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  1. i think right now we can be flexible with the line number
  2. If things go in our favour, having him and virtanen at the top six will make us tougher.
  3. Age doesn't make u wiser. analytics without perspective is useless.
  4. What the phuck? Is that real?
  5. i know right
  6. Is Buffalo that bad?
  7. Someone's been sucking on something a bit too much
  8. hutton played fine
  9. Please do...
  10. Who's that? Milan lucic?
  11. What kind of player is Del Zotto anyways? Don't know much about him.
  12. With good young players being able to compete is a great thing for the Sedins. They no longer have to carry the load. Given their age, their minutes have to be reduced in order for them to be effective.
  13. Anyone got vids on the hits?
  14. ...of Surrey. It's not really something u put on your resume