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  1. Adam Gaudette has Arrived!

    Photo from him arriving late tonight Now, fingers crossed hes at least 2/5ths of a Brock.
  2. 2018 Winter Olympic Games Thread

    Okay, who saw Slovakia & Slovenia leading group B of the mens hockey? I'm suddenly more interested in this tourney. Was only really going to watch the womens tourney, and a couple mens games.... but after this, I am curious who really IS the best country when the best players arent allowed to play. Also, Ilya Kovalchuk was considering a return to the NHL.... after watching him in this game, probably best he didnt. He was like the 15th best player on his team.
  3. wow, they just never learn. You would think after the issues they had in Edmonton, they would learn their lesson..... well, leave it to greedy people to not know when to stop.
  4. that would be ideal for fans. Unfortunately, the teams & league & the NHLPA would never let that happen, because of expenses. They are more concerned with making every penny they can, than giving their clients the best product.
  5. The debate on host cities for All Star games

    Couple things 1- As someone that went to the Minnesota All Star game, I am QUITE CONFIDENT the NHL would have trouble coercing players to go to Winnipeg in January/February. The weather is atrocious & the players like to be able to go to the event with their families.... and sitting in a hotel room all day waiting to go to dinner is NOT how these players want to spend their time. So Winnipeg is a terribly unlikely location. When the teams were in Minny, maybe like 8 players went out a day. As opposed to when I went to LA & Florida, where you couldnt keep these guys inside. The NHL wants a game that will attract the top names, and if they phoned up the top names and said "hey, we'd like you to come to Winnipeg..." they wouldnt even get to finish the sentence before they declined. 2- The NHL uses the game for marketing. There isnt really anything in Winnipeg to use to market the game. The team isnt going to stop drawing near or full capacity any time soon, where as San Jose might need the boost. On top of that, its the leagues chance to showcase their game to a tech industry that maybe doesnt get TOO much of a chance to see it with them hosting the event in Silicon Valley area. Its possible they might get to Winnipeg SOME day.... but they will need a perfect storm of no new arenas in the US, no teams with a market place the NHL would like to tap into having had the game recently, and... the chance it might not be -40C every day. Far more likely Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal will get it again before Winnipeg just because of what those cities have.
  6. Rate Last TV Show You Saw

    This Is Us - last tonight While we all knew WHO was going to die, I dont think many had an idea HOW. I must say, seeing Rebecca's reaction to being told far outweighed any impact it would have had if they had simply killed Jack in the house fire. This show constantly manages to make me think, and throw me curves I wasnt expecting. This episode was definitely one of those. The other curve ball at the end with Randalls daughter being the adoption lady, didnt see that coming either. It was a reminder to how the pilot played out to me, how they dont tell you what this character is about.... till they make the reveal. On a show that I constantly think even the mediocre episodes are a 9/10, this was definitely 1 of their top 5. Hard to give it just a 10/10, it probably deserves an 11 for the way they developed all the twists & turns in it.
  7. Stealth-Renewal Is 99.5% Realized (beauty, eh? :^)

    with any luck on trade deadline day we will skyrocket past 92 all the way to 93%
  8. when do you say no?

    to start with, I dont know who would give us much for Gudbranson. While he is definitely an NHL capable defenseman, and on many teams he could be a top 4. Hes a soft top 4, and more likely a 5-6-7 guy on actual contenders. Would those contenders REALLY trade a 1st round pick for a guy that likely will play 3rd pairing minutes? No. I think a 3rd round pick, or a 4th & a low end prospect is his value right now...... doesnt mean we SHOULDNT hope that the trade deadline overpayment extravaganza happens & we get a 1st, but I wouldnt expect it for him. Vanek. He is absolutely going to be a sought after piece by any contending team. Hes shown offensive skills are still there, He can definitely be a 2nd line contributor on a contender, or even a 1st liner on a bottom half playoff team. A first is the least the Canucks should get here. If we dont get a 1st & something small, I'd be a little shocked. A more plausible option, a 2nd or 3rd, with a notable, but not top shelf, prospect. Tanev. He still has years left on his deal. He isnt going anywhere, unless hes demanding a trade (I havent really kept up on if he has).
  9. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    There is no harm in signing them for 1 more year. This team doesnt have a stock of veterans to develop all the new talent we have. We also arent in a position where we are suddenly making a Cup run next year. So what does it hurt? It gives those fans of the Cup run era 1 more year of familiarity with some aspect of the team while they still get used to the new generation of superstars like Boeser, Horvat & possibly Petterson. They will fill in the 2nd line nicely & arent anywhere near Jaromir Jagr level loss of skills yet. If we dont re-sign them, someone will.... might as well be us.
  10. March 3rd & 4th Markstrom & Virtanen one day Hutton & Boeser the other day. They havent stated which ones are on which day yet however. I'm curious if they are going to try and CHARGE for Brock, since the Canucks have had a long standing policy against allowing promoters to charge for Canucks autographs at appearances. This promoter is the same one that was responsible for a Sam Gagner & Andrew Cogliano situation several years ago too where they tried charging for autographs despite team policy saying they couldnt & ended up a national story for a couple days.
  11. Random site questions

    thanks, was a bit of a shock to see I only had a 120 posts when I used to have 16K+ lol. Will check on that filter thing. Thanks for the reply.
  12. Tryamkin denies request for conditioning stint (Utica)

    I would assume he actually knows..... he just doesn't care.
  13. Tryamkin denies request for conditioning stint (Utica)

    I don't have a problem with that deal..... IF he also kept up his part of the contract. namely, keep himself in NHL capable shape.
  14. Tryamkin denies request for conditioning stint (Utica)

    That's true. No one is claiming Benning is innocent in all of this. Only thing on Bennings side is, he signed a player who was clearly NHL capable at that time. Since then, hes watched that asset purposely deteriorate. No way he could have seen that coming.
  15. Random site questions

    Lets start with, I haven't been here much the last 2 or 3 years. Soooo I clearly missed a couple things,. 1- What happen to the post counts? When were they reset? 2 - What happened to the list of all users, not just ones online currently? That's two things I never thought would change.