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  1. I don't mind doing it this way... Baer Bo Boe Sedin Sedin Granlund Erik Sutter Gold It's good to know that we finally have some more options going forward. Especially with the players we have.
  2. We are not a contending team so...considering ppl had us pegged a little lower than that. We can still compete given our change in roster. It's more of a, "look at it this way" kind of thing or a silver lining.
  3. Given we are not a top team anymore...take the win and run.
  4. I don't mind beating Edmonton.
  5. The young players have hustle. Nice to see.
  6. So, is Goldabin playing?
  7. Eye thynk u r dijtally myctayken. Wii al n33d to comp3ncate 4 our lack of werds now n then.
  8. Yes yes yes yes yes!!!
  9. Of course these bounces come when we're out of the playoffs.