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  1. I really hope the Preds win this series with it likely being Hamhuis' last season. Would love to see him get one more shot at the playoffs before he retires.
  2. I think Woo has the potential to be a very good top 4 d-man and I would go so far as to say he could be an excellent compliment on the top pair with Hughes long term. Very much like Seabrook used to be in Chicago alongside Keith. A tough, 2-way guy that will be able to add to the offense but also keep guys in line if they go after Hughes.
  3. I really want and think Hughes should win as well and I had also heard several times that Hughes played against tougher opposition than Makar most of the time. Doing a little more research though, I was surprised (according to puckiq.com) that the two are actually as close as they are. puckiq actually has Makar slightly higher in this area at 34.1% toi vs "elite" competition whereas Hughes is at 32.6%. I think this will give Makar the slight nod over Hughes unfortunately.
  4. Or maybe just some virtual beers.... like everyone else is (supposed to be) doing.
  5. You're right. He's told me the same before actually. Kovalev was still the most frustrating to watch simply because he could've been a top 3 or 4 player in the league at the time based on talent alone but he would coast around more than anyone I've ever seen.
  6. Not sure how you figure Bondra could be considered a one hit wonder.... From 93-94 to 03-04, the only player that scored more goals than him was some guy named Jagr. Pretty impressive 11 year span if you ask me. As for other guys that don't really get much recognition for what they could do would be Satan, Geoff Sanderson, Bobby Holik. I think the most frustrating "star" player of all time would have to be Alexei Kovalev. He was arguably the most "talented" player in the league but at the same time was easily the laziest guy to ever play at the NHL level.
  7. I'd love to see Barrie with Edler. Over his career, Edler has always played his best hockey with offensive guys like Ehrhoff, Salo, Karlsson (international). It would also give the Canucks more than one d pairing that can actually move the puck taking some of the pressure off Hughes. Only potential downside I can think of may be the cost.....
  8. Exactly. Edler and Myers have proven they can play a pretty good shutdown role and having a 2nd elite offensive d-man behind Hughes would be amazing. Also, if Tryamkin does come back, imagine this defensive group entering the playoffs: Edler - Barrie Hughes - Tanev Tryamkin - Myers Fanta Benn
  9. Not exactly a lot of Shea Webers to go around.... And I do agree, I would take Barrie over Stetcher in a heartbeat. Pairing him with Edler would be awesome and would definitely make for a playoff caliber defense.
  10. There's a lot of pages to read through here but would you consider Dumba along those lines? I know he's having a down year but the whole Wild team has been that way.
  11. While I agree that Murray has turned into an OK top 4 d-man, I'll still never forget him in the semi-finals of the World Juniors in 2011 against Russia. It was one of the worst individual performances I've ever seen on the international stage and still remember being at a loss as to why the coach kept sending him out on the ice. He was on the ice for 5 of Russia's 6 goals and either 4 or 5 of those were almost directly due to screw ups on Murray's part.
  12. I'm pretty excited to get Ferland for the stretch here. Adding him and Leivo to what's proven to be a very good young lineup is seemingly as good as anything we could hope to trade for come the deadline. Miller - Pettersson - Virtanen Pearson - Horvat - Boeser Roussel - Gaudette - Leivo Ferland - Beagle - Sutter Schaller Motte Eriksson This lineup is deep enough that there's a legit top six winger on the 4th line.
  13. I chose Bure but had a really hard time choosing just one. Luongo and Naslund are easily right up there with those two for me. My all-time favorite though would probably have to be Rypien for so many obvious reasons. The kid played with more heart than any other player I can ever remember. Rounding out my top 5 would be Kassian. While not an overly popular pick among a lot of Canuck fans, I feel that if it weren't for his substance abuse and other off-ice issues he could have been a dominant power forward.
  14. I have to admit that after being at the game last night, this new goal song really works. I understand the nostalgia behind Holiday but when this song came on (5 times!) It was really catchy and seemed to get the crowd into it more than in the past few years. I noticed a lot of people around me chanting along. Just imagine what a full house in a playoff atmosphere would be like. Between this song and Crazy P, it's definitely more exciting to watch a game live so far. I think it was time for a change along with the new core of the team.
  15. Oh I get the age factor but like I said, in a win now situation, Weber is simply the better player. Weber's leadership on top of being one of the best defensemen in the league really sets him apart from most players in my opinion. I remember asking Dan Hamhuis about Weber the day Weber was traded for Subban and he just shook his head. He said Nashville was crazy because Weber was the ultimate teammate and leader. Something I've never heard about Trouba. Winnipeg wanted him on their team. Drafted him #9 overall and gave him plenty of ice time to develop into the player he is today. For a kid to request a trade at 23 years old and try to specify where he wants to end up is selfish entitlement. He hadn't earned a damn thing the first time he want out. Regarding their production, Weber scored at a 47 point pace. Not exactly declining production if you ask me. And while he's had a couple injuries over the last two years, Trouba has only played a full season twice in 6 seasons. Don't get me wrong, for team rebuilding I'd love to have a player like Trouba but as of right now, Weber is still the better player.