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  1. thanks, was a bit of a shock to see I only had a 120 posts when I used to have 16K+ lol. Will check on that filter thing. Thanks for the reply.
  2. I would assume he actually knows..... he just doesn't care.
  3. I don't have a problem with that deal..... IF he also kept up his part of the contract. namely, keep himself in NHL capable shape.
  4. That's true. No one is claiming Benning is innocent in all of this. Only thing on Bennings side is, he signed a player who was clearly NHL capable at that time. Since then, hes watched that asset purposely deteriorate. No way he could have seen that coming.
  5. Lets start with, I haven't been here much the last 2 or 3 years. Soooo I clearly missed a couple things,. 1- What happen to the post counts? When were they reset? 2 - What happened to the list of all users, not just ones online currently? That's two things I never thought would change.
  6. I do concede I added that little quip as a jab at the fact he clearly wasn't doing what was needed to be in NHL shape in the off season. Clearly a regiment he must have failed to upkeep during his off time. Just because you are told to do something, doesn't mean you necessarily do. His actions show hes entitled. If he had ANY interest in improving and helping his career and the team, he would do what was asked of him.... REGARDLESS of if he legally has to or not.
  7. No one is disputing his contract. What we are disputing is him having an opportunity handed to him that is for the betterment of him, and the team, and refusing to because he can. Just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you always SHOULD do it. This is one of those instances. Him going to the AHL doesn't break the contract, because it would be his CHOICE to go. So no, the Canucks haven't reneged on the deal. They asked, he declined. They didn't force him to go. They eagerly WANT him to, but they didn't reneg on the deal, I'll give you that 2nd paragraph. Perhaps he THINKS that's for the best. Hes wrong, but he unfortunately is allowed to think it. The fact he DOES think it though shows that hes entitled/spoiled though in thinking he doesn't have to try as hard as others to earn ice time. You are right that hes allowed to believe it, doesn't mean hes right. Heres the thing. When they offered him the deal he was in MUCH more game ready shape than he is now. They could not know merely 4-6 months later he wouldn't be. He essentially got his payday & went "EFFF it, I don't need to work on my craft anymore.". He came here unprepared to meet the expectations of what the team was buying, an NHL capable player. Well, I really don't know why this paragraph is in here.... but, he may be a human being, but he still has responsibilities he is opting not to live up to. He chose to do a job that requires 10 to 12 months a year of keeping yourself in shape. It requires training. it requires commitment. His "feelings" are actually irrelevant. This isn't Tim Hortons Hockey Camp. Everyone isn't a winner in pro sports. If he wants to be one, or, at the very least capable of honouring the contract he signed by being an NHL capable player... he needs to put on his big boy pants and grow up & do whats best for him and the team. He does have a contract that gives him that right. Again, as I said multiple times. Being allowed to do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD. You are correct that it MAY NOT mean any of those things, but the actions hes displayed would SUGGEST that's the case though.
  8. Perhaps they were? I cant say. I rarely follow what any media types say anymore. I don't care enough to know what they say. That is STILL irrelevant to now. THEY didn't make him come here out of shape, I agree he has potential. I don't think anyone, including the Canucks or the media disputes that. What IS up for question is his commitment to his profession and heart. All the talent in the world wont be worth anything if you don't commit to the profession. They will let the kid play.... WHEN. HE. IS. READY! That will by the way, be a LOT sooner if he gets in some ice time, sayyyy 15-20 mins a game in the AHL as opposed to the 0-0 mins a game his press box attendance has produced. Cant develop eating hot dogs & drinking soft drinks in the press box.
  9. Why does anyone that feels entitled expect anything? Because they want it THEIR way. He clearly has little to no intention of sticking around here long term. His commitment level isn't there. Hes probably mad that its not like Russia where players have often been found partying till hours before a game & that hes expected to actually WORK for his ice time here. This is as much the Canucks fault as it is him & his agents fault for ever agreeing to such a ludicrous deal.
  10. You are correct that he has the right. Doesn't mean he should be taking that right. The fact he is throwing this tantrum is proof of his character & his commitment to his job. He'll be out of the NHL by the time hes 24.... probably sooner. He wants it to be easy & hassle free.
  11. The same Chara that went to the WHL after being drafted, & to the AHL after that, and then once more before his 100th NHL game was played? THAT Zdeno Chara? Even a Norris winner like Chara needs to develop before he can step in and become an NHL star. Tryamkin refuses to take his job seriously.
  12. Who he played with in the pre-season isn't exactly the problem here. Wanna know why he didn't play in Cali? Because the coach (and presumably the GM & higher ups) didn't think he was an NHL caliber right now. That is on HIM... not them. Everyone may take a different path getting to the NHL, but it is still a path that often includes heading back to a league you are more qualified to play at till you can get back to the NHL level. Your talking as if he came from Palau or Comoros. He came from Russia, where hockey players aren't 3rd world citizens. Hes not a poor kid who had worked his butt off to get here despite every obstacle possible, and is now just trying to hang on.... hes a guy who had talent, lots of professional training, and a comfy contract who is whining about being asked to do something that's best for him & the team because it isn't where HE wants to be. Boo hoo. Suck it up & do what your JOB requires. Which right now REQUIRES he get some ice time to polish off the rust and get him into an NHL capable player. You are correct, some things do take time to get the best out of it... and in professional hockey, that frequently means going to the AHL to hone your skills & get yourself in shape to play against NHL caliber players..... a task he currently is deemed incapable of doing by his employers. Again agree. Patience is something pro teams don't always have with some guys. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but the Canuchs aren't trying to trade him or waive him. They are TRYING to help him...and them, by making him a usable piece in the future. They are showing patience. That's not a better spin. That's something that this kid shouldn't even be contemplating. He SHOULD be, instead, contemplating what are the best restaurants in Utica.... instead, hes busy pouting. Everyone will end up losing in this deal in the end, because it is clear this kid doesn't have the character & heart to play NHL caliber hockey.
  13. Currently running shows more or less in order? The Blacklist iZombie Lucifer Last Week Tonight The Goldbergs Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt All the Netflix Marvel shows except Jessucks Jones Still too early to tell because I've only seen a couple episodes. Travelers Timeless Designated Survivor Pitch
  14. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt a distant 2nd to BoJack Horseman
  15. Finally saw The Magnificent Seven last night. Solid. I felt they broke it down into its specific parts well. Very entertaining 7.5/10 maybe an 8