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  1. Well you get an A++ for knowing how to prioritize’. Good job fellow Canucks fan! This is one of those games you mark on your calendar when the schedule is published! Oh and all the best for those 5 finals!
  2. And boy did he rip it!!! JT is leading the race for team MVP in my opinion.
  3. Gutsy effort after a long road trip, without a day off!! Good one NHL schedule makers! This type of schedule definitely takes a toll on the body, may have something to do with why we lose so many guys to the IR year after year. Also... It’s not fair to throw Loui under the bus, Nurse and those refs should be embarrassed over those plays. And finally... Time for some well deserved rest, come back stronger for the next one!
  4. The league should be embarrassed to see their zebras not call embellishment on Nurse on both those occasions. Seriously pathetic!
  5. Would be nice to see Fantenberg get a start for a change, perhaps give Stecher a day off?
  6. Not a good showing at all, especially after a solid game against the Caps. But a lot of key guys are out, high energy players as well, so just chillax and let this team get healthy again. And.....we were projected to have another lousy year. We are far from that so far, so give the guys some credit. Every good team learns how to lose before they learn how to win. Else it’ll be another fairytale regular season, followed by a disastrous display during the playoffs. Losing sucks, but it’ll help the young group. Keep smiling people!
  7. Nice to see luck on our side for a change. 5 of our pp goals came off deflections, 4 of those deflections were courtesy of the Preds. A lucky win, but a win is a win. Keep them coming, lucky or not!
  8. Flames and Oilers lost! Canucks have to make this a perfect night in their sweet looking retro jerseys!! Go Canucks goooooo!
  9. Leivo-Pettersson-Boeser WOW! Isn’t a promotion to the top line based on a player’s performances in previous showings?? Am I missing something here?? Green you joker you...we all know Leivo is not gonna play on the 1st line. Good one.
  10. Hope Baer draws in tomorrow. I can see a few guys he can easily replace...wish Green sees the same.
  11. Entering the offensive zone on the PP seems like a challenge again.
  12. Such a wide open game, the Hawks look shaky on the backend. Crawford is keeping them in it so far. Hope his lousy GAA takes another hit.