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  1. oh good, one of my neighbors bot a yappy little dog, damn thing hasn't shut up in two hours. Must resist the urge to blame a stupid dog when it's stupid owners

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    2. Hairy Kneel

      Hairy Kneel

      egg his house till it stops

    3. S'all Good Man

      S'all Good Man

      are you in an apartment? there may be rules you can turn to for help. 

    4. MJDDawg


      Kidnap the dog...



  2. I agree, we need a new GM
  3. Since we've decided that no team can become a dynasty, that doesn't let the Nucks off the hook Can they become the next Hawks maybe would suit the current climate better
  4. Back when I was stuck in Edmonton their fans used to taunt me with "The only dynasty Vancouver fans will ever know is a TV show" dammit...
  5. Never knew that. We thought he was some kind of ringer. If anyone cares I remember we totally lost that game
  6. Well if you want to head back to 1992 and try and stop me, be my guest. I tagged him with a legal hit, though. keep in mind I got as good as I gave game in and out. Was a league game, not some goofs in a lacrosse box (though I did plenty of that through my life too)
  7. This ball hockey thing reminds me of a story I'll be showing my age here but a million years ago I was in a ball hockey league over a summer and Petr Nedved showed up on a team against us. Not sure if he played the season for them or just a game but there he was. We tortured him out there, taking the frustration of not being Jagr out on him, or the fact he wasn't living up to his draft pick at all up to that point. I personally laid him out with a shoulder in his sternum. (he did score on us, though) He got mad and ejected from the game trying to retaliate. Anyways, the next season was his best as a Nuck with a whopping 38 goals and ridiculous 25.5% shooting% So maybe ball hockey is a wake up call after all?
  8. Past few weeks outside my work window I've been given a nature show with two crows from building, and maintaining a nest to now where the mom is tending the eggs and the male brings food. When young start hatching I am totally naming one Eric Draven. 

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    2. debluvscanucks


      They also show behavioral signs of analogical reasoning, considered to be the pinnacle of cognition (which only develops in humans between the ages of three and four).
    3. debluvscanucks


      Watched a program where food was placed in a long glass tube and there was a straight coat hanger wire beside it.  They actually bent the tip to make a tool that they used to get the food out with!

    4. TimberWolf
  9. Depends on what you mean by doubting him I've always said he'll be a Raffi Torres type bonafide NHL-er that'll be helpful in grueling playoff matchups and stabilize our bottom six. If you are waiting for him to morph into Bertuzzi, though, then you may want to consider lowering the expectations a little.
  10. Hamhuis was on the record in Febuary of that season stating the team hadn't approached him about it yet. Agree to disagree because we're too far apart. Benning is not a great GM and the Nucks losing hammer for nothing does not reflect well on him even if he is good. You not accepting the argument doesn't mean it's beating a dead horse but it doesn't belong in this thread, nor was I the one that brought it up in the first place I do see Benning as someone who will spend that chip early hoping to recoup the loss and given the value right now for a player that may never leave Russia again I also doubt it would be worth much, thus my original prediction of benning picking up "waiver trash" I personally would prefer we hang on the Tryamkin just in case. Would be great to see him return a veteran when we need him most like some kinda Russian super hero.
  11. May need to add a little to pull this deal off, like chloroform and an incriminating picture of Chiarelli with a goat
  12. I get the Vrbata fiasco. Even though I predicted that Vrbata would have zero value by the TDL before the season stated I still get and accept how that ended. Losing Hammer for nothing has no excuse. That should have been worked on all season since it was obvious we had no plans to get him back. I know you and the others won't agree so no point in going around in circles about it in the Tryamkin thread... And I agree Tryamkin is low value. Hence why I am saying that if Benning tries to move him he'll probably get negative value but JB may pull the trigger anyways.
  13. Someone in the Canucks camp gave Gretzky's camp an ultimatum so they ceased negotiations. Incompetent management is nothing new for this town....