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  1. So low you'll be happy if he can make it to the next draft with all seven the five picks he has left
  2. Why all this? Any player we would lose is of replacement level caliber. (Granlund, Sbisa, etc)
  3. Looks like they took out the class system in favour of a Fallout style of make a class as you go.
  4. That's no fun. I like thinking it's just holding the phone camera ready in case something happens
  5. Those things are up for a second How were you ready to take that pic of your tv?
  6. Neither. Should have used the cap space to help a contender with cap space in return for pieces for our future.
  7. Funny how things changed over eras. Numbers that chased Cam Neely out of town are now the mark of stellar development No, not trashing Bo, my favourite current Canuck, just trashing how the league has changed to overly defensive.
  8. There are no trophies for the following: Finishing higher that teams you hate in the standings and finishing higher then some ridiculous media outlets predicted.
  9. This sums it up nicely. The Raymond example is spot on. There will always be players like this you can get. It's not a coup to throw one in your lineup. The winning environment thing was a bunch of bullcrap spewed from the management to make us swallow trading real rebuilding for a mediocre retool. Considering some of the best players in the league joined their teams when they were losers, it's a wonder they ever progressed at all also... what winning environment???
  10. A good GM should have known he was a seller before this season even started.
  11. We have built a soft trap team that relies on goaltending and still have a weak prospect pool Plan the parade.
  12. Yup, I missread that, good catch.
  13. How do you not know if you are a buyer are seller? Why would you even hint at being a buyer after saying picks were off the table? what are you buying with? Edit, missread while posting from work. Ignore the above^ Still, Benning should have a decent idea who would be sellers based on the makeup of their teams and even so, start laying some groundwork
  14. Even if they were trending to meet their potentials and even if they were exceeding them we should still be sellers and wanting more. The chances they all become NHL regulars is only high because of our lack of internal competition. And so what if we wind up with two guys perfect for one job? Oh noes, a tradeable asset with high value