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  1. instantly invalidating all the "he's only 20 years old!" arguments
  2. Hansen only got dealt because of expansion. He'd still be here if not for that “Yeah,” Vancouver GM Jim Benning said when asked if Hansen would still be on the roster if not for Vegas. “If there was no expansion draft, there wouldn’t have been the urgency to move him. He’s been a good player for us through the years.”
  3. Only known three people from Kansas and none of them knew anything about hockey.
  4. Bo - 50-60 points around 30 goals Henrik - 55-65 points around 12 goals Dan - 45 to 55 Points 19 goals BB - 20 to 30 points 18 goals Sven - 20 to 30 points - 18 goals Sutter - 28 points 10 goals Gagner - 28 points 10 goals Granlund - 27 points 15 goals
  5. back to unmodded because I am an achievement whore Finally got benevolent leader last night. Realized it was easier to do in a smaller settlement over the big ones I was making. Pretty sure all I got left are storyline and side quest achieves left along with some DLC. Looking to get a complete game.
  6. Your mom ends threads
  7. no order : Bure Mogilny Linden Ronning Smyl McLean Bertuzzi Kesler Bieksa Henrik
  8. Can't be much worse so there is always that. The only thing I like about Loui is he put a big nail in this managements coffin.
  9. Hutton, Assuming TG realizes it's not fair to strap a boat anchor like Gudbranson to his ankle this year
  10. Ever had to grab a crappy meal in the morning because you were running late and the gas station had no selection? You show up to where you are going with a coke and a bad of chips and it's guaranteed someone will say "Ooh, breakfast of champions" Clever Or if you buy a pizza and live in an apartment, if someone else you never even met is on the elevator with you... "Hey, were's mine?" Painting a wall or washing your car? Some zany random may wander by and inevitably spews: "Missed a spot!" Ever been in line at a store and someone's bill comes up to something like $19.97 "Hey, good year!" (I wonder how many times a day someone at a till hears that nugget) Any others?
  11. It will be a group of second liners on the first line and third liners on the second line and 3/4 defenders as 1/2 but I think you know this already.