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  1. Oh boy.... These two guys on PTO.... Better plan the parade.
  2. 2016-17 Utica Comets Thread

    A better roster than last year for sure in terms of depth. As a fan my once concern is that there is a lack of Canuck prospects in those forward lines. You really only have Gaunce, Cassels, Zalewski and Grenier. There is a chance Canucks could lose both Zalewski and Grenier on waivers too. Hopefully Carcone and Laplante have great camps and can push some of the AHL vets to the pressbox.
  3. Benning is applying capital asset theory

    I don't buy that Benning is applying theories. He's too old school. Infact, we could lose a good young defenceman in the expansion draft. Edler and his no trade means he must be protected, Tanev will be protected, and Canucks gave up a lot to get Gudbranson so if they extend him he will be protected. Tryamkin, Hutton could be left unprotected if Canucks choose to protect 7-3-1 format instead of 8 players.
  4. Olli Juolevi | D

    There is nothing wrong with this pick, I like it... But man, passing on Tkachuk just seems strange. Its even tougher seeing Calgary get him. He could be a force with Monahan and Johnny. lets hope Ollie shuts them down!
  5. Markus Granlund | #60 | Centre

    Politics will come into play and Grandlund will be given a spot. If it was down to him and Zalekski, Canucks would keep Grandlund. They have invested a former 1st round pick for him.
  6. Hmm, by this articles rationale then... why did Benning trade a 1st round pick (Shinkaruk) for a 2nd round pick in Grandlund? If 2nd round picks rarely have NHL success, and Benning is willing to trade them away because of this... why is he taking players back that were second rounders? I have a feeling Canucks don't read much into any percentages when it comes to success of second round picks. They just go on Bennings gut feelings.
  7. What makes this trade even harder to swallow is that it indicates that Canucks are likely to move on from Hamhuis. So that rips the old scab off the poor deadline disaster of this year too. For or those who say Gud is a top four defencemen, there are a lot of questions if he will ever be that. At best he is a bottom six guy. Benning stated McCann will be a top six forward. I haven't seen too many trades like this: Bottom 6 Dman, 5th rounder for Potential top six forward, 2nd rounder, 4th rounder. This trade stinks of desperation for a right hand shot and it will come back and haunt Vancouver.
  8. Sutter-Bonino how it affected the 15-16 season

    This: Bieska, Bonino, Frosling for Sutter and conditional 3rd round pick
  9. Consequences of firing Lawrence Gilman

    It's all about managing assets around a cap, managing contracts and building plans for the future. Letting Gilman go was a massive mistake. Part of a GM's job is scouting and finding talent, but they have a whole department for that. One massive mistake the Canucks made was not papering players this year to Utica for the playoffs. Especially since this team had said earlier that playoffs are very important for player development. Management made mistakes this year, and I think they will learn from it. Two things I hope management addresses on their side this off season: 1) bring in a statistical analytics department 2) a capologist
  10. linden and benning

    Sedins are getting paid a lot of money, if they have to mentor young players so be it. Sedins are committed guys, I can't see them marching into anyone's office making demands. They didn't exactly light up the league when they were younger either. They know what is going on and what their job is now. They are getting 7 million a year, life isn't too bad for them at all. They might be frustrated and who wouldn't, they want to win.
  11. Alexandre Grenier Talk

    Zalewski is interesting, he didn't seem out of place at all. I'm thinking Canucks won't qualify Vey and will let him walk. He was part of the garage sale 7, likely he isn't in future plans. Grenier, Pedan, Grandlund, Zalewski all require waivers next year so it should be interesting.
  12. When he first got here he wanted to add some "meat and potatoes" to the lineup and retool on the fly. It isn't going so well right now. At least we have the draft to look forward to, and hopefully some changes.
  13. Not a good day for Canuck fans who needed some hope. Benning and Linden resigned Vey, Weber and Kenins to NHL contracts this summer, brought in free agents Cracknall and Bartowski. Traded for Prust. All these assets returned nothing. They were of no value to any team but Cracknall who left for free. Corrado was deemed expendable for free. Throw in last years signing of Vrbata, and we couldn't get anything for him either. I'm nervous about the talent evaluation that management is doing here. Next up, NHL Draft. What will the plan be then?
  14. What is the plan then? Getting younger? Getting faster? Getting meat and potatoes? Re-tooling on the fly? Building for the future? Or is it all the above? We have heard all these things. Seems like they can't pick a right direction or they are as equally as confused as the rest of us.