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  1. What again? It seems like we're doing this every year at this time
  2. This is what I hate about the NHL Either it's a penalty or it's not. Leaving it open to ref interpretation just confuses players and makes everything look corrupt.
  3. Weird, every game I've ever been to I've never had a problem. I yell and cheered and whatnot, though respected the youth around me and didn't scream obscenities. No security ever asked me to tone it down, no dirty looks from other fans (they were cheering too) Didn't see anyone else having a problem with security either. And let's not bring up how awesome Winnipeg fans are since only one of us has lost a team due to a lack of support and it wasn't Vancouver. Most Vancouver fans are great. Culturally we may not be as noisy as other cities anymore but we're still some of the best fans in the game. I can't think of any other team that loses as much as us and still has this level of devotion.
  4. Did mine at that little settlement southwest near the glowing sea. left the two kids in the garden, put the dad in a clothing shop, imported two settlers, made them bartenders, dropped 200 water into the workshop, added a dog and a cat and lighting/cat pictures. Put in about 120 defense with turrets Kept waiting for 24 hours only leaving to defend settlements. hour of this and I got the achieve. Would have been nicer to get it gradually through normal smart play but it's out of the way, at least.
  5. The game is practically a love letter to John Moses Browning.
  6. It completely depends on what you like in a game. New Vegas will be inferior on a tech scale. It uses the graphics and engine of Fallout 3 so it's not an upgrade in that department but what can make it better that 3 or 4 s is writing, playstyle and guns... lots of guns, Whoa. Keep in mind the Bethesda releases are them just using the Fallout license they bought while New Vegas is from the 1 and 2 writing team. The world makes sense. Some things rebuilt, some governments have formed. The economy is intelligent as all forms of currency are backed by something. It's aware the world is 200 years after the bombs instead of 3 and 4 which acts like it's only been 20 years. You can figure out what makes towns thrive, where the food and water and entertainment come from. Many quests have multiple ways to beat them. Most are completely optional. Every quest giver, faction leader etc, you are able to kill and still beat the game. hell you can bypass the final boss fight with a speech check. There was a guy who beat the game without a single kill. It can be done if that's your bag. You can kill every person in the game except one robot and kids. (unless you blow up a certain town where the kids live) New Vegas remembers the traits from before 3 where you pick something that gives you a positive benefit while balancing with a negative. (built to destroy giving a flat critical chance boost but wrecks you weapon faster) The world has humor and some dark moments. Every companion is great with their own questlines that make them human. Including one voiced be Felicia Day and another by Danny Trejo It starts slow as it doesn;t hold your hand very much or try to tell you your motivations. You are not the dragonborn or minuteman general, most of the time you are just another cog in the murder machine, but a very important cog. You also have faction reputation to worry about. One awesome moment for me was when I was forking for the NCR and when I checked out Bitterspings post they knew me by rep and explained when they asked for help they didn't expect someone like me would come along. If I had no rep they would just be grateful I came but not sure I could do the job. Also with factions it's not like Skyrim when you commit crimes against them. If you are not caught then it never happened For me, overall it's one of the best RPG experiences in my gaming history and definitely the best open world. I'd recommend all the DLC as well, especially Old World Blues,
  7. It'll go away by the time the post season starts depending on what city you play for.
  8. Nah, forgot there was a Canadian version of this thread and posted blindly.
  9. If my memory is right, Larionov left because of politics. As long as he played for the the Canucks the team had to pay Russia a sum of money. He didn't like that and I think the only way we could move him was through waivers to break that deal. Nucks were always high on Igor and wouldn't have moved him otherwise.
  10. Downloaded Wasteland 2 Directors cut. Pretty good so far, has that old fallout humor intertwined with horrible horribleness going on. Tickles the oldschool funny bone but has a simple interface. Vpice acting is a bit hit and miss and there is a lot of reading but doesn't feel to grindy Interesting skills to make it a more flavorful RPG. Instead of a flat speech skill, for example, you can invest in "hard-ass" or "kiss-ass" etc to solve encounters non violently. Was happy to notice that making a hardass check I got all the encounter xp I would have got had I shot everyone. Sure, no loot but I wasted no bullets or health restore items If you like guns, nukes and knives and rpgs, this one's for you
  11. some highlights from a new CD I made to drive around to that shows how my tastes tend to be allover:
  12. None. All other teams can take a long walk off a short pier, I can respect some teams for savvy moves and be realistic about teams chances to win but never cheer for.
  13. Regardless of who people think are cup contenders the Oilers are trending up while we are still trending down. No point in comparing the two teams. It was annoying when Oiler fans did that when the canucks were good and they sucked. lets not reverse the role.