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  1. Alot of ppl are just ignorant and have no respect or idea for what tanev does. It's not like other players can do what he does. He does the hard stuff. And so, he gets injured more so than others.
  2. Oh god, if we could trick them into taking Loui ericksson
  3. To Vancouver: We're good thanks. To Ottawa: Loui + Zack
  4. Actually the more i thought about it. Maybe not just with Vegas. I'm also not sure how many we can protect...what's the rule on that?
  5. True, but i'm saying if u r afraid of losing demko or marky then that is one way to do it. Not u have to do it. Or maybe trade with other teams not just with vegas.
  6. Couldn't you use Dipietro as a trade bait to get Seattle not to touch the important ones? I swear teams did it with Vegas.
  7. i have mix feelings about how this ended. I'll take the win...but that was sloppy.
  8. i don't get this. We are sloppy and weak on the puck. We have a chance to clear it, and we try to be cute. What are the Canucks doing.
  9. The penalty in the third was unfortunate. I felt like we had a chance to win in regulation