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  1. Starting to get outplayed 5 on 5, better fix it up in the 3rd else it’s gonna be another heartbreaker.
  2. And when Beagle replaces Sutter on the 4th..lovely! Every line is going to have grit and speed!
  3. It’s about time the Canucks get some puck luck and some help from the out of town scoreboards. Hope the Coyotes win tonight, so far so good after the 1st period.
  4. With their playoff lives on the line, they all should have had something wake up inside of them before the game. Hope someone can fire up the boys for this stretch drive.
  5. We just burnt our last lifeline here, but are still in control of our post-season hockey. Don’t deserve it with our current play, but let’s hope they get their act together and finish strong. I still have hope for the’s fading...but still there! Let’s get her done guys!
  6. Hope they don’t rush Boeser back in the hopes of squeezing in to the playoffs. He needs to be a 100%. He’s got a long career, hopefully with us, so focus on the long-term plan vs short-term goals.
  7. All this over-passing and looking for the perfect play when trailing, ridiculous. John and John see that, we see that...what are the coaches looking at??
  8. We are still in control of our playoff hopes, so let’s get away from the doom and gloom talk and hope for the best. Those were some fluky bounces and goals for Arizona, and that was the difference in the end. Give the guys some credit, they played well enough to get a point at least out of this game. Moving forward... Jake and J.T. look like 2 pissed off guys out there, pushing hard for goals and wins. Green should play them as much as he can, and hope the rest of the team plays with that same grit. Roussel on PP2 and playing in the final minute of regulation when down a goal...for real? Green please, NEVER AGAIN!! Sutter and Eriksson both should play a lot less, like 10 mins or less. Give Gaudette and MacEwen the 12-15 minutes that those 2 vets get. They both look gassed midway through their shifts and lack the energy level we need at this point of the season. We’re close to being a decent playoff team, not a cup contender, but a playoff team. Boy is that a big step forward from last year, especially when you see how much experience we lost. At this point I’m excited for our future, making the playoffs this season would be a bonus. Keep playing your hearts out guys, you’ll be rewarded! Go Canucks Go!
  9. Looks like Hughes should have rested up tonight so that he’d be closer to 100% for the next one vs Makar. A competitive and confident kid indeed, but he’s got a long road ahead of him. Hope he feels better in less than 48 hours.