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  1. There are few people in this thread that I would love to play poker against.
  2. Depends. If we get the first overall there will be a debate, of course If we get the second, unless benning goes of the map there will be nothing to debate as the pick should be clear. After that it gets dicey again.
  3. I'm hoping that Green means Gaunce is here to stay. Kinda like how Willie got his Vey (except Vey sucked, but I have higher hopes for Gaunce)
  4. Well the third little piggy, the grade A student. His daddy was a rock star, named Pig Nugent.

    1. Nuxfanabroad


      Was there a pig on a Harley, tokin' on a Marley?!

  5. I agree Though I admit I wasn't tempted to give a plus for irony sake
  6. I think rep is ridiculous but it's obvious it matters to some or at least those that think the minus button is a weapon. Wasn't accusing you of farming it but making a point what gets a lot of plusses and that's grumbling about us being terrible fans for some reason. Game day threads over the last few debacle years would be the worst place to look for roses and sunshine. People like to vent and what better way than to write one sentence here and there in a thread that'll be buried in 24 hours? I'm sure you recall the happy dances during the winning years. You've been here as long as I have.
  7. Every time there is a poll on this board about management it portrays this board as pro management and the best way to rep farm here is to complain about CDC and Canuck fans not being supportive enough. It's actually the opposite of what you are saying. You seem to be generalizing the board based upon opinions that you do not like. While I am not pro management I don't believe I speak for everyone here nor have the board behind me. I am cognizant that this is first and foremost a home team forum and sometimes my views will be unpopular if they are not fully supportive of Lindenning but at the same time I will always come to the defense of the Canuck fans entirely. Were a large group of posters with differing opinions up to and including the mods themselves. Best way to handle it is to just deal with the opinion of individuals and deal with them as an individual. We are all CDC and Canuck fans and that means you as well. We all want the same results, just disagree sometimes with the methods.
  8. It's one thing to replace players or lament a pick that doesn't work out, fire bad management but hitching our wagon to a coach for four years that is an NHL unknown? I generally hope I am wrong when I don't like a management decision but I really really hope I am wrong this time and Green is the bastard lovechild of Quenville and Babcock and not WD part 2 the revenge.
  9. I can't remember what the player was but I remember during a farm team exhibition a young Nuck did an impressive set of moves that resulted in a goal and Green was like "Don't worry, we can coach that out of him" I don't pretend I know enough about Green yet but I worry it's another coach that'll preach the same kind of hockey that's been boring us for years.
  10. Long ways till the season starts, lets see what options are available.
  11. Had no problems on my XBONE and it's been fun there so I imagine it's amazing on a souped up PC.
  12. He dropped a hunting rifle that does extra damage to supermutants on this run (meh). Survival modes gets for legendary enemies but most drops have sucked (except a shoulder guard that injects a stim at low health) also bought the mantis greave as I am stacking perception and agility Hoping to get and instigating or two shot but barring that I'll buy the overseers rifle when I open that vault and use that for sniping.
  13. Forgot to mention I place a vaultboy statue at the highest point of every settlement to remind people of whom their benevolent overlord is considering they exist in these settlements to produce materials that I can use for crafting (or just the xp from producing) or making money. (Think I have 1000 adhesive in storage by now and probably spent 25k in caps) Every settlement has a level 4 surgery clinic that I even equip the doctor with a lab coat and working on clothing as the populations boom. I try to do something unique for every place, like Sanctuary has the concord power armor on display next to a mounted deathclaw head in tribute to how this all started. That sort of thing.