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  1. Charges Laid In Tragic Humboldt Crash

    It doesn't seem like the driver had good training. Any updates whether the driver was careless or just inexperienced
  2. [Poll] Logjam on Defense

    When it comes to the Canucks, there's no such thing as a log jam on defence
  3. What ufa's should we go after?

    Hutton also only has 3 seasons under his belt so your statement is not valid
  4. Doesn't Skinner have concussions issues?
  5. The 2 - 1 goal was least to me
  6. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

  7. While this season might have been the most taxing of Max Pacioretty's captaincy with the Montreal Canadiens, he doesn't intend for it to end. When asked if he would agree to come back without the "C" next season, the 29-year-old New Canaan, CT native told RDS's Chantal Maccabee, "No!" During Monday's locker clearout, Pacioretty said that he never had a bad interaction with a fan in his decade with the team and that most criticism of him has been levied by members of the mainstream media. Pacioretty has one year remaining on a six-year, $27 million deal signed in 2012 that carries with it a cap hit of $4.5 million. He said during his exit interview that he's open to extending it, but no discussions have begun with general manager Marc Bergevin. I am curious as to what everyone's thoughts on this.
  8. That's a bad example but funny at the same time
  9. [Proposal] Van - Edm

    I was looking at tanev and sutter
  10. [Proposal] Van - Edm

    i don't know if Edmonton would want two somewhat older players
  11. [PGT] Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Vancouver Canucks

    I look at these games as if u win great, but how did the young players play. If we lose, how did the young players do...It doesn't ahve to be that complicated. One does not have to take a side.
  12. When will we see Some physicality on the team again

    Juo could still be strong. Not sure if u mean physical as in hitting but he could still become a hard to play against type player even if he doesn't hurt ppl with punishing hits.
  13. [Discussion] 2 Vets For Twin's Place ?

    Keep the jokes coming
  14. [Discussion] 2 Vets For Twin's Place ?

    I also think that we got veterans within our own org...