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  1. I have a real strong feeling about St. Louis this year. Just don't think anyone has the depth to knock off Tampa.
  2. Ya, I think Tanev can be traded without hurting the team at all as long as Benning brings in the right replacement and I think Myers is the perfect guy for that role. Tryamkin is damn good but not at Edler's level yet. Edler is still a legit #2 with the right partner. That said, having Tryamkin and Myers size and toughness on the same blueline would be intimidating, to say the least.
  3. I fully agree with this. I think the following group would be awesome and reasonably priced with enough experience to help bring along guys like Hughes and Juolevi. I'd also be doing everything I could to bring back Tryamkin. Edler - Myers Hughes - Tryamkin Hutton - Stetcher This would be a very deep, playoff caliber defensive core. While there's no legit superstar #1 in there (Hughes could very well become that guy) there is really no weak spot. Also, having the luxury of Hutton and Stecher on the bottom pair would be incredible.
  4. I agree that it's good that these guys made it to the NHL. The part I find questionable is that none of these guys are playing up to what was considered their potential at the time they were drafted. Connolly, while he's a very good bottom 6 player, was drafted 6th overall because he was seen as a 1st or 2nd line player. DeAngelo is only now starting to show why he was a first rounder (even that is a stretch at this point so far) but he's on his 3rd organization in 5 years since being drafted. Koekkoek, a 10th overall pick, got in a whole 85 games in 6+ years since being drafted and was basically given away. Alex Picard was drafted 8th overall and saw a total of just 67 NHL games and while Lindstrom may have played 150 career games, they were spread out over 10 seasons and 5 different teams. It's easy to pick out guys like Sestito (not exactly a good hockey player but was around when toughness was still needed) and Dorsett and say Cull is able to produce NHLers. Every team has these guys. Even the Canucks had guys like Hutton and Connauton turn into decent NHL players. My point, however, is that the overwhelming majority of high draft picks (players expected to be top 6 guys) that Cull's had a hand in have failed to reach their potential. Your point about our expectations is right though. If you look back a few years, the most successful team we've ever seen had several players brought up through Manitoba and go on to be significant contributors to the big club throughout the lineup. The 2011 team consisted of Kesler, Raymond, Burrows, Hansen, Rypien, Edler, Bieksa and Schneider. All of whom spent a fairly significant amount of time in the AHL and eventually reached or exceeded their original draft projections. I feel like seeing that makes fans almost assume it's going to happen again I'm not saying there's an issue with Cull or not. As I mentioned in the first post, I know very little about him but looking at his history of dealing with high draft picks, I think it's fair to question whether or not guys like Juolevi, Lind, Gadjovich, etc are in the right hands for their development. The last thing fans want to see is for all these higher drafted guys to turn into Connolly types. While those players are valuable, the team will be mediocre at best if they can't get the Juolevi's and Linds to reach a higher level than just bottom 6/bottom D pair role players.
  5. Looking through Cull's history with Syracuse (both stints) there doesn't seem to be much development overall. The only high draft pick that spent any time with him and turned out half decent has been Derick Brassard. Aside from him, he's seen quite a long list of 1st and 2nd round picks become below average NHLers or worse. Joakim Lindstrom (41st pick in 2002), Alex Picard (8th pick in 2004), Adam Pineault (46th pick in 2004), Nikita Filatov (6th pick in 2008), Brett Connolly (6th pick in 2010), Vladislav Namestnikov (27th pick in 2011), Slater Koekkoek (10th pick in 2012), Adam Erne (33rd pick in 2013), Tony DeAngelo (19th pick in 2014), Dominik Masin (35th pick in 2014). These guys all spent a significant amount of time with Cull in the AHL and most were highly regarded prospects. I'm not saying that I have anything against Cull as I know very little about him but this history definitely leaves me questioning whether or not he's the right guy to be developing prospects like Lind, Gadjovich, Juolevi, etc...
  6. I believe Jim Benning was also pretty impressive as a teenager. 71 points in 71 games in the WHL as a defenseman at just 16 years old... Then at age 17 he had 139 points in just 72 games.....
  7. I agree. It would sure be nice to see a Brooks Orpik or Douglas Murray type defenseman on the Canucks back end.
  8. zduck14

    Henrik Tommernes | D

    Watching most of the Kitchener-Erie game last night, I think McEneny will spend one more year in the CHL as he doesn't seem ready to make the jump yet. I also think that, because of the drop in the salary cap in the NHL next year, we'll see one of these guys make the Canucks out of training camp to likely replace Ballard. (Corrado or Connauton on the bottom pair or even Sauve as the 7th d-man) That said, the AHL team will be left with the following Andersson-Corrado Sauve-McNally Tommernes-Polasek This defensive group will have it's fair share of ups and down but it will also give all the prospects a lot of ice time to develop properly.
  9. i was talking to marty today.... he says, danny is not about the money...but it's about the situation....SJ would give him the best chance to be a top pairing d-man....he wants a chance to prove he can be a top li e guy.....

    marty says he will find out soon...hope your doing well.

  10. another smither's boy.....are you related to vic zavaduck? or am i reading your user name wrong.....?

  11. I agree that the Tanner Glass penalty was probably the worst call all night. I also can't believe Iginla and Phaneuf. Phaneuf should've had those four penalties for sure but I bet if someone was in the Flames dressing room after the game, they'd have seen the dirt on his knees from blowing the ref before the game. About Iginla, what's with all the chirping? He reminded me of Matt Cooke. If you're gonna run your mouth like that at least have the balls to do something about it. Rypien had just beat the s*** out of your "tough guy" and then you start beaking him like that? Come on!! I understand he was trying to keep his team pumped up, but mouthing off the whole Canucks team and even giving the goalie a shot and not having the balls to do anything about it, is absolutely the kind of dick move a player like Matt Cooke or Steve Ott would pull. The Flames and their fans should be embarassed to have their captain act like this.