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  1. The lack of secondary scoring is so glaring...

    The reason we are not winning is exactly what the title of this topic is. Dalpe, Sestito, Weise, Kassian: Completely useless. Booth, Richardson, Weber.... Potential... but still mostly useless. Edler, Garrison, Bieksa, Hamhuis, Hansen, Higgins, Burrows.... Have a ton of heart, and have shown spurts of greatness, are too streaky. Kesler.... needs a serious fire lit under his ass. Sedins.... Need to start shooting more. Not enough skill around them to keep passing the puck away.... especially when they have a clean shot and they don't take it. This team has put plugs in the 3rd and 4th lines for eons. If our top line isn't clicking, we lose. We are seriously lacking a true goal scorer. Kesler's 41 goals in 2011 were an anomaly. That season and the Nashville series are the only times Kesler has shown his full capabilities. Which leads me to believe he is not the player we all hoped he would stay being. He doesn't utilize the wingers he is given, no matter who they are. A great player will make things happen regardless who is on his line. The Sedins can only do so much, with their revolving door of wingers as well. To top it off, we now don't even have Schneider to pop in goal when Luongo has an off night. No disrespect to Lack, but he is not close to Cory's talent. I know it is one thing to be an armchair GM and no I don't think I would ever do any better than what Gillis is doing. I am just telling it like it is from a long-time fan who is honest about what he sees going on down on the ice. I just hope we are up to our usual October mediocrity and I will eat my words, but I really don't think I will.