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  1. A Canucks win along with the Coyotes losing to the Lightning...and out come our playoff dreamers once again. Hoping for a strong game from Demko!
  2. Marky should have ‘bumped’ his net off the minute Motte turned the puck over! Marky!!! What were you thinking by playing a good & honest game?!?
  3. Those camera angles when the Canucks shot in the shootout were just as bad as the shootout attempts by our Canucks! (Minus Alien’s attempt of course) yuck!
  4. Decent effort. Time to face reality and play out the season as spoilers.
  5. Typical of the Canucks after a great showing the day before. They’ll probably wake up in the 3rd once they’re down by 4....when it’s too late.
  6. ‘I don’t celebrate when we tie things up’ Haha, what a champ! Love his desire to win!
  7. If Marky has not proven to most that he should be this season’s MVP, this game pretty much solidified things! The guy is a beast this season, really happy to see him turn it around this year. He’s got my vote for MVP!
  8. He’s saving his energy for the playoff run! Veterans tend to do that around this time of the year! But someone better let the cat out of the bag and let him know, golf usually follows game 82 out it’s time to play a lil more Beagle!
  9. Thanks to Marky, we’re only down by 1. The guys in front of him are playing a sloppy game. Both Avs’ goals were results of brain farts and inabilities to clear the zone. Give Marky the MVP already pls!
  10. Did not expect much at the deadline, did not help that some of our possible guys to be moved were hurt or just stunk it up on the ice these last few weeks. The off-season should be more fun with more movements for our rebuild. Please JB.. add a few big bodies to the front and back end! We need a lot more of a physical presence on the ice!