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  1. Great news, maybe we'll have a decent PP next season.
  2. It's too bad we don't have someone on the bench who could settle the players down, maybe make a goaltending change, before they lose a three point lead. Like a coach or something.
  3. To get Kreider from the Rangers would cost way too much, Hutton alone wouldn't do it. They don't want to move him for the same reasons we want him. If there is any forward they would be looking to trade it's Nash and his 7.8M cap hit. Would they take Sbisa and Dorsett for him?
  4. Ladd would be my choice for 2LW. Lucic will want too much money and term. I'd also sign Brouwer instead of Eriksson and have both of them play with Sutter. We already have 2 guys we know can play with the Sedins and maybe one of our young guys can step up in training camp. Boedker is an interesting idea that I hadn't considered. Sedin-Sedin-Hansen or somebody Ladd-Sutter-Brouwer Baerschi-Horvat-Virtanan Burrows-Granlund-Etem Dorset
  5. Prust's cheap shot at the end of the game was more disappointing than the lack of effort by the rest of the team. As much as i don't like Marchant, sinking to his level is pretty pathetic.
  6. Boston has no cap space to sign Iginla unless he is willing to take league minimum. Now that Kesler is gone, if the Canucks offered him 6m per year for 2 years to play with the Sedins I could see him take that deal.