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  1. While I have no doubt that Bo could be admirable in a first line role a perfect world would have him as our second line center. As for the rest? Brock could bust for all we know and Eugene Levy does not have a number one defenseman ceiling but could top out as a decent number 2 should all the stars align. What we need is a clear superstar forward and a true norris number one d-man. We can't hope that goaltending and character can hide that liability in the future.
  2. There is a crow outside my building that's, um, pining for the fjords :(

  3. If it wasn't for banwagon fans then elitist fans would look even more ridiculous.
  4. If the Leafs were doing our retool and we were doing the Leafs tear down I wonder what this thread would look like.
  5. When suggesting to move the twins at some point, the question shouldn't just be "what team can take 14 mil" but also "What teams can take on 7" Moving Henrik alone would net us a nice piece or pieces for the future if played right.
  6. Things like this reminds me of so many other internet debates where if you hate one thing then you love it's opposite. Hate Fox news and love MSNBC, Hate USA, love Russia, hate Harper, love Justin, etc etc Gillis and Benning inherited a team in different times. Gillis sucked when he was fired and Benning sucks now.
  7. Gud, you fight him when you team needs a boost, not when theirs does.
  8. Canucks chasing hits and it's getting them hemmed in their zone
  9. I'm guessing the Nucks would have been passive anyways so at least they'll have an excuse.
  10. 8:10 go back home realizing you forgot to get dressed.
  11. Anyone remember Mutant League Hockey? Was amusing to play as the Detroit Dead Things with Steve Eyesaregone and his winger Paul Eyesareburnt Like to see it return and have names like Bo Hoarbat or something to muck around with.
  12. One thing would be to stop having expectations of rookies to become more than they are rated to be. Hoping Juolevi becomes an Edler in his prime? Sure, that's his current maximum ceiling of fair expectation. Thinking he could become a true number one Like Lidstrom? Wishful, fanciful and nice if it happens but not to be counted upon. Same goes for Virt (Prime Torres, not prime Bertuzzi) and Boeser who has a long way to go before we can attach names like Parise or even his NHL comparison Sharp yet.
  13. There is only one stud on this list. Bo has been my favourite Canuck since he was drafted. Tryamkin is growing on me and the rest are replaceable players with the exception of the twins whom were not even close to replacing when they retire.
  14. Fish Heads, Fish Heads, Roly Poly Fish Heads

    1. ShakyWalton


      Eat them up...yum