyone talking about it is essentially required for stabilization (mass adoption = no more extreme volatility). in this sense, massive drops like this are good, because they let non-whales increase their share and spread the wealth. unfortunately, it's the get-rich-quick buyers who get so scared and sell at a loss that it just helps those with some familiarity or patience get richer of course i understand this is ideological and a LOT of people just treat it like an investment. but still.. the entire point of bitcoin IS to have everyone buy it (but what you're saying still applies in maximizing bitcoin, too: sell at peak hype, re-buy in inevitable crash, etc. so yea, you're right)
  8. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    was only able to put $200 in this week. wish i had more to toss in. gonna be goooooooooood times ahead, my friends
  9. Rate Last TV Show You Saw

    anyone watched TOAST OF LONDON? kind of an absurd/dark/dry humour british show. cross between Extras and the Mighty Boosh, I guess. some jokes really fall flat, none of the songs do anything for me (usually 1 song per episode), but man, some of its totally hilarious.
  10. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    i like shannon too, but i'm guessing he made some bad bets or somehow found himself in uncomfortable debt recently. dude is taking on some really, really questionable roles lately (12 strong?!?!?)
  11. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    yeah, I'm currently on cryptopia and riding this absolute garbage coin up and down every two days. I'm 95% sure it's just like a whale taking tiny profit every couple of days, and I just go wtih it. managed like .2 BTC so far it's a total farce and makes me nervous. seems too bubble-y and we're supposed to be in early days. but i guess this is just how every growing industry is? i hope...
  12. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    live and learn i made a tremendous amount of money on alts last summer, but in hindsight i now realize i could have made 5-10x what i did, had i just known to be less greedy and take profit often of course "tremendous amount" is subjective - was a lot for ME relative to how much i had invested. but still.
  13. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    yeah maybe. but i think a lot of the new money that went into alts was just dumb money, not indicative of any actual big movements. lots of people shilling stuff like TRON and XLM, which were good for making money but aren't likely to just continue to rise throughout the year point of buying alts is, 9 times out of 10, to take profit. only way to take profit is to sell alts for $ or BTC/ETH
  14. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    anyone else sweaty palming it? when is the next BTC bullrun gonna happen? this is looking SO MUCH like late summer of last year with the big eth run/"flippening" -- and then we all know what happened when ETH dropped to $300 for 3 months. BTC has corrected massively after its massive run. ethereum is yet to correct. when ethereum corrects, BTC will take off. surely...?
  15. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    coinbase will definitely add ripple. they're probably just covering their asses for any accusations of insider trading like with the BCH fiasco quadriga is adding XRP and Dash soon -- I bet CB will add both as well before the summer. if they don't, they hate money even more than is apparent