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  1. The wall was named Peca
  2. What? We even said they were sheltered strategically and I indicated that I felt it was the right move. Seriously, you are in to much of a hurry to crap on the fanbase you're not reading what anyone is saying.
  3. AV played them with the Lion's share of offensive zone minutes and powerplay time while keeping them out of the defensive zone as much as possible and they never killed penalties. Not that they shouldn't have been deployed that way but it was sheltered.
  4. I live in the present and presently we have pretty bad management.
  5. This news sucks more than a herd of $&!#terpillars RIP, he carried the show
  6. If every fan that said we were the worst fans in the league went to every game and made noise we'd have the loudest building. Seriously though the elitism and self promotion in this thread is ridiculous. All these special snowflakes that think they are "true fans" Just a heads up, there is no prize for "best fan" and if there was it wouldn't go to elitists that spend all their time talking down about the fanbase.
  7. Also every year Edmonton had a first round pick to trot out and generate excitement
  8. Admitting the Sedins are done is just....
  9. Are you including yourself in this as a fan of the team of propping yourself up as special?
  10. Never heard this one before but it's pretty good
  11. Save your minus' for the poster that comes in with a green day song
  12. Oh, did take a pic when she got her assault carbine. Not a good angle, too bad. also finally did something about the default green pip boy, this is a good color, easy to read and the light is nice. Switched out the skin mod for one without tatoo's because it gave every female except raiders the same one and that's silly, There is piper with loving piper mod and wearing the agent outfit mod.
  13. Sophie face Commonwealth cuts natural eyes Busty ev black underwear skin replacer Steampunk outfit Standalone earrings AK mod is just until I unlock the AR's at level 30, this pick is a level 12 scrub N7 pipboy so many mods just for this but worth it.
  14. I completely depends on your argument, if the eye test is more convenient to your bias or the stats are you go with the one that helps