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  1. So what bottom six center does Benning have his eye on to trade Tryamkin for?
  2. If we take liberties on their small guys, they attack our first line that's not mobile enough to avoid it
  3. If you were attacking a tough fortress and you knew the south wall was weak, would you attack the north wall to show how tough you are? No, you exploit the weakness.
  4. The usual dinosaur reaction would be to trade Tryamkin away for scrap to show him and the players where the bear poops in the woods.
  5. Too early for all the declarations. I hated the signing (more the term than the player) but five games is too small a sample. Last season at this time we had a similar record and raving that certain players were going to be amazing and others would suck based off those five games. Now there is cause for concern. If he's no fit with the Sedins, then why did we pick him up? Something to keep an eye on till Christmas break.
  6. When you sign a player to a contract that puts control in their hands, don't be surprised if they take control.
  7. So if we finished with 80 points, middling and out of the season would any here consider that a success because it wasn't 65/63?
  8. Nothing that I didn't see coming Bad teams always come hard out of the gate. Great teams know it's a long season. Many forget when Toronto and Edmonton would have those hot starts until reality hit. Now this doesn't mean fans shouldn't enjoy it and feel positive. They should, but acting smug and rubbing the noses of those that don't feel it's a great team in it prematurely is only asking for it in return should this start go south
  9. We're oddly failing upwards right now. It's not sustainable, of course.
  10. Remember when there was going to be a drinking game about him going down in a game. Hope no one actually played it, their livers must be in bad shape.
  11. I consider myself realistic. So what? Can we not have an adult conversation about it?
  12. Weber's and Jake's acts don't compare in anything except they both should have been disciplined.
  13. Then when a poster makes a comment, you discuss it with them personally, nothing wrong with that. When you piss and moan like the entire forum is a hive mind with a single opinion and against you? Then don't be surprised when you are called out. Nothing forcing you to post here if you hate being among us.
  14. Or the ability to generalize the forum in a self promoting manor