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  1. whoa crazy. I never even noticed they removed that. How long has that been gone??? Anyways. - Vancouver - 10-15 minute walk from the arena.
  2. Sutters are from a farm, so Cash Cow There, its done. we can all move on.
  3. Never en a fan of Brady, even before deflategate. This string of emails both softens my disdain for him & inflates it. I respect the fact he would be willing to meet with a team to discuss his methods/ideas on how to stay in shape... even if it was for a donation to his charity. He didn't have to. Could have easily just gone "no sorry, I cant" and who would have blamed him. That said, my disdain for him also was inflated by the fact he gave Francesco Aquilini ANY of his time AT ALL. Of course that's not entirely his fault. I mean whoever put them in contact with each other is at fault....but come on Tom, do some research on the people you decide to go to dinner with. Random side note - I cant help but notice how many grammatical & spelling mistakes Francesco made. Clearly not the most educated person. If I read these emails without the context of who they were first, I'd assume Tom was the owner of a successful business and Francesco was some moderately functional fan looking to meet up with him. Also, I suppose the Bruins should thank Tom Brady for their Stanley Cup win a bit? Those tips clearly paid off it seems..... for the other Boston team.
  4. He WONT be the 2nd line centre...except when either Sedin or Horvat are injured. Horvat was handed it based on his play as 3rd last year, age, and progression of skill level through his time up. COULD he regress? Possibly, but not probably. So for that reason, Sutter is nearly a lock as a 3rd. Sutter frequently had 2nd line time in Pitt due to their big 2 constantly getting injured, and STILL never got more than 1/2 a pt a game. His career high was 6 years ago. He WILL be 3rd here.
  5. Ok, I'll give you baertschi as a wild card. Vrbata??? Our all-star, team leader in goals, who had more points than our 2nd & 3rd RW combined had last season.... you think HE will be on the 3rd line?
  6. really? Plenty of time? Its 1 season, which he will be spending on the 3rd line barring 2 notable injuries, playing with the likes of Hansen, Kenins, Burrows, Higgins or Dorsett. Hes not going to break the 40 pt barrier, or if he does, he'll barely limp past it.
  7. Are we going to go out & sign some magic new 3rd line players I haven't heard about? As it stands right now. He probably will play with some assortment of Kenins, Burrows, Hansen, Higgins or Dorsett. depending how Horvats line shakes out. That group, on average is on par with Downie and Bennett. So unless you know about some magic signings we all aren't privy to yet, no, he wont have vastly better 3rd liners here.
  8. wow, those numbers paint an even drearier picture of this deal than I already thought of it. We got swindled.
  9. sadly, this sounds quite plausible.
  10. haha, that's what I was coming here to say. You beat me to it
  11. 40 pt career high..... 6 YEARS AGO! 26 years old already. Hasn't cracked 35 pts since. Is a Centre, so hes going to be on the 3rd line....assuming Horvat doesn't completely collapse 9which he wont). 4.375 M/YR X5???????? On the bright side, I now no longer consider Derek dorsett the worst contract on the team (although technically that was passed when we traded for Prust). Paying a guy what a top quality 2nd line centre should get to play on your 3rd line is absurd. Theres no other thing to say about this other than its a gawdawful bad deal. MAYBE when the Sedins retire he moves into the 2nd line spot....and MAYBE then he can improve on his 40 pts....MAYBE.... but probably only barely.
  12. I really wanted to like Misfits. I ended up watching it all, but never quite got over the hump of "okay" to me. So much potential. But it never grabbed. I think the continual cast turn over and the fact they never managed to turn their powers into something good/bad/useful was just a disappointment to me. Great concept, and I'd love to see it done again, but with some revisions.
  13. By that logic, I guess we shouldn't be so hard on child rapists & murderers. They just made a stupid mistake. Right? The "everybody does it" offences like jaywalking or not paying your meter because you are going to be just 2 mins are not on the same level of public shame worthy offenses as drunk driving or murder. I would say, rough estimate, 90% of the people I know have jaywalked, 70% have not knowingly paid a meter. As far as I know, only 3 people I have ever known drove drunk. As far as I know, none of them have murdered anyone. Its 1 thing to "have done anything wrong in our lives" it is far different to have done something where death or physical injury of another person is highly probable. the fact you do not seem to understand/know this is concerning. You should probably never be allowed to drive... or frankly, interact with society.
  14. When I first saw the current "logo" 9aka - corporate logo) my reaction was "what the hell is this pile of crap?" Its been around 20 years, and it still sucks. To make matters worse, the logo was brought in to represent "Orca Bay Sports & Entertainment" a corporation that no longer owns the team. When John McCaw sold the team, the fish head should have left with him...but it didn't. So now, the Canucks go out game in & game out sporting a corporate logo from an owner that fans everywhere are unified in calling the worst owner we had... for some reason. Go back to the stick & rink logo. Or the skate logo. I don't care which one, but the fish head must go. We aren't the Vancouver Whalers. we aren't the Vancouver Orca Bay Sports & Entertainmenters. So why have a logot depicting that?
  15. When I saw this deal I laughed. Paying Kes nearly 7M a yr for 6 yrs is insane at this point in his career. Is he worth 7M? Maybe...right now. In 3 yrs? Almost definitely not. In 6 yrs, no way at all. For a top 100 (probably 50...but I'm playing it safe & saying 100) player in the league in the salary cap era at 30 yrs of age, a 6 yr deal with that type of cost is franchise suicide. Ducks might have some cap space today. But will they in 2 yrs when they will have had to re-sign Andersen, Gibson and probably 2 or 3 other younger players? Best part... he wills till only be the 2nd line centre there.... not unless he starts playing wing, or they get Getzlaf to move over. This might work for the ducks for this upcoming year as they have some cap space to play with. But in 2-3 yrs, if they don't get a Cup out of it, then it will be considered a disaster as the team creeps closer to maxxing out the cap with 23.5M wrapped up in 3 players.