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  1. Hoping this Vilardi gets just enough hype to go 3 or 4 leaving us with a surprise player dropping to us.
  2. Vegas will probably get stuck with enough younger Dorsetts to go trading for an older injured one. I don't think they are drooling to pick up Sbisa either, Gaunce is probably their main target.
  3. Check yourself before you Shrek yourself

  4. Antici.....














    1. Ghostsof1915


      Struggling with the Heinz ketchup again?

  5. What mod got rid of the little building? Scrap that doesn't do it (it does get rid of the half house with the radroaches and mattress but not the main one the two settlers own by default. Also assuming some kinda tree mod and blue skies. Looks good.
  6. I can't agree with the comparison. Gud can clear the net and is tougher, sure, but he does not have near the defensive zone awareness of Willie. (not an insult, most Dmen don't) Lack of offense doesn't make you a stay at home specialist. Gud is not that either. Gud is a much much better version of Rome or is whatever AV thought Rome was when he kept deploying him. Gud can be great 4/5 or decent 3/4. Should never be put near a powerplay or offensive zone faceoff. I am sure some posters will find my comparison insulting but I'm just talking style and not ability and it's at least closer to Rome than it is Mitchell from a true stay at home standpoint.
  7. Seeing names like Mitchell, Edler, Salo and Ohlund make me wonder if I just have a different definition of overrated than some others. Anyone say Robert Dirk the daring? Loved that guy, don't think I ever saw him lose a fight
  8. I personally wanted Ritchie or for JB to turn Kesler into that pick to get him as well.
  9. He was the right Bond for me at the time because I was just a kid and he seemed rather kid friendly with the goofy stuff. As an adult I'll probably always feel Connery will own the crown of best Bond though Casino Royale will be my favourite Bond movie.
  10. oh good, one of my neighbors bot a yappy little dog, damn thing hasn't shut up in two hours. Must resist the urge to blame a stupid dog when it's stupid owners

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    2. Hairy Kneel

      Hairy Kneel

      egg his house till it stops

    3. S'all Good Man

      S'all Good Man

      are you in an apartment? there may be rules you can turn to for help. 

    4. MJDDawg


      Kidnap the dog...



  11. I agree, we need a new GM
  12. Since we've decided that no team can become a dynasty, that doesn't let the Nucks off the hook Can they become the next Hawks maybe would suit the current climate better
  13. Back when I was stuck in Edmonton their fans used to taunt me with "The only dynasty Vancouver fans will ever know is a TV show" dammit...