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  1. Lovin the van halen at rogers arena

    I post more on Facebook these days but anyone who knows me knows i been callin for a cup this year for the canucks as usual but man the van halen content in every game has been awesome mostly at home but on the road as well lately.
  2. Anyone remember a certian email about LA kings?

    To find out if anyone remembers this, and somebody else has remembered
  3. Anyone remember a certian email about LA kings?

    Finally someone else remembers this. This is what i am talking about. I cant find that anywhere on google now. Do you remember more details behind what happened?
  4. Anyone remember a certian email about LA kings?

    Who knows maybe it turned out to be a hoax but i want to find out for sure what was the result, if any, to that story years back, if it was a hoax id like to know that too
  5. Anyone remember a certian email about LA kings?

    Yeah i was here way before 2004 when they rebuilt the message boards and deleted all my posts. Guaranteed. Im pretty reputable theres even a story about me on
  6. Anyone remember a certian email about LA kings?

    Why dont you go find something else to do since you have nothing to add to the topic? its a fact, its real.
  7. Anyone remember a certian email about LA kings?

    Yes it was. Saw it myself. NHL official said the Los Angeles Kings need to win a stanley cup about a year or so before they won it. been on this site longer than you buddy i dont post crap. When it comes from me it's guaranteed to be real.
  8. Anyone remember a certian email about LA kings?

    Lol i didnt say i wrote it, it was widely reported years ago and now i cant find it. Talked about it on team 1040 quite extensively actually
  9. Im trying to find it and it seems it has been removed from the internet as far as i can see. it was an email stating that los angeles needs to win a stanley cup from an NHL official
  10. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Personally, a lot more people over the years had made worse comments, but this is right up there. Holy somebody call the hockey police this guy is DANGEROUSLY, and i mean DANGEROUSLY undereducated about hockey.
  11. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    People always rip Bieksa, it's hilarious. He'll net 40+ points too help us out most of the time, but any mistake he does sticks out like a sore thumb to everyone around here. Good thing none of you are the GM.
  12. Time to say BYE to Loo!

    Bandwagoners. Don't come back when the Canucks win this series. In fact don't even watch the game tonight, you guys are a disgrace to Canucks fans everywhere.
  13. The First Rule of Goaltending.

    There's a reason why Luo is Captain. He is the leader out there, that's the main thing behind bein a captain. Deal with it or go be a fan of another team.
  14. People keep calling out different players brother, and Luo's gotta go this guy's gotta go, yadda yadda yadda! First of all if they knew anything about hockey to begin with they'd know that the defensive breakdowns the Canucks have been having need to be shored up because no goalie would be able to stop repeated cross crease and cross ice passes like the Blackhawks made in those wins. Does that mean it's over? Not even close. Calgary thought it was over 94, St. Louis thought it was over in 95 and 2003. I remember sitting around tellin everyone I know that the Canucks will comeback in 2003, in fact I probably have saved post's on this site from 2003 stating the same thing. Regardless, if you're the type of person that gives up on your team before it's over then don't come back next year, and don't come back after our comeback either. You are now former fans of our great team the Vancouver Canucks.