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  1. PC Gaming Thread

    Thank you for the heads-up, I'm downloading it now! I've heard about the reboot, but I didn't realize they could release the game this quick in any form. I hope it retains what has made the original game such a classic. For me, UT has forever spoiled my expectations for the FPS genre. IMO, Epic's "jump" from UT to Gears is a total devolution of shooters, playing the Gears multiplayer feels like driving a tank, although the single player campaigns were great fun.
  2. E3 2015

    For PC? I thought non-Xbox Betas wouldn't be up till next year. Now I'm jelly.
  3. Eastside Hockey Manager 2015/Early Access Edition

    The game is now 33% off on Steam for the next 24 hours. http://store.steampowered.com/app/301120/ CDN$ 11.38
  4. Fallout 4

    "The item you've requested is not currently available in the Canadian Store."
  5. (Feb. 24, 2015) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    My exact sentiment after finishing it some weeks ago. The game plays like an old-school RPG, with a lot of really unimaginative fetch quests, where you basically go from point A to point B to point C with little variations in between (not to mention it is not an open-world setting). The overall gameplay feels like something from the PS2 era. The only thing that keeps the game going is the story and the complexity of the plot.
  6. PC Gaming Thread

    I've had this game on my radar (wishlist) for sometime now, but I'm still not swayed by the price tag just yet. For me, story-driven adventure games are always a risk to buy. They're either an exceptional experience or a huge letdown.
  7. E3 2015

    Excited for the Elder Scrolls card game.
  8. PC Gaming Thread

    Saw g_bassi13 last replied, and came expecting an essay. Was not disappointed. And yeah, no way I'm getting any multiplayer-centric games at launch nowadays.
  9. PSN is down again

    Even Blizzard's Battlenet has been DDoS'd for the past 2 days. In fact, I just logged on here to tell you that Battlenet has just shut down again. These hackers need to get a fracking life.
  10. PC Gaming Thread

    I wanted to give Steam more money today, but the god-awful deals saved my wallet.
  11. Rate the Last Game You Played

    Stayed up and finished Gone Home last night. The bush-beating review is up in the original post.
  12. PC Gaming Thread

    If there is one thing I hate about Paradox, it is their mass production of overpriced DLCs. So I always wait until they put up some bulk deals or something on the DLCs. I think I got vanilla CK2 from Paradox’s Humble Bundle and later bought a discounted DLC collection from GamersGate, albeit an incomplete collection. I also had the save problem with HoI 3 where hours of world conquest went to waste after the update, and I had never heard of the update/version control you spoke of and I doubt it’d save my progress. Hearts of Iron 3 is also one of the poorest optimized 2D games with just sprites. The late game is barely playable even on a modern machine and the cure Paradox offer you is via a full priced DLC expansion which fixes the performance issue. If Paradox had real competition in this particular niche of gaming, they wouldn’t get away with this BS.
  13. PC Gaming Thread

    I bought Bastion a few years back during the Winter Sale and played it for about 20 minutes only as a means to get the sale achievements (which give you prize tickets I think). But I really liked the art style and especially its soundtrack, which is probably one of the best for a video game. Having said that, I definitely want to go back and actually play the game for fun.
  14. PC Gaming Thread

    Longer development cycle, growing development cost, stiffer competition, and a saturated market are part of the reason they want to squeeze the most money out of your pocket. Personally, I choose not to spoil them. I don't, however, want to moralize the whole thing. There're developers who deserve better and there are ones who deserve to do better.