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  1. title: Report: Hurricanes attendance down 32 per cent over 10 years
  2. Tanev is not the definition of injury prone.
  3. hmm...
  4. The eras aren't all that different. not by much.
  5. Isn't this kind of what Capitals gave Ovechkin?
  6. If we are building a new team...why does it matter?
  7. no one misses you either. Bye!
  8. that gave me a chuckle
  9. I think that's only because some teams are trying to protect some of their players.
  10. So what?
  11. Of course. I'm pretty sure all this whining has nothing to do with the fact that they didn't do what you want them to do. waaaah, management is bad because they did the opposite of what i wanted. So let me pick only the bad things to prove my point and ignore everything else.