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  1. You're bang on. The one report I read this morning in the province said he was 231 lbs in training camp but is down to 213 right now. Also, talking to two people that know him quite well, they described him as a "chubby, immature teenager" but also said he's definitely smart enough to figure out what it takes to succeed at the NHL level. I do believe the season in Utica under Travis Green has been and will be a huge help to his career. Just things like getting him to eat right (this one was a big deal his rookie year) and work out properly will get him on track and I have every bit of confidence that Jake will end up as a very good top 6 power forward.
  2. I keep seeing Domi in proposals and was curious as to why that is. Was there some report of him being available or is it just wishful thinking? I just can't see why Arizona would give him up.
  3. I don't think this lineup is as "soft" as a lot of people are claiming. Sure they won't fight much or lead the league in hits but guys like Sutter, Hansen, Etem, Horvat, Dorsett, Burrows are not "easy to play against." Add Virtanen and/or Gaunce and the lineup is becomes both younger and tougher. The only line I can see people making an argument towards being soft would be the top line but let's face it, the Sedins have proven over and over again that they're not going to be pushed around. I think people often confuse "toughness" with a willingness to fight or hit everything. Fans tend to see any player that doesn't hit a lot or fight as a soft player. Adding the overall toughness of the blue line now with Gudbranson, Tryamkin, Sbisa and even Edler, I think the team will surprise a lot of people this year. Now all that said, adding a Landeskog would absolutely be a huge addition.... I just simply can't see that happening.
  4. I wouldn't be against Vrbata coming back. The reason he was taken off the top line was to spread out the scoring depth but having Eriksson on the second line could leave Vrbata with the Sedins which was pretty productive. A second line of Eriksson-Sutter-Hansen would provide excellent scoring depth but also be able to shut down the opponents top lines Sedin-Sedin-Vrbata Eriksson-Sutter-Hansen Baertschi-Horvat-Etem Burrows-Granlund-Dorsett If nothing else, this gives 3 very good options (Eriksson, Vrbata and Hansen) to play with the Sedins.
  5. Luongo was s*** on by the majority of the fan base and dragged through the mud by management when it came to trading him after it had become fairly clear that Schneider was going to be the starting goalie moving forward. Kesler is a self centered, arrogant POS that bailed on the entire team and fan base when things got tough and screwed over the team that gave him everything once he decided it was time to leave by giving a two team list of trading partners.
  6. I want to see 17 simply because I still have a Kesler jersey that I'd like to get changed and I never thought it was worth it to get it changed to Vrbata since he only signed a 2 year deal. I think there would be a ton of jerseys being switched if he wore 17.
  7. I'm just curious how having hernia surgery and a fractured jaw makes you think Sutter is suddenly injury prone. Before last year he had missed a total of 3 games in the past 6 years......
  8. I've been saying this for a long time, but I think the simplest solution is to get rid of the instigator penalty. By doing this, players would be allowed to police themselves and protect the stars on their teams. The top players would be able to skate a lot more freely without having to look over their shoulder or wonder if the Cooke's or Kaleta's of the league are going to run them from behind every time they touch the puck.
  9. Not sure why I would care about internet credibility.... I'm simply relaying what I was told from a guy I know and I'd prefer to be respectful to him than throw out names to try and gain "credibility"
  10. It's an ex-player that played with him and love to say who but I just can't out of respect to him.
  11. The biggest reason that Nashville lost this trade will be in the locker room. Subban is such a cancer in the locker room that a few players in Montreal told management that he had to go during the exit meetings. It 100% the "PK Subban show" wherever he goes whereas Weber is the complete polar opposite. I've been told that Weber is by far the best "teammate" in the league. I think the only reason Nashville made the deal is because of the upside of Subban vs Weber possibly starting to decline slightly. Nashville will be in tough to try and keep everything together in the locker room.
  12. I'll never forget the day he was traded. I was talking to an ex-canuck that knew Cody quite well and he said that Hodgson just never fit in with the team. The guys would take him out for a beer and he would order a glass of milk.....
  13. I don't get it...... If you know so much more about these prospects than Benning (one of the best scouts in the game), what are you doing still on an internet message board???