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  1. I personally don;t like this trade. Not that I thought Jordan was going to make it, but it was fun to root for. To me it seems like we traded a guy we think won't make it (justified) for a guy we know won't. Guess that simplifies things but it's not as fun.
  2. Read a lot, most of the posts are about how much posters are glad he's traded. If they stopped posting it wouldn't be so long
  3. Horvat out up to 6 weeks with foot fracture

    So injuries are not an excuse anymore? When did that happen?
  4. Work sent me a birthday card with no signatures or well wishes on it, just the generic "Happy birthday" Wow. haha

  5. Band Wagon Fans

    There is no prize for best fans and those that spend their time propping themselves up at the expense of others with insults wouldn't win it anyways.
  6. Daniel Sedin | #22 | LW

    That's because you are new here. The Sedin's have had more conversation on this forum generated than anyone except possibly luongo and that goofy burrows thread. As rookies there was much discussion about their ability to transition, later it was ice time and coach usage, splitting them and on and on. Then about their warrior like abilities to possess pucks to their MVP seasons. It's been done and done again The sad thing is it's all over, the fun is wrapping up and it's not something a lot of us want to talk about over and over. We've each repeated ourselves hundreds to thousands of times about Sedin opinions and now it's on to the future.
  7. Dorsett not returning to active roster

    Health s more important, he can look himself in the mirror and know he didn't quit.
  8. PC Gaming Thread

    Already bought my lifetime subscription
  9. PC Gaming Thread

    Installed Skyrim and the video test autosets me to Ultra... That's a good feeling Learning to mod this though, needs a PHD, that's going to take a while to figure it out.
  10. PC Gaming Thread

    Plan to go ape on steam. Vanilla Skyrim so I can mod it too the nuts, and Fallout New Vegas for the same. May look into Oblivion as well. I don't know much about what GoG is, though. What's the story there? A steam alternative? I hooked it up to my HDTV and I'm blown away. My frames per second on GTA5 for example are staggering, I can't make the performance drop. Playing Warcraft (extremely casually) on max settings and it runs as smooth as if I drop to minimum.
  11. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

  12. At what point for Brocket Boeser

    If he does go with Brocket then he needs to change his number to 99 (no, this is not a Gretzky reference)