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  1. My thoughts exactly.
  2. Anyone have any more info on him? He's got 4g 4pts & a +3 in 14gp with Örebro but that's all I know.
  3. The AHL is also a smaller ice surface which makes for a much bigger adjustment issue than learning new systems. This is my main concern since Tommernes will be needing at least one full year in the AHL to get used to the new rink which means that by staying in the SEL for an additional season he is at least two years away from the NHL instead of one. It's not all bad though as he probably needs the additional seasoning anyhow. Well, I certainly wouldn't want to see him wasting away as a healthy scratch in the AHL so there is a silver lining.
  4. So August 15th is the official deadline for this guy to sign in order to play in the AHL this year but with the logjam on D (Sulzer, Tanev, Connauton, Erixon, Sauve, Baumgartner, Matheson, Testwuide & Polasek) I guess that pretty much seals it. Tommernes back to the SEL...
  5. Anyone have any links to articles on how he feels about getting drafted?
  6. Just thought I'd get back you (like you said) now that Kesler has scored 30g in a season, in only 52 games to be exact.

  7. Oi mate...ill respond to your PM's later!

    Great suggestions BTW...ive been too into reading the dialogue in the CoHo thread...and posting in Canucks Talk.

  8. Happy belated!

  9. Oh dw, I'll make sure I drive by some universities too.

  10. LOL @ Mega. Don't sweat it Kurupt. Post secondary man.

  11. Meant to very stoked that Ballard chose Van. as a city he wanted to go to.

  12. very happy with the trade, Grabs was redundant to keep...and Florida actually got a great deal with Bernier...the Canucks pretty much have improved Bernier and they may reap the rewards.

    We essentially got Ballard for $2.0 mil and some change for 4 years!

    Im not sure how we could afford Hammer, 2 NHL'er centers, and Raymond.

  13. What you think BedBeats? We certainly got grittier. I'm happy with it and I'll be even happier when Gillis signs Hammer @ $4.5m. People forget what's being traded for his rights. Ballard, Hamhuis, a 2nd & a 3rd for Bieksa, Bernier, Grabner & a 1st.

  14. Yeah, I can't believe he's "75% sure he wants to play" and is considering anything other than retiring having worn only "one" jersey.

    I hope Gillis pursues him extremely hard.