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  1. I chose Bure but had a really hard time choosing just one. Luongo and Naslund are easily right up there with those two for me. My all-time favorite though would probably have to be Rypien for so many obvious reasons. The kid played with more heart than any other player I can ever remember. Rounding out my top 5 would be Kassian. While not an overly popular pick among a lot of Canuck fans, I feel that if it weren't for his substance abuse and other off-ice issues he could have been a dominant power forward.
  2. I have to admit that after being at the game last night, this new goal song really works. I understand the nostalgia behind Holiday but when this song came on (5 times!) It was really catchy and seemed to get the crowd into it more than in the past few years. I noticed a lot of people around me chanting along. Just imagine what a full house in a playoff atmosphere would be like. Between this song and Crazy P, it's definitely more exciting to watch a game live so far. I think it was time for a change along with the new core of the team.
  3. Oh I get the age factor but like I said, in a win now situation, Weber is simply the better player. Weber's leadership on top of being one of the best defensemen in the league really sets him apart from most players in my opinion. I remember asking Dan Hamhuis about Weber the day Weber was traded for Subban and he just shook his head. He said Nashville was crazy because Weber was the ultimate teammate and leader. Something I've never heard about Trouba. Winnipeg wanted him on their team. Drafted him #9 overall and gave him plenty of ice time to develop into the player he is today. For a kid to request a trade at 23 years old and try to specify where he wants to end up is selfish entitlement. He hadn't earned a damn thing the first time he want out. Regarding their production, Weber scored at a 47 point pace. Not exactly declining production if you ask me. And while he's had a couple injuries over the last two years, Trouba has only played a full season twice in 6 seasons. Don't get me wrong, for team rebuilding I'd love to have a player like Trouba but as of right now, Weber is still the better player.
  4. Trouba is unreal and I agree, I'd take him over PK and Ekblad in a heartbeat. OEL, I feel, is very underrated mainly because of the team he plays for. Weber, on the other hand, has been for several years and when healthy is still arguably the best all around defenceman in the league. If I'm building a team to win now, I take Weber, no question. That said, Trouba plays a very similar game to Weber and these kinds of players are very rare. The other one that comes to mind that I'd like to see in Vancouver is Matt Dumba. I would've loved to have seen Trouba on the Canucks even at 8 mil a year if not for his, me first, american attitude (see Kesler, Ryan).
  5. I just posted this same thing in another thread. I think Baertschi is a great 3rd liner since he can fill in the top 6 so seamlessly. At the same time, I do think Baertschi - Sutter - Virtanen could be a very effective 3rd line that can chip in a decent amount of offense. Sutter and Virtanen need someone to feed them the puck and Baertschi just happens to be very good at that aspect. On top of that, it pushes guys like Gaudette, Leivo and Roussel (all legit 3rd liners) down to the 4th line creating a very deep playoff caliber lineup.
  6. 6 to 6.5 is fine for Myers. I know some disagree but hes a legit top 4 guy that isn't out of his element playing 22+ minutes on the top pair. Just look at the difference with and without him. Edler - Myers Hughes - Tanev Hutton - Stecher Or Edler - Stecher Hughes - Tanev Hutton - Schenn I know which group I'd prefer.
  7. I just think there are other, more effective ways to get rid of Eriksson and his contract. There's bound to be teams that need to get to the cap floor that will take him and his contract after the bonus is paid out. At the end of the day, he's still an ok 3rd line player.
  8. Not even Puljujarvi AND getting rid of Eriksson is worth it.
  9. Exactly. Even if Edmonton was to retain 50%, he'd still be a waste of a roster spot.
  10. I hope so but I think Lucic would only be added as a 4th liner at this point. Surely theres no way any GM still sees him as a top 6 player
  11. I love the idea of that top 6. I'd actually like to keep Baertschi, Sutter and Hutton (if his salary is reasonable). Baertschi gives a legit fill in for the top 6 if one of them get hurt and Sutter, when healthy, is a really good shutdown center who takes pressure off Horvat in that role. Miller - Pettersson - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Nyquist Baertschi - Sutter - Virtanen Gaudette - Beagle - Leivo Edler - Myers Hughes - Tanev Hutton - Stecher IMO, that's definitely a playoff caliber lineup. Especially when you add guys like Roussel (a regular once back from his own onjury), Granlund, Motte that can step in when injuries hit and not look out of place. Just not sure I'd make the trade with Edmonton. I know Puljujarvi would be a good young player to gamble on but to me Lucic isn't worth it. Loui will be tradeable to a team like Arizona or someone looking to reach the cap floor after his bonus is paid on July 1st.
  12. I'm just curious, and maybe I missed something, but how is everyone certain that they had Podkolzin at 8? Benning said himself himself in his interview right after the pick that Podz was a top 5 talent in this draft. Seems to me the only reason he fell to the Canucks is because of the 2 year contract in the KHL but, like Benning also mentioned, everyone that was left would've been 2-3 years from making it anyways so it just made sense to take a top 5 talent at 10th.
  13. I have a real strong feeling about St. Louis this year. Just don't think anyone has the depth to knock off Tampa.
  14. Ya, I think Tanev can be traded without hurting the team at all as long as Benning brings in the right replacement and I think Myers is the perfect guy for that role. Tryamkin is damn good but not at Edler's level yet. Edler is still a legit #2 with the right partner. That said, having Tryamkin and Myers size and toughness on the same blueline would be intimidating, to say the least.