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  1. I get it. U don't like Sven. Until u offer something more concrete, everything u thrown out there are just your opinion. Which is fine. But it's not facts.
  2. i wanna make some random trade proposal as well
  3. Let me make some adjustments. To Van To Cal Loui Eriksson 2nd 2020
  4. To say he's made of glass is nonsense. Do we have anyone that can cover for him? no not really.
  5. Edler Tanev Stecher Hutton Schenn Hughs Maybe Biega Maybe Sautner (Impressed by him) I actually like to see Sautner promoted. I thought he played well. How do people feel about teves?
  6. Loui so far hasn't been a liability so it is what it is.
  7. If tree comes back, that's great. But i find it unwise to plan the future on hope. I say we continue the path as if tree isn't coming back. But if he does great.
  8. They are also the only two doing the heavy lifting for a while now so injury prone is just unfair.
  9. Keep complaining, u need the mental exercise.
  10. I have no idea what you're ranting about but carry on.