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  1. I don't understand what the big deal is. He's a good player on the ice. Young, fast, big, and scores. Exactly what we need. its his off ice antics that turn ppl off. But really, is that really a big deal? We are in the business of winning hockey games, not looking for a husband for your daughter. Who cares if he has "character issues" or is "cancer to the room." if a brand new young player can come into your change room, and change the strong ethical good characters that the team claims they have collectively so easily, then there's something wrong with the room to begin with. Patrick Kane is a character, evader Kane is a problem. Kobe Bryant a rapist, tiger woods a pervert. But yet they win.
  2. If we did that then we might only dress 8 guys
  3. Sedins-sutter lucic - McCann - virtanen baerchi - horvat - etem burrows - gaunce - Hansen hutton - byfuglien tanev - edler sbisa- pedan
  4. Sedins - vrbata Baer - horvat - virtanen Burrows - McCann - Hansen Dorset - sutter - prust Done
  5. I agree. He played his role well. He was annoying to watch at the time, but he did what he was supposed to. Was it charging? Probably. Was it cheap? Maybe. But it wasn't called. Deal with it. If our guys didn't like it so much they should've done something about it. It's not like you can't see it coming when he's launching from 40' out. The refs didn't call it so if you don't like his "dirty" hits, stick out your elbow the last minute. He won't do it again. "Oh but that's cheap!!" Well if cheap calls aren't called and we sit and bitch about it, then do something about it. Or just randomly ask dorsett to fight him and if he deckines then just ragdoll him for a minute. still too cheap? then shut up and play. We did the latter, and lost to the better team. Get over it.
  6. Maybe have a veteran line where they play with finesse and poise while leading a rookie line that's just full of speed and energy. Top it with a third shutdown line and a fourth grit line... Sedins - vrbata Baer - horvat - virtanen Burrows - sutter - Hansen Dorset - gaunce - prust Edler - Tanev Hamhuis - hutton Sbisa - weber Bart
  7. Dear Vancouver Canucks, They said we were heartless, they said we were slow. They said we were soft, they said we were old. They said the series was over, said one PJ Stock, But he truly knows nothing, dumber than a rock. Tonight we stand united, the series will be tied, Come out like we should, and we won't be denied. Yes CBC, we know He's 18, But who gives a sh!t, we have 2 Sedins. They do have a Ferland, and he did take the mound, But when things got heated, he was no where to be found. Hiller has been great, he has been quite stellar, But this will be the end, for we now have a Miller. Their top line has great talent, and they are really fast, But like Gandalf once said, "you shall not pass". Bieksa, please come out swinging, show up for the fight, You and Luca Sbisa, please keep it tight. Radim, play with no fear, and then you will score, We know you can do it, we've seen it all before. Edler and Tanev, all year you've been strong, We only ask for one more, only 60 minutes long. Tonight the Red Sea will part, inside the Saddledome, For game 7 is coming, we will bring it home. They said we are gutless, that we didn't give a puck But I beg to differ, we are all Canucks. We will win this game tonight, we will not be told, From all 4.6million of us in BC, Go Canucks Go!
  8. I don't think we'd get him since we aren't going to win anytime soon, but I'd love to get iginla and hiller and niskanen Trade burrows/Hansen/Higgins for picks. Sedins - iginla Shinkaruk - horvat - kassian Jensen - bonino - vey Richardson - matthias - Dorset Hamhuis bieksa Edler niskanen Tanev sbisa Hiller Lack Let the kids play! We won't be the oilers with iginla and sedins mentoring them
  9. But he's not. He will end up trading him to nyr for Callahan only
  10. I want Kane on this team too. I would trade edler straight up for Kane Sedins - kesler Kane - Higgins - booth Burrows - santorelli - Hansen Weise - Richardson - kassian Done
  11. May your Grandfather rest in peace.