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  1. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    phantom thread: 9/10 amazing atmosphere, typical PT Anderson visuals (beautiful), great dialogue, great score (radiohead's johnny greenwood). and it's utterly weird. mark kermode calls it an "oedipal gothic romance" and that's a perfect way to describe it. it definitely won't be for everyone, but for those who can enjoy slow movies with atmosphere, then it's definitely worth a watch
  2. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    disaster artist: 8.5/10 not something i can imagine re-watching any time soon, but i love movies about movies when they're well done. shame franco likely wont win anything.
  3. What are you listening to?

    i know 'best score' at the Oscars is a totally trivial thing - but i still hear this from time to time and cringe over the fact that someone could hear THIS and still think that generic sh-t from La La Land packs even 1/10th the punch
  4. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    call me by your name: 7/10 opulence and homosexuality. like one part death in venice, nine parts tom ford
  5. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    encouraging discussion at the SEC today. senator mark warner saying crypto could hit 20 trillion marketcap by 2020. chris giancarlo (head of commodity/futures trading commission - CFTC) is extremely interested and optimistic about blockchain and bitcoin itself, thinks its a generational thing and the CFTC needs to regulate it to help it grow for the next generation. one man even compared blockchain development to that of the creation of cell phones. this of course influenced the price positively, but not dramatically. but who really cares at this point? either you believe in crypto or you don't - if you do, now is the time to buy. if you don't, you should have sold long ago. if, and that's a big if, you believe in this stuff, you have to realize that crypto is FUNDAMENTALLY still in the early stages. crypto's full potential as a technological event is still years away from realizing its potential. the Ethereum dev team, for example, (Vitalik himself) says Ethereum won't even be properly scalable for YEARS to come. YEARS. Bitcoin's lightning network is still in its early stages too. maybe none of this will make the tokens/coins themselves worth money, but you've gotta be braindead to not see how this isn't an avenue for tremendous financial opportunity in some way or another going forward
  6. John Mahoney Dies at 77

    despite its pretty sharp decline towards the end, i'd easily put Frasier near the top of my all-time best sitcom list
  7. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    btc at 6650 USD now, meaning i dunno what's going on which calls to believe anymore. some calling 5k, some calling 6, some calling 1k. the crashing stock market probably isn't helping tomorrow us gov having a SEC meeting about crypto - results should be interesting (i think the released documents are suggesting it'll be a positive discussion. but who knows)
  8. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    XRP is complete and utter trash. buuuut i'll buy some if it drops another 10-20 cents, just in anticipation of it likely (maybe) being added to coinbase
  9. The Everything Bitcoin Thread

    yeah, there's a tremendous amount of support in the 7000 USD range, so extremely unlikely it'll drop below that for a little while i was a bit shocked/scared by this - now i'm totally over it. everyone knew the crash was coming - and numerous experts even called $7000 as the bottom last fall. those same sources called highs in the 20k+ range. just a matter of waiting it out and seeing what happens
  10. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    three bilboards/ebbing missour: 8.5/10 the joy/struggle of having snobby pals is that they can totally make-or-break a movie. our very own @Svengali fed my suspicions that this movie might be really bad, so i went into this with rock-bottom expectations. maybe it's for those reasons that i actually really enjoyed it doesn't mean i wasn't annoyed by some aspects, though. the woman's behaviour at times was so unbelievably and unnecessarily over-the-top (kicking the teens), i found the music to be a little cheesy at times (emotional scene? *lightly plucks acoustic guitar string*). the dialogue was a bit frustrating at times, or maybe a little on-the-nose ("POC" part). amazing how many beautiful women live in ebbing missouri too, huh? talk about ridiculous casting. but overall, i thought it was actually quite funny. thought it packed a surprisingly emotional punch without being overbearing at all. sam rockwell, who i think is a tremendous scene chewer, was actually tolerable here. at first i didn't like how all the characters either seemed like complete morons or complete pieces of sh-t, but as it went i liked the little bits of sophistication or nuance that many of them displayed. also i love mcdonagh's shameless need for midget jokes ("i'm going to the little boy's room")
  11. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    also: Blue Planet 2: 1000000000000000000000/10 somehow this is even better than the Planet Earth series. maybe because i've been tremendously underrating the oceans, but some of these episodes are just mind-bending and fascinating. some of the visuals are so intense and bizarre i, embarrsasingly, actually googled "is blue planet 2 cgi?" at one point
  12. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    coco: 6.5/10. didn't mind it at all, but i sorta had high hopes because day of the dead is so fascinating. think pixar dropped the ball on this one jim & andy: 6/10. on one hand, andy kaufman is not funny or interesting to me at all. but on the other hand, jim carrey's apparent tumble into the great abyss of everything-is-meaningless sure is. the shape of water: 4/10. borderline hated it. totally pointless style/aesthetic (Bioshock: The Movie), except in that it enabled lip service paid to all the contemporary issues: misogyny? check. racism? check. homophobia? check. interspecies sex? check. all these mini-issues made me completely miss the overall point, if there was one. but worst of all, it was too glossy to be campy, and too silly to pack an actual emotional punch was i supposed to laugh at this part or what? i couldn't even tell
  13. Bitcoin (is your money safe)

    I use coinbase to buy, but Canadians literally cannot cash out from there anymore. You have to use a Canadian exchange such as Quadriga, CoinSquare, or other. There are more coming, as the industry grows. There are a lot of alternatives in the works too. I've never had any issue with Quadriga, and yes I have cashed some out from there. My friend cashed a bigger amount out once and it took him a while to receive the check, but that's probably because he literally ordered a check. I cashed out through my bank or VISA (idr which) and it was fast and painless. One thing to always remember though is that these exchanges have too little staff, and millions-upon-millions of dollars being tossed around. As many times as I've heard people complain about Quadriga or ANY exchange, the fault has almost always been on the person for screwing up a tiny detail in their bank info, or just not being patient enough. I have never heard of these companies scamming anyone.
  14. Bitcoin (is your money safe)

    if you're an american you can cash out of coinbase just as easily as you buy if you're not an american, that option no longer exists so you gotta move your coins to a canadian exchange and cash out from there