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  1. thanks for keeping the thread alive guys, been a little busy writing for so I havent been keeping things up here, will fire off a new post tomorrow as well as update the concert calendar
  2. Hank 4 Hart... spread the word

  5. old school thrash appreciation day yay! ANTHRAX- Metal Thrashing Mad OVERKILL- Elimination TESTAMENT- Over The Wall VIO-LENCE- World In A World KREATOR- Betrayer D.R.I.- Beneath The Wheel MEGADETH- Rattlehead SLAYER- Raining Blood
  6. by the way... I am in the process of launching my new metal blog and I am looking for people to write reviews/interviews. If you're interested, PM me.
  7. One of the best compilations from back in the day... Metal on Metal, The Ripper, Heavy Mental Breakdown... gotta love it
  8. emo is the new kawk rock... trolling however, never dies *edited to get around the censorship of a word that you can say on tv in this context but not apparently on CDC*
  9. -114 and counting this thread is a non-stop source of amusement
  10. I think I might have had a drink once in all the times I was backstage doing interviews... though had I brought weed with me I could have gotten backstage to party with Pantera when they played at the Commodore (they had to leave it all in Seattle)
  11. heh yeah I really didn't think it would happen, but these festival dates would be amazing to see all 4 on the same bill. My prediction: Dave wrecks it for everyone