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  1. Horizon Zero Dawn is finally coming out for PC on steam I remember when that was an April Fools joke.
  2. because we're Vancouver the rest of Canada will believe this just to hate us all the more. Carter was a moron. Tried to cash in after a single good season. Had he stuck around and had another he could have had an easier time translating that to a better payday. But race? At least from a fan perspective I don't recall any Canuck player disliked on race. I think some of our favourite alumni have been black and such.
  3. Bening was a terrible GM with Judd and will continue to be terrible without. Doubt much will change
  4. This will be the first time I have broken the rules of this site and I'll take any punishment but F*ck cancer. dammit
  5. evidently some goofs are trying to ban this one next: I'll fight to the death to keep it
  6. Born with it, grew up with it. Nucks or nothing for me. 82 really clinched it. I cannot tell you what an amazing atmosphere that was. Sure it's well documented that I dislike our current GM but one man doesn't change my loyalties. Despite what certain posters think of me I am firm in my belief that no city deserves a cup more than us any more.
  7. Overcoached. Too many teams playing like robots. Creativity is discouraged. (Pavel Bure's first shift would have been condemned by coaching in this era) Teams should be only allowed a head coach and trainer on the bench and that's it. Not this army of suits they have today.
  8. I just encountered some random guy in a Flyers Jersey. Game him a high five, a handshake and wished him luck

    Unrelated, I have a really awful cold and pretty sure I am contagious as hell.

    1. NewbieCanuckFan


      @TimberWolf  Well you sure as heck wouldn't want to shake *MY* hands.  Here's a hint, I generally sleep alone on weekends and must find some other avenue to release my errr........:ph34r:


    2. brilac


      I did that once at a Canucks game.  I was starting to get sick on my way to Vancouver, and when the game started I was really sick with a bad cold, and drank beer even out the sickness, so I would not feel the sickness.  These fans besides me kept giving me high fives through out the game.  I didn't really feel that bad, they told me they were secretly Oilers fans. I'm sure they got sick. 

  9. Primus. Only thing remotely decent was the South park intro. Everything else is just doesn't resonate with me at all
  10. Can't be bothered to read the whole thread because I know it probably devolved into a political debate but I will point out this is freedom of speech working correctly Wait what? Yup, he can say it but the organization that employs him also has the freedom to disagree and not associate with him. He's not going to jail or anything, everything is working as intended Though I do hope that people that are totally on board also remember this when someone is fired for a controversial opinion they agree with. This all said, it's too bad that he didn't retire gracefully years ago.
  11. Jake waking up and "getting it" will be him finally working hard enough to be a serviceable 3rd liner that can dept to second line for very short stints. He was always going to be high floor, low ceiling. Anyone expecting him to turn into bert or neely? Man I wish you were right but if he were drafted by any other team I am sure you all would be feeling he was a bust as a high pick. that doesn't mean we shouldn't support him as a decent bottom six player. It's not his fault our goofy management drafted him where they did. That's where the fault lies.
  12. I don't see how anyone can be down on Bo as captain. Should have had the C last season
  13. This is weird, if you've been following me this closely, you'd know I barely post here any more because it's a pro Benning site and I'd rather not bring the place down (I am no troll) Also even though this is the prediction thread designed not to debate in, you called me out personally, so I'll respond. Though I feel it's a waste of time since you seemed to already have written a back story for me If you knew me and seen me on this site I am positive about moves a observe as positive and negative about those I disagree with. My metric to rate a GM is if he did a move for a team I hate would I have to admit it's a good move or not? Benning has made no such move in his time here. Benning has spent to the cap, created holes to plug others called "mission accomplished" that we'd compete and consistently bombed every season I am aware that Rome wasn't built in a day. It's Jim "we can turn this franchise around in a hurry" Benning who didn't know that. When we first got him, sure. That was exciting. It seemed like we were heading somewhere, we wanted a guy and got him. Things looking up after we turfed lamed duck Gillis out. Then he botched the Kesler trade, traded picks for waiver trash and rode the last gasp of what was a great team to one humiliating playoff defeat. The follwing seasons are one example after another of mediocre moves at best had he started cleaning house, stockpiling picks and made savvy cheap moves you'd have never heard me say anything negative. He did the opposite. Think of where we would be now. At least better than a team that rank making the playoffs in a bad division and a league where half the teams make it as some kind of noteworthy accomplishment. (Probably from the same posters that trashed the Leafs for losing in the first round?) You can point at EP40 if you like (you also can't find a post of me saying anything negative about him being picked, it doesn't exist) but I would counter to ask what ingenious move did Benning make to acquire him? Did he pull off a savvy deal or did he default into it after another failure season and get him through using one of the minimum picks the NHL hands to you that he actually went into a draft with? I'll credit the pick but it doesn't make Benning a good GM. The contracts for the two yoots are fine, if you can find me yelling about them somewhere as well then feel free to call me out on that. Doesn't forgive the horrid contracts to waiver replaceable bottom six trash, though. Benning still has brutal pro scouting. Hey, if I'm wrong and we're a danger to win the cup I'll be happy to eat the plate of crow. Canucks are my only team. When we don;t make the playoffs I don't choose another team to cheer for, they all hate us and I hate them back. And if we don't make the playoffs or are blown out easily and early I won't even rub your nose in it because despite what you and other posters think, I don't want the team to fail. I just want better management. I'm not going to pretend Benning is good just because it's my team.