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  1. Geaux Habs Geaux!

  2. Wrong. The 2 million+ posts for WildRadio is intended as a joke...

  3. Well we could be damnit!

  4. Dude...we are NOT friends!

  5. I went ahead and added you. Have a nice day! :)

  6. Hey You!!! Yeah I've been a member for years here too. Just not as active.

  7. Because deep down you love me and miss me.

  8. LMFAO, why would I want to be friends with the likes of YOU?

  9. BTW-Wanna be friends?

  10. haha it's fine, why would I even register on CDC if I didn't like bickering with people?

  11. Eh, sorry for seemingly getting you involved in something there. That silly AE, she's such a twit. :D

  12. BTW- 6 posts and every one of em more TROLLISH then I could ever achieve. Loser. ;)

  13. Oh look, an EIP