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  1. [Discussion] Should the Canucks pursue Evander Kane?

    I don't understand what the big deal is. He's a good player on the ice. Young, fast, big, and scores. Exactly what we need. its his off ice antics that turn ppl off. But really, is that really a big deal? We are in the business of winning hockey games, not looking for a husband for your daughter. Who cares if he has "character issues" or is "cancer to the room." if a brand new young player can come into your change room, and change the strong ethical good characters that the team claims they have collectively so easily, then there's something wrong with the room to begin with. Patrick Kane is a character, evader Kane is a problem. Kobe Bryant a rapist, tiger woods a pervert. But yet they win.
  2. But he's not. He will end up trading him to nyr for Callahan only
  3. I want Kane on this team too. I would trade edler straight up for Kane Sedins - kesler Kane - Higgins - booth Burrows - santorelli - Hansen Weise - Richardson - kassian Done
  4. May your Grandfather rest in peace.